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  1. amauvis

    Torch charger port to aux adaptor? Group Buy!

    Like the look of this. Do these pins fit and if so, how are they described to search for/ buy them? Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  2. amauvis

    Jeezzz, Look at The Size of These Kidneys!

    Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  3. Welcome I've seen the pics in the other thread, your car looks great
  4. amauvis

    Winter tyres - it's that time of year!

    I use Pirelli Sottozero on the BMs and have had no complaint. I read once that the Canadian police use them and that was good enough for me. On the campervan (Mazda Bongo), I used Semperit winters and was happy enough with them too, although they haven't seen much snow time. Didn't get them on last year.
  5. amauvis

    battery charger/trickle charger what to buy

    I have the lidl one too, that looks rather like the CTEK. There was nothing in the instructions that talked about battery conditioning so I haven't used it that way. Would be good to know, though.
  6. amauvis

    battery charger/trickle charger what to buy

    CTEK MXS 5 is what I use. I leave them connected to the garage queens for weeks on end over winter.
  7. amauvis

    E39 DSP Amp

    Thanks again Dennis, I didn't reply to this all those months ago as I didn't see it. Definitely food for thought regarding the slimline subs. My plan though is the possibility to return it to standard, so the original head unit is being stored along with the cage. If I can keep everything else standard, that's less to do one day if it becomes more interesting to pull out the mods. Update though, I pulled the amp out (months ago), put it on the shelf (months ago) and called BBA (months ago). The part number I had is not exactly what they have on their website, but they confirmed that my part number is one they can do, so all I need to do now is send it in for £175 of reman goodness, and they would turn my unit around (no exchange) in three or four days. It's still on the shelf... Maybe this Friday I'll get around to it. In the meantime the car is in the garage (since months ago) and hasn't turned a wheel.
  8. amauvis

    Anyone with virgin mobile?

    Thngs to think about with 3, good and bad: 1. Their 4g coverage is patchy in some areas (not so good) 2. They allow tethering with a reasonably high limit (good) 3. There is no 4g roaming capability, only 3g (not so good) 4. They roam on-plan in more countries than most, e.g. USA, Australia, NZ and more - most only cover EU before they hammer you (good) Personally I'm happy with 3, I have one of the legacy deals with unlimited data with 30gb tethering limit per month, for £19. NLA though. I have BT Broadband at home though, and my daughter gets 6gb and enough minutes/texts for a tenner, which includes the existing customer discount. Works well, better 4g coverage but roaming limitations (expensive) outside the EU.
  9. amauvis

    E39 Alpina D10

    Me too. I once saw a Mercedes S class W126 on an 03 plate though, confirmed via the DVLA. That was odd.
  10. amauvis

    Touring rear brake lines

    Just had my car back from having the same thing, rear subframe and tank out they said. Plus the obvious "other stuff" and on the basis that my car has probably done 400 miles in the last 4 years, the handbrake drums and shoes wanted attention too. Add to that some MOT stuff on the front suspension and problems with the air con, the numbers certainly started to mount up. Feels nice and tight again though, must use it more.
  11. amauvis

    Mobile broadband temp set up

    50 metres is quite a range to boost. Can you run an extension cable between the two properties, or would it cross a road or neighbour's property? Reason being, if you can, then a pair of Powerlines ethernet adapters might work, coupled with another wifi router in the rental place. I'm not sure how much it would degrade over that distance though.
  12. amauvis

    Bowel Cancer Awareness Month - please read

    Wishing you all the best, Dave. A lot of people try and sweep this kind of stuff under the carpet, so huge credit for bringing this up.
  13. amauvis

    E39 DSP Amp

    Thanks Dennis, as you probably guessed, the question was more for you than anyone else, and your answers are always detailed, concise and helpful. What let me to suspect the amp was the sudden failure of the steering wheel buttons. I was also thinking of yanking out the N7, reconnecting the factory Business radio and MID and seeing if anything changes - I just need to find some garage time to do it.. I also discovered that there are a wide range of variants of the DSP amp available and I just know that I'm bound to get it wrong. I also read that coding of a new/replacement amp would be unavoidable. But, while searching online for info, I found this: http://www.bba-reman.com/gb/catalogue/detailedproduct.aspx?detailedproduct=2217 If what they say is true, I can be back up and running with a stock amplifier (i.e. mine) that might offer elongated service. So perhaps an enduring repair is the way to go. I had a positive experience with a similar outfit getting my E60 CCC fixed. In terms of alternatives, I also saw from one of your posts about the possibility of using a 5 channel amp with a ten way crossover but the llink in that post didn't go anywhere any more. Truth be told, I am happy enough with the output from the (functioning) DSP system and have no burning desire to improve it (although accept that it is improvable), so would be happy enough with it's restoration. That said, I'm not against springing for a replacement but one thing I absolutely want to avoid is a big, boxy sub in the boot impingeing on available space. I know there are limitations to boot space with the Nokia subs but I've learned to live with that limitation, and it is a far more elegant solution. Have you heard of BBA-Reman. I'm reasonably sure I have but can't remember the occasion or context.
  14. amauvis

    E39 DSP Amp

    Hi All, I've been struggling recently with a Dynavin N7 installation. It's in and it works (worked) but a couple of days ago, all sound stopped. I also saw that the unit is no longer responding to steering wheel input (i.e. the volume button graphic no longer appears), and the forward/back S/W buttons have no effect. Reconnecting the original MID, and the DSP button is non-responsive. The Dynavin itself displays FM and DAB details fine, so it is receiving input. A bit of research suggests that the steering wheel buttons operate the amp, and just before I lost sound altogether, the sound quality from digital input (DAB) was really poor, like a poorly tuned FM station. Also, for some years now the left rear parcel shelf speaker sound has been poor quality, which I put down to a blown speaker or some sort of rattle. I have a brand new one that I had not yet fitted. But with this, and the sudden poor quality across the board before entire loss of sound, is it fair to suspect that the DSP amp has died? And if that's fair, does anyone have one for sale? Car is a 98 (S) 528i SE.
  15. amauvis

    New E39 owner. 523i SE Touring

    Welcome Parabola, that E39 does look clean, congratulations. The E23 looked nice too