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  1. roofer

    Back in a Beemer Whooohoooo

    One of my favourite colours with parallels, not many better combos than that. Enjoy ! Looks like champagne trim as well. Epic combo.
  2. roofer

    Drilling straight

    Slotted drive system. The bit locks into a sprung chuck, you need a larger shank on the bit as it a percussion action rather than vibration of a hammer drill. Back of the bit is impacted as its drilling.
  3. roofer

    Drilling straight

    Hammer drills are for girls Man up and get an SDS drill.
  4. That was an amusing read, thanks! I ferkin hate Spain, so won’t need to do the same .
  5. I actually remember my first drive on Gran Prix S tyres, they were a revelation ! Previous tyres were crossplies mind
  6. roofer


    They were kids, we were all kids once, just with less powerful cars and no digital connection. And much less stupidity.
  7. roofer

    Home lift

    Have a word with these https://www.stiltz.co.uk/ As usual, Dennis talks bollox. Wtf has a 2000kg commercial install got to do with a domestic lift ? Twat.
  8. No my last one was around 86/7
  9. Having had both, and driving in london, i’d go with the cortina with the slush box. Waftness is high.
  10. roofer

    Trump, like him or loath him?

    Approaching it from another angle, Trump is incredibly thick, so we need to use this to our advantage, because i suspect a high speed trade deal with the septics is going to be required urgently !
  11. roofer

    Replacement conservatory roof - advice needed

    Those windows will have an ally frame in. They won’t take the load. Whatever these people from pikee roof co’s tell you. Whatever weight goes on, will transfer over the whole frame. Minimum would be a double linked goalpost frame in steel .
  12. roofer

    Replacement conservatory roof - advice needed

    You are correct. It would need re framing, and even then, if the down load is on windows, they still won’t be sufficient to take the load. I have seen it done with Metrotile panels as they are very light, but this is one of those industries that has sprang up out of nowhere, and every slasher and his dog are doing it now, Everest being the worst.
  13. I’ll let you know. Bastard tipper flipped a brick that cracked my (hud) screen today. Shall ask the fitter when he appears.
  14. roofer

    Changed my wheels to these opinons