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  1. How many miles and owners Tim? does it run?
  2. jimmy

    E39 Indicator flash on unlock

    yes you need to connect to the car, there is no setting up bct will tell you what to do, you dont select anything in bct you select and read the module in ncs then open it in bct, shoulden't get any errors connected to car, if you are then need to know what they are to be able to help, as said above GM3 module, lighting is LCM module, plug into car and try its very easy to follow.
  3. jimmy

    Cableshack K-Line Diagnostic Cable Set

    As above, will work using 20 pin obd port under bonnet, you will only get drive date from port inside car.
  4. jimmy

    E39 Indicator flash on unlock

    Use expert v3 (4.01) profile along with bct250, open both and you will see in bct window how to open ncs and read the trace file you need, then go back to bct and load the trace file, then click on translate and you will see all options available just double click it then tick box from not active to active, save file then back to ncs, check its correct job (sg_coderin) and process job, thats it, you cant go wrong if you follow bct direction on screen.
  5. Ok so start from the beginning, have you installed the cable drivers? when you plug cable in check lower right task bar and see what usb is doing, it maybe searching for driver from update and can take a while to do so.
  6. It wont show unless you have the cable plugged into your pc, once plugged in it will load driver and show in com/lpt ports.
  7. will run on windows 10, make sure you have set usb serial port, settings or device manager, com/lpt ports/usb serial port /properties/com/advanced, set comport and latency timer both to 1 and try again.
  8. jimmy

    Which diagnostics for a beginner

    Hi, sorry for late reply, ista will be more usefully to you, e-sys is for coding and ista is for diagnostics. both available with a quick google search, or you can purchase on ebay cheap enough, again make sure seller has support.
  9. jimmy

    Which diagnostics for a beginner

    Hi, You can use either the K+Dcan or E-net cable of your FXX, There both available on ebay for pennies now, my E-Net are £24.99 delivered ebay you can get probable half that price, unfortunatly I had to pay import duty and vat on my where as most ebay ones dont, make sure if you go ebay/amazon route that they supply the software with the cable. either way do some reading on ista and e-sys before you start playing with your car as a beginner. all software is windows based and will run on 7 8 and 10.
  10. jimmy

    Battery coding/registration for E60 535d 2005.

    Any issues please use support email as im not receiveing notifications from here.
  11. jimmy

    Software Updates

    sorry guys, im not getting notifications from here for some reason, email me if your not already sorted.
  12. jimmy

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Not been getting notifications from here for a long while now, best to email if possible, support@cable-shack.co.uk usually answer as soon as im able.
  13. jimmy

    Wanted rear subframe bush tool

    got a couple if your still looking.
  14. Hi, For diagnostics you can use the switched K+DCan cable on all the models mentioned, software comes free with the cable.
  15. jimmy

    2003 530D Sport Touring Auto - Non-Runner

    I will take this if not already sold.