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  1. jimmy

    E39 Remove Tailgate

    Wow blast from the past, yes exactly that, dont remove hinges from body just remove glass/tailgate from hinges.
  2. jimmy

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Have spoken to him he said he will come on and reply to you dan.
  3. Hi jimmy, can you help me for properly configuration about NCsExpert tools? Last one year i try to connect my e61 model from 2005 year for coding AUX but still no success, I have installed Inpa 5.06 and working well but NCS have constantly error “Chasys faulty” when i select E60 chasys. Thanks for advise!!

    1. jimmy


      sounds like you need to update your daten files.

  4. jimmy

    F13 6 series

    Hi James, What cable do you have? you would need at least the K+DCan cable for diagnostics and an enet cable for coding, you can use ista-d with K+DCan end e-sys (coding) with enet cable, if you dont have K+DCan then you can use enet cable for ista-d and enet, hope that helps.
  5. jimmy

    E39 no crank fault

    I can do it remotely for you if your struggling, I have replaced a few ews modules due to un sync and non crank issues, you may well be able to re sync but it will fail again and more than likely in a spot you dont want it to fail in. im around this evening to help remotely if that helps.
  6. jimmy

    BMW Diss diagnostics

    Did you get sorted? pm me if you still need help.
  7. jimmy

    Best DIS version

    Probably V44.
  8. Hi Jimmy

    I'm likely to need tp change the rear subframe bushes to get the car through it's next MOT. Is the tool available please? I live in France so postage could be quite costly, so I'd be willing to make a contribution.  Thanks Nigel

    1. jimmy


      Hi Nigel,

      There are a couple of people waiting on it at the moment so may be a while yet,

      and yes its very heavy so will be a lump to send overseas.

  9. jimmy

    E39 Touring Subframe Bushes

    Pm'd you Jamie.
  10. jimmy

    E39 Touring Subframe Bushes

    as above tool is for hire, £20 and pay post from last user to save on postage, you get to keep hold of it until someone else wants it that way you only pay postage one way, its the laserline one and works very well,
  11. jimmy

    Omega SMP300 Full Size Auto

    Thanks, it was!
  12. jimmy

    Steinhart Ocean One GMT

  13. jimmy

    Breitling Super ocean abyss 42

    Sorry, Dont have original receipts for any of my watches other than the steinhart, will dig watch out of safe if need be but you can see serial and model number in pic.
  14. jimmy

    Breitling Super ocean abyss 42

    Hi, Yes never advertised it anywhere else its just locked up in me safe! to be fair haven't thought about it since I put the add on!