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  1. e12Euro

    300 hp e12

    The marvels of the M30 six continue! 530i 3.9 p1 530i 3.9 p2 530i 3.9 p3 530i 3.9 p4
  2. e12Euro

    e34 518i brake size? (Disc & Drum)

    Thx, got it!
  3. Does anyone have at hand the sizes of the e34 518i's front & rear brakes? The figures I have are 11.9 inch (ventilated) disk & 10 inch drum (rear). Is this correct? Thanks.
  4. e12Euro

    Question about e39 DSC & DBC

    I think these features may have reached the UK market later, because they are present in a 1999 German market e39 brochure (pre restyle, old front indicator lights). They were also stated as being available as options on the 528i in the US from late 1998, plus std on all 1999 model year US 540is.
  5. e12Euro

    Question about e39 DSC & DBC

    Was DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) first introduced on the e39 on the 540i for the 1998 model year (i.e. late in 1997), and did DBC (Dynamic Brake Control) follow a year later (late in 1998) I assume DSC/DBC became optional on the six cylinder cars from late 1998
  6. e12Euro

    e12 in Japan

    A classic look at an early e12 in the land of the rising sun :excl: e12 520 115 bhp 4 cyl 1972-77
  7. e12Euro

    E12 528 pics at last

    I will add my 528 :excl: