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  1. SuperDave

    Carly not connecting

    My G31 had a software update at the dealer this week and Carly now reports only three readable ecus - guessing Carly may not have updated their config to support the updated modules. Thankfully esys pzsd coding data is quicker to update and is DIY. Make sure you've got the correct year/model chosen. I'm sure you have but just checking.
  2. SuperDave

    F11 Speaker and Amp Upgrade

    yep - choose Stereo again. I'm at odds as to wether I add a second 4ch for the rear roof (no door speakers on mine) with the option of a small removable sub bridged on ch3-4 but it seems pretty unnecessary and a lot of faff to get to the rear speaker feeds via the side panels!
  3. SuperDave

    F11 Speaker and Amp Upgrade

    Not necessarily, I coded hifi on my G31 and the rears are audible but quiet. Flat eq is sooo much better.
  4. SuperDave

    Oil level above maximum warning

    Oil drained and refilled plus newer software version too - needed to update Esys with new pzsd data before recoding....
  5. SuperDave

    How do I stop the navigation? No, really

    I think this is being caused by the Connected Drive app rather than the on board nav destination. The app seems to request the same destination again and again sometimes, right?
  6. SuperDave

    F11 D-pillar and luggage cover fun

    You need something like this... Have a search of newtis... https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/g31-520d-tou/repair-manuals/51-body-equipment/51-47-floor-luggage-compartment-engine-compartment-trim-panel/1VnbiYrNlr
  7. A lot of the buttons seem to rely on your fingers being conductive like for smartphone screens - definitely doesn't like gloves!
  8. SuperDave

    Service Logbook

    Not entirely foolproof either, my f10 had a service in Germany apparently months after i took ownership of it (pretty sure was on my driveway!) no one wanted to correct it despite showing up on the car and bmws internal system. Paper still a good option particularly if privately owned IMHO.
  9. SuperDave

    Oil level above maximum warning

    Mines just been recovered for the same issue..
  10. SuperDave

    Time to Change the Company Car

    The m5 looks so similar to an msport now, it's actually too anonymous. Sat behind another in traffic today, too understated?
  11. SuperDave

    Nice spec 525d manual Saloon SE.

    Like that!
  12. SuperDave

    Text message on display

    Can you search modules using bimmercode? - pretty sure ts BLUETOOTH_2ND_HFP you need active. Otherwise I'll connect via esys later and dbl check which module it was in on mine. HTH.
  13. SuperDave

    Spotify on Android

    Yeah, back on my iOS mule today too. Far better!
  14. SuperDave

    DIY Help needed

    I wouldn't in breeze, will likely just crumble. Check the max diameter of screw you can use through the fitting and go for at least 100mm screws in that size into the matching size of rawlplug.
  15. SuperDave

    Family cars. Talk to me

    Alhambra maybe. Dull drive but masses of space.
  16. SuperDave

    Is my car G30 or G31

    Lol, touring is just a posh term for an estate. Extra space so you can go touring more easily, I guess... Love my G31.
  17. SuperDave

    Spotify on Android

    Well, not perfect. It reconnected plenty yesterday by itself but very inconsistent today and doesn't seem to know whether ConnectedDrive is really needed.
  18. SuperDave

    Auto Transmission Issue

    Right, the latest Carly version includes adaption reset. Performed today in a few kins. Definite change in response, much improved it seemed, will see how it settles over next week.
  19. SuperDave

    Anyone see a trend here?

    Really? It was doing very well until recently from high tech racing right through to manufacturing. However we're now in the worse possible position to continue in the place we were with no certainty over what manufacturers will be doing come March 29th.
  20. SuperDave

    Detailing Thread for G30/31

    Almost killed me. Megs wheel clean, Polar Foam, Megs shampoo, Quik wax, Tyre gel, Glass clean, RainX.
  21. SuperDave

    Buy Outright or PCP?

    My tactic was to find a very low mileage year old car on AUC, but get competitive finance sorted elsewhere and then ask the dealer to match. Result was an AUC car on PCP around 6% Apr and a very strong residual meaning low monthly payments. Bide your time.
  22. SuperDave

    Anyone see a trend here?

    Yep, I can see an increasing trend in unemployment numbers forming as we continue to make a complete mess of either leaving or remaining.
  23. SuperDave

    Spotify on Android

    It's 785 from the Play Store, running on sorry a Samsung S8 with android version 8.0.0
  24. SuperDave

    Spotify on Android

    It's not as fast as the iOS version but it's a dramatic step forward because it's worked for me with my S9 five times in a row without disconnections! Finally! And doesn't seem to require Connected Drive to be unlocked either. Might be able to dump the iPhone mule....
  25. SuperDave

    Auto Transmission Issue

    Sorry for the thread revival, I was reading the new g20 review in WhatCar and this struck a note of familiarity... "The problem with the 3 Series is that you can feel it lurch slightly as it goes into first gear just before coming to a halt". Still happens occasionally on my G31.