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  1. Hey all, saw the news about Donut which saddened me immensely as I was involved in this Forum in its early days. RIP Big D. After a long time away from 5 Series ownership (Audi A6, 1 Series Coupe, 3 Series), I have got back on the wagon and have a 15 plate 520d M Sport in Arctic white which I love driving around in and cleaning... I shall be posting occasionally. nice to be home guys
  2. I have a B47 520d, and have covered 9,000 miles in 10 months. My average fuel consumption is 40 mpg. Majority of my journeys are my commute to work which is 12 miles each may, max speed 50 mph. took it back to Dck Lovett in Bristol and got them to look at why this is so poor (literature says expect 53 to 57 mpg Urban, average 61), very disappointing as I am a really careful driver, use ECO Pro mode all the time, rarely exceed speed limits, use cruise control and the coasting mode where I can. They said they couldn't find anything causing the issue. I've had the car from new and love it - apart from this. Bahhh!!
  3. Carpo

    Happy Birthday DONUT 33 :D

    He's a legend. Happy birthday big man.
  4. Carpo

    Have you seen the size of the new X6

    Love it! Much better looking then the 6 series.
  5. Just goes to show that it doesn't have to have a blue propellor on the front to put a smile on your face. Thanks!
  6. Carpo

    A sunny and soapy afternoon with my E39

    Nice effort Silver does scrub up nice. The Gold Class is nice stuff as long as you don't use too much - it does get a bit sticky to remove if you're a bit liberal with it.
  7. Good job - looks great. DVLA must love you as well for the number of times you must transfer personal numbers!
  8. Definitely good to see you back Roy
  9. Looks beautiful - congrats to you and Mrs Jethro.
  10. On Saturday the rain never appeared so I managed to paint our new fence. Used a spray and it was pretty windy - I got covered in the stuff! I took my boy to Legoland in the rain yesterday and spent a day running around between the different rides and then standing still in queues for 20 minutes at a time. Great fun - it even stopped raining after lunch. Back to work tomorrow - depressing
  11. Carpo

    GROUP BUY - - - - Sprint Booster

    No need to apologise, this is an open forum and we are all interested in peoples' experiences. As you can see above, this option for a group buy has never materialised, which kind of speaks for itself.
  12. Carpo

    Rim Wax

    I was expecting Bigpow to pop up offering a colonic too...
  13. Carpo

    sarah jessica parker

    SJP - no thanks love. At least inspector gadget loves her.
  14. Carpo

    Friday Off

    I had last Friday off too as it was my birthday. I played golf and had lunch with the wife then used my new bucket while cleaning the car and new polish to put some shine on it. A very nice day
  15. Carpo

    POT HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I went through one like this last week in Bristol. Big bang as it was disguised just like in the pics and must have been 4 inches deep. Policeman had just been through the same hole and was about to set up a couple of cones. I stopped to see if my wheel had survived and amazingly it was fine - relieved not to have to fart around getting compensation anyway!