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  1. roofer

    SuperDave RIP

    Much banter and good conversation i have had with the man over the years, many years. i will miss him, who was double proper in my parlance. May he rest in peace, and i thank him for who he was. Genuinely gutted for him, and his loved ones. Thank You Pete for letting us know, if i was nearer, i’d be smoking the tyres for him.
  2. roofer

    ULEZ Now Effective

    It’s just another tax because Mayor Khunt has spunked all the dough on cycle lanes, increasing congestion.
  3. roofer

    Approved Used Prices

    Got my M4 for 52k with 23 miles on it. Twas optioned to 76k. I asked them if they wanted to sell it or not, they did.
  4. Twat would seem more apt.
  5. roofer

    Timeshare - any advice

    Stay with them, be cheaper
  6. roofer

    Wheeler Dealers Series 16

    Mk2 shell with Mk1 back lights was never going to look all that, especially with the Ghia Wheels. Mk 1.5 or Mk 3 were always my favourites.
  7. roofer

    Wheeler Dealers Series 16

    Indeed, which ‘Ant’ said was unique to the US.
  8. roofer

    Wheeler Dealers Series 16

    UK engine had siamese heads as well. He also said the Cologne was the only one with that timing gear setup, it wasn’t, the Essex V6 had the same, with the fibre teeth.
  9. roofer

    Run flat repair

  10. Looks like 3 of you now. https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/simon-cowell-beams-delight-new-13580169
  11. We use Microsoft Exchange which syncs everything seamlessly with Laptop/phones/I Pad. It just...works.
  12. roofer

    Standard features that you never use.

  13. roofer


    Having problems with the M4 at the mo. Missus drives it 95% of the time, and is constantly harrassed. I was driving into Maldon the other day, and saw the missus coming out, with a van about 6” off her bumper. I did a u turn and phoned her, told her to give it a squirt, which enabled me to get behind, hence Lewis Vanilton now being behind me. Managed to stop him at the Oak roundabout, and when approaching his window, all of a sudden, he can’t see me, despite the luminous froth coming out of my mouth. Missus had spun round and explained to me i was being a dick, which i was, but i think the M4 needs to go, or i’ll be doing a 10 stretch. On motorways, i use lanes 2/3/4 to overtake, and pull back into the next empty lane. I’m usually doing 80-85, so of i get some knob harrasing, i ignore, knowing i’m the better driver.
  14. roofer

    BMW 268,000 vehicles Recall

    Local Sytner is open 24 hrs at mo just for this.
  15. roofer

    Winter tyres - it's that time of year!

    Now fitted to the ‘bogie’ Grip with the release agent film was ermmm...interesting.