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  1. God knows the proper name for it but it's the round black plastic thing that sits on the end of the bolt which secures the spare wheel and stops said bolt from poking through the boot carpet (which mine has just done!) Thanks in advance
  2. E28M5

    Pre-facelift e39 Headlights

    Polite bump, desperate now chaps.
  3. E28M5

    Pre-facelift e39 Headlights

    Guys, Need a pair of headlights for a pre-facelift E39. Not bothered if they're Angel Eyes or not but would prefer clear indicators and ideally, the adjusters to be in one piece? Thanks in advance.
  4. E28M5

    RIP Donut

    Terrible news, just read it on Facebook. RIP mate and condolences to his family.
  5. E28M5

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    They were good as gold, just concerned that the reg showed up as scrapped on their ANPR thingy. They just told me to change it before I drive the car again!
  6. E28M5

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Fitted a rust free bootlid to replace the scabby one that has blighted the appearance of the car since I've owned it. Took the car for a quick blast and got pulled over by the police, I had changed the lights, lock, wiring loom and trim but forgot to take the number plate of the donor car off and change it for mine doh!!
  7. E28M5

    2000 530i SE Manual 4-door- Sold

    I think you've priced it well mate, to be honest if I wasn't in the middle of a house move I'd bite your hand off, been looking for a decent 530i for a while now.
  8. E28M5

    Thermostat Help Please

    Guys, My thermostat housing was leaking on the 520, got a replacement today but when I stripped it down I noticed the seal around the thermostat itself has split. I've got a new thermostat and seal but can't get the old one out. I don't want to wreck anything by using big screwdriver, hammer, crowbar etc. Does it just pull straight out or screw out or twist out?
  9. E28M5

    ASC not working 1999 528i

    Guys, Embarrassed myself this morning trying to get up the ramp in a very wet multi-story. Back wheels had no traction at all, just spinning. Eventually had to reverse down and park elsewhere. No ASC light flickering as it used to do when the wheels started spinning, also no light when you switch it on/off. Any ideas what could be causing this? Moving out to the country soon so think I'm gonna need it before long on muddy Devon back lanes!!
  10. E28M5

    V42 Gets a Wash, Polish and Wax

    Very nice, looks amazing. Love style 49's got to be one of the best wheels for an E39
  11. E28M5

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    With the help of a 3.3 ohm resistor, reset the airbag light prior to MOT tomorrow. New pre-tensioner on order for next week
  12. E28M5

    Quick Pre-Facelift vs Facelift Question

    Cheers mate, much appreciated
  13. Guys, will a facelift bootlid fit a pre-facelift? Thanks.
  14. E28M5

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Changed the "hedgehog" forgot what a bastard of a job it is when you're 6"6'!!
  15. E28M5

    E39 CD Changer ... No Disc

    Not being funny but give it a smack. I've just had exactly the same fault and apparently it's CD selector that sticks, gave mine a bang with my fist and it's working again (found this on another forum)