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  1. Karl

    Drilling straight

    It's the perfect SDS for me.. I'm getting old and creaky so I need a nice light drill for knocking 6mm holes in brick whilst hanging off a ladder and it fits neatly in my tool bag.
  2. Karl

    Drilling straight

    Unless you need a girly SDS drill...
  3. The problem with accents is that some characters would have to have a Russian accent, others Ukrainian and the soldiers came from other parts of the Soviet Union.. One was Georgian, I think... There would be always someone who winges about accents.. Yes, the Russians are makeing a true account of what happened... It will probably involve Mad Vlad riding in on a bear and singlehandedly saving the known world..
  4. Tanya actually commented on ho authentic the sets were, the opening scene with the clock, she commented that they had that same clock in their house and the decor of the flats were pretty accurate.. The town of Prypiat was as modern as a Soviet town got, it was built to house workers at the plant and other nuclear based research and it was a prestigious thing to live there.. I think it was better for the actors to use their own accents rather than trying to fake a dodgy Russian/ Ukrainian accent which would make them sound like they were selling insurance..
  5. It's amazing what you would do to protect your folks and baby sister..
  6. I was 21 and working in Dubai, watching it on the BBC World service. Tanya and I watched Chernobyl a couple of weeks ago, it was a hard watch for us with lots of tears. One of her brothers was a chopper pilot there and the other was one of the firemen, neither of them are alive today. Although I'm sure that the reason for the disaster has been known for many years, it was only two weeks ago that it was explained to her the reason for the explosion and what so many brave people did.. I suppose that in these days of instant information, the younger generation wouldn't believe that such a huge event could be kept from people. Unless you had visited the East at that time it was hard for us in the West that so much was hidden.
  7. Karl

    Central Heating Boiler question !

    Powerflushing is a great money maker for BG... According to them there are very few issues that can't be fixed with a powerflush... Unless there are issues with cold areas in the radiators, a drain down fit a Magnaclean on the return and refill with inhibitor, checking the magnaclean now an then.. If there are cold spots in the radiators or poor flow, then it's time to flush..
  8. Karl

    Central Heating Boiler question !

    It can be a pain as the pipework would need draining down or freezing to allow the switch to be removed.. Last one I did, the water had found its way into the PCB and fried that too..
  9. Karl

    Central Heating Boiler question !

    It seems to be temperature related as if you run it on a timer, then the pipes will be cooler than if it is constantly on.. The drip could be evaporating before it can get to the kitchen counter.. If the drip is on the right, then it is possible that the plastic flow switch or its seals have failed, on the left, then it could be a condensate issue.. Blocked con pipe, blocked or cracked trap or buggered sump and or sump seals, could even be a failed flue seal.. Either way it needs looking at and soon
  10. So you are saying that you would rather have a machine do your thinking for you..
  11. And once you have a vehicle fitted with this system, what do you think would be one of the questions asked of you in the event of a traffic incident?.. They will be able to check to see if you are telling the truth.. What might the response be if you tell them that your speed limiter was switched off?
  12. I regularly break the speed limit but never drive at an inappropriate speed.
  13. Look, they may be really bad arguments to you but you may be the kind of person who cannot control himself and so cannot be trusted not to drive at an inappropriate speed.... Many folk here don't like the fact that someone is further encroaching on their personal freedoms but have a problem with condemning the place that these requirements come from... Ultimately it is a move to driverless cars where you will be a passenger on your own personal bus
  14. I guess that all depends if you are the kind of person who believes that drivers who adhere to the speed limits are safe drivers
  15. I'm not sure that I agree with you. How Brexit turns out will have a bearing on how the UK adopts these rules from giving the driver the option to use this driver aid to mandatory use of it with the possibility of prosecution if you are found to have disabled it..