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  1. jimmy

    Battery coding/registration for E60 535d 2005.

    Any issues please use support email as im not receiveing notifications from here.
  2. jimmy

    Software Updates

    sorry guys, im not getting notifications from here for some reason, email me if your not already sorted.
  3. jimmy

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Not been getting notifications from here for a long while now, best to email if possible, support@cable-shack.co.uk usually answer as soon as im able.
  4. jimmy

    Wanted rear subframe bush tool

    got a couple if your still looking.
  5. Hi, For diagnostics you can use the switched K+DCan cable on all the models mentioned, software comes free with the cable.
  6. jimmy

    2003 530D Sport Touring Auto - Non-Runner

    I will take this if not already sold.
  7. jimmy

    N54 twin turbo conversion project

    as above!
  8. jimmy

    Re-use old USB OBD2 cable

    Hi, No you cant, you can mod them for earlier K-Line models but you will need a dcan/K+Dcan for your f11.
  9. jimmy

    Suggestion for coding

    If you are not up to speed with the likes of e-sys you should be looking and phone app software as its a lot easier to use than e-sys, I use bimmercode on my F11 but there are others to look at, post in the F series section and you will have a lot more replies.
  10. jimmy

    E28 Cassette storage wanted.

    Will try and get a look over the weekend for you,
  11. jimmy

    E39 1999 523i and INPA

    try an older version of inpa, IIRC 5.02.
  12. jimmy

    E39 1999 523i and INPA

    Later model had m54, the error gives it away saying it found ms4.2 ecu.
  13. jimmy

    E39 1999 523i and INPA

    you have an M52 not M54 click on ms42.
  14. Lol, yep never checked date until after i posted as well!
  15. Maybe because it was 4 years ago and the Chinese ones were not available then.