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  1. alexbaby88

    E28 525i ECU question

    I actually meant the number on the sticker on the top of the ECU box (as opposed to the BMW part number).
  2. alexbaby88

    E28 525i ECU question

    Does anyone know the ECU serial number for the 525i? Is it the same ECU as the one used in the 528i (0 280 001 300)
  3. alexbaby88

    Alpina front spoiler question

    Will the Alpina front sploiler originally for the E12, fit an E28? Are they even of a similar design? Thanks
  4. alexbaby88

    Which wheels?

    225/55x16 is a touch too tall for the E28, I reckon. I run 225/60x15 which is a E34 fitment and I get some rubbing at the front on certain road undulations, although my car is lowered only slightly. However if you are on standard suspension height then it may work out.
  5. alexbaby88

    E28 brake issues

    Duncan - Yes the pedal firms up after I prod it a few time - darn I have to get the system bled some more then. Jimbo - Yes I believe I have that exact problem as the brake pedal isn't returning to the top of its travel. Do you know which of the linkage parts need to be replaced? Cheers guys!
  6. alexbaby88

    E28 brake issues

    Hi My brakes are the E32 735i fronts and E34 solid unvented discs at the back. I also have the E32 brake master cylinder. I'm finding that they are grabbing ever so slightly even when my foot is off the pedal and is obvious say when trickling forward in a traffic jam. The brake pedal is also not returning fully to the top after I release. The other thing is that the brake pedal travel has excessively long travel. I now have to depresss the pedal maybe 2-3 inches b4 it bites. The bite used to be near the top of the pedal travel, maybe half an inch. I recently had the the brake fluids changed. Does this mean I need to bleed it some more? What are my options? Cheers
  7. alexbaby88

    E23 fuel tank fit in E28?

    Anyone knows if they fit?
  8. alexbaby88

    535 vs 528

    tdk Thanks so much for your insight. I have a dog leg manual box which I presume should fit most M30 engines. Hardly any original 535i over where I am, hence the need to convert... Its a tempting thought... Will let you know if I proceed.
  9. alexbaby88

    535 vs 528

    Jonah / tdk Did you guys source your engine from another E28, E23, E34 or E32 BMW? What are the key issues one should be looking out for when doing such a swap? Cheers
  10. alexbaby88

    535 vs 528

    Lets try to quantify it a touch shall we. If the 535i is a 10 (scale of 1-10), performance wise where is the 528i?
  11. alexbaby88

    New M535i

    Rob Can you give me an idea on the difference in performance between the 535 and your old 528? Huge diff? Am contemplating swapping out my 528 for a 535... Cheers, alex
  12. alexbaby88

    535 vs 528

    Is there a massive difference in the performance between a 535i and a 528i? Is the fuel consumption signficantly higher in the 535i? Giving some thought to swapping out the 528i for a 535i. Thanks
  13. alexbaby88

    Front suspension question

    I have recently begun noticing some "give" in my front suspension when going over humps at low speed like in a car park. Its not the front suspension compressing. Could be one of the bushes gradually requiring replacement? Which is the most likely suspension component? Normal driving the car handles fine and I havent noticed anything else untoward handling wise. I had new E32 750i front thrust arm bushings put in about a year and a couple of thousand miles ago. Thanks alex 1982 528i
  14. alexbaby88

    water leeking in boot,advice needed plz!

    BTDT, but now my water leak is coming from the tail lights, gaskets there prolly shot. Anyway I can seal it? Maybe with some sort of silicone type sealant?
  15. alexbaby88

    throwing star covers

    Tris Thanks very much for that info, very useful. Do you know what are the SMALLEST sized tyres that will fit on 8" and 9" wide wheels respectively? Wonder if the 8/9 wheels will take 205 and 225 tyres?