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  1. SuperDave

    SuperDave RIP

    Hi everyone, Pete here - Dave's younger brother. Very sadly Dave passed away in the early hours of Monday morning. He had deteriorated very suddenly after battling against cancer for a few years. Literally the last thing he did online was post on this forum - it just shows what high regard he held you lot in. With that in mind, and knowing his lifelong passion for 5 series, we were wondering if there is any chance of having some kind of driveby at his funeral/wake. It will be held in the Chester area in a few weeks time on a weekday at lunchtime. At the moment this is just the bones of an idea - we have no idea if this is even something that could happen / be organised. What do you think? Thanks on behalf of SuperDave's long suffering wife, and family. Cheers Pete
  2. April is bowel cancer awareness month. This post is simply to help educate and raise awareness about one of the most common cancers but also possibly one of the least talked about and deadly - its the second most common cancer killer but can be treated with great rates of success if picked up early. Reason for posting is personal, ive been battling it for the last 18 months and if there's even a chance I can persuade someone to get checked out earlier and give them a better chance of survival then sharing my story here is worth it. I'm lucky to have got this far because although i had a couple of symptoms I explained them away to myself. As a healthy half-marathon running 40 year old why would I think different right? Well by the time i went to my GP with 3/5 symptoms it had spread to my liver and later my lungs and bits. Survival is a constant cycle of chemo and rest right now, I dont recommend it, but the alternative when it comes (and there is no question, it is incurable this late on) is obviously far less desirable. So please just have a quick look at this stuff, only takes a few seconds, and take a minute to think about whether you have any of the symptoms or if you're old enough qualify for the easy home screening kits-its rare in young people but incidence rates are growing frighteningly quick. SuperDave https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/bowel-cancer/symptoms/
  3. SuperDave

    Engine Rough Running- off she goes on a recovery truck

    Fingers crossed its a decent repair then and the drop off is without any more issues.
  4. SuperDave

    Engine Rough Running- off she goes on a recovery truck

    I don't think they like being pinned down on warranty stuff with proper paperwork by giving it out. Less flexibility when it comes to the bmw claim side - although I thought everything was recorded to the T in order to ensure traceability.
  5. SuperDave

    Comfort access - boot closing automatically

    Imagine it's a codeable setting within the car, although I don't have comfort access on my G31 - and it's never closed on me yet.
  6. SuperDave

    First Service

    If we're talking 530d's then many older ones seem to need the high level oil fix at some point which is a software update, makes sense to combine with a service from a customer service perspective and savings against a call out/recovery cost.
  7. SuperDave

    Engine Rough Running- off she goes on a recovery truck

    Similar message to what I got from Enterprise, they would only give me a leggy 320d after chasing round local branches and initially I got a mini - said bmw were their best customer due to the recall backlog. My high level fault was sorted with a reprogram after a couple of days with Halliwell Jones chester (who impressed, somewhat unusually!). Usually I'd have said Williams would be a better bet so it's unfortunate theyre quoting weeks - remote app was handy to see when the work really started though. Lean on your potential fleet supplier at BMW, worked well for me a few years ago.
  8. SuperDave

    Food porn with sexy detailed descriptions

    Prime rib dip sandwich plus assorted dishes at Laguna Beach!
  9. SuperDave

    Central Heating Boiler question !

    Been lucky, our Vaillant hasn't skipped a beat since install ten years ago. Had it serviced a couple of times for original warranty continuity but otherwise just check the inhibitor and empty the magnetic trap periodically - so far, so good.
  10. SuperDave

    Text message on display

    Yep, think dealers/bmw probably embarassed by how limited non-EBT functionality is and don't want to mention limitations. But very easy to code in and resolve. A ten minute job with e-sys and an E-net cable.
  11. SuperDave

    Joining the G30 Club (Hopefully)

    They're pretty poor in the rain and dark. Not a patch on the previous f10 xenons I'm afraid - half the light output which is why they don't need headlight washers as std.
  12. SuperDave

    It's here!

    I approve.
  13. SuperDave

    Tyres prevent wheel scuffing

    I've still scuffed one of mine very slightly , the 19s are bloody lovely on the G30/31 and a very easy clean too!
  14. SuperDave

    This couldn't actually happen, could it?

    Ffs. Can you turn him off please. Its like a reading a badly crafted version of Catch-22.
  15. SuperDave

    This couldn't actually happen, could it?

    Talk about unnecessary additional costs...
  16. SuperDave

    This couldn't actually happen, could it?

    And motorbikes?
  17. SuperDave

    F20 120d sport issues?

    Ha ha. Wife had a 120d for six years and thought it was a hoot until the kids outgrew it!
  18. SuperDave

    If you complain about BMW options

    Agreed but it's twice brake checked the guy behind at some speed and almost caused an accident itself, so afraid it's turned right down. I'll use my eyes and anticipation while I can. The wifes vw definitely saved a couple of car park contacts however!
  19. SuperDave

    If you complain about BMW options

    Yep, unfortunately the kids asked what this wierd button did so we had turned it back on the day before!
  20. I picked up my msport G31 530d at a year old with 1200 miles for a smudge under £31500 when reduced. Main dealer AUC, spotless. No options but frankly only a speaker upgrade was needed and I've coded in extended Bluetooth. It did sell very quickly when finally reduced but the guy who bought it first couldnt sort his finance so I jumped on it. Had been stalking it for a few months on the AUC website mind you - the dealer was a little overstocked with 530d tourings at the time I think. Low miles means the warranty extension will be cheaper too.
  21. SuperDave

    Blatant blag for sponsorship!

    Well done! That's a decent time Duncan.
  22. SuperDave

    BMW Alexa Integration - G30 MY2019

    Play Spotify. I wouldn't hold my breath!
  23. SuperDave

    If you complain about BMW options

    Pretty scary really, sounds like Boeing have been far too close to their own approvals processes. Not that Im a fan of some of the driver assist help particularly, my G31 was almost rear-ended when it decided to slam on the anchors last week nearing a queue in the next lane over. Wife's VW regularly does similar.
  24. Many years ago a couple of mates did fall out and one let the tyres down quite a lot on the others car. He didn't notice, quite young at the time, and drove on them all the way home. Could have ended badly, luckily didn't.
  25. SuperDave

    Spotify on Android

    Not sure if the new software update this week to fix my oil warning has improved it further but the iPhone Spotify connection has been solid every single time without any messing it just connects and plays.