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  1. John

    Bon Jovi

    Anybody want to go see him? Got 2 standing tickets for the 28th at Twickenham if anybody wants them. Reasonably priced I would be going myself but its clashing with my sisters wedding
  2. Basically, paid for some goods via Paypal but due to not having the funds in my PP account they had to be transferred from my Bank Account via an eCheque, which takes 7-9 working days. Expected date for this eCheque to clear is 4th June however I have since had a dispute with the fella selling the goods, they won't cancel the transaction there end and so are going to end up distributing goods I no longer want. The money has transferred out of my Bank account now but still not totally cleared therefore the seller does not have the funds in their account - i've had a quick look but I can't see anything my end to cancel the transaction, so is it even possible? Cheers John
  3. John

    '99 Vauxhall Vectra... what to look for?

    Vectra's are OK if you want a no frills runabout. I've had 2 now and you just HAVE to make sure they are serviced. Ecotec engines are crap though tbh. I've just binned my old Rover 420SD in favour of a Vectra 1.8 LS and the Vec drives better BUT....a Mondeo is far superior. My 2.0 SRi sounded like a bag of nails at 110k due to lack of servicing, my 1.8 still sounds OK *touch wood* at 132k but it has a full history. Don't mind the looks of Vectras though... Gearboxes prone to going as well and the springs are also prone to snapping. Cambelt is a must don't entertain anything with a poor history because it will just be a shed. Like said, nothing special just A to B transport, and the Mondeo can do things far better in a lot more comfort. And thats coming from a Vectra owner...
  4. John

    What's on your Whiteboard at Work ?

    Mines just got a reminder on to re-fit the Spec Lift onto my Recovery Wagon cos i've just painted it up. In small writing crammed to the very top of the board
  5. John

    Back in a BMW

    When I eventually do kill it (which, providing nothing goes wrong, will be when the MoT runs out next year) i'll probably do it in style on a track. Either that or purposely take a bend too fast and bin it
  6. John

    Back in a BMW

    Its slow! BUT, I found a service book with plenty of history upto 135k (its now onto 144k) so i've just serviced it and its running sweet. Not much to look at and white really is a horrible colour BUT for £50 notes im not complaining. If I get a White E36 with colour coded bumpers & alloys in, however, then they will definatly have to go on! I'm afraid its one of those cases of the owner scrapped it because the bodywork was starting to go and wanted something newer. He's had it since 1997.....and it really is only the front arches and i've got a pair of white wings to go straight on
  7. John

    Back in a BMW

    Eventually! Quite by accident actually, following my new venture with purchasing a scrap yard I get lots of vehicle forwarded my way. This K plate 316i was delivered to me at a cost of £50 It does need some tidying going on as the front arches are starting to go but got a pair of wings on the shelf anyway Flew through an MoT having only done 3k since its last one and its driving lovely. Funny being in a 4 pot though! Will put some better pics up later when I get chance but just a taster Just my new cheap banger for bumming upto work in
  8. I stuck a set of alloys on my Rover runabout because when I got it, it had a pair of wheeltrims on the O/S and a completely different pair of wheel trims on the N/S. I always reverse up when I park and from the kitchen window you could see the side of the car and when I stuck the alloys on it, about a fortnight later she said "What have you changed on the car?" I still to this day have her convinced that I got a pair of matching wheel trims from the scrappy for the passenger side so it matched the other side, she doesn't even realise that they are alloys! Saved me explaining why I felt the need to spent £100 on a set of alloys though
  9. John

    serious(and long) relationship post

    If she is trying to control you then you need to set her straight. I had a g/f and on nights when I wanted to go out to the pub it was "No you're not going"...."Yes I am"..."You're not"...."F*cking stop me!" Let her control you and things will get worse you will get sucked in with no way out and thats where problems arise. You're 22 ffs, you are your own man and you can't live in each others pockets and she needs to understand that. I have always had a lively social life with my friends and that G/F didn't and she didn't really get on with my mates, but I wasn't prepared to ditch them (Old school friends etc) for her. Set her straight that you do what you want (even if it includes buying a property outright, its your money) and talk about the relationship. As has been said though, you don't want to think about settling down at your age and your current doubts show that you don't want to spend the rest of your life with her. For both of your sakes, however, ditch one of them. Been there done that and you will inevitably be caught out, even if it's just a mate who drops you in it. Is it really fair on the girl from work, who thinks you're single?
  10. Set of hubcaps: £10 New Bumper : £20 If somebody is really that bothered. They barter you £50 off the price they still £20 in pocket anyway I direct those sort of time wasters to the the Industrial estate full of main dealers just down the road. £1000 is nowt for a car and Mondeo TD's are good old bangers as well. I've had 2 as my own runabouts and would take another one anyday
  11. I sell cheapies every day and yes there is the fair amount of "scum" but also plenty of normal people... Probably includes me anyway as I have a council estate background
  12. It's the kind of thing that I keep trying to drum into my mates. One of my mates has just driven out a brand new 08 reg Fiesta from the showroom on a 3yr finance package. Book price on the car was about £9500 but with finance he is estimated to be paying 11k for the car, so he's £1500 out of pocket already. That £1500 would get me 3 cracking bangers! Or a decent car could be had for £1500 if you know where to look. In 3 years time he has 2 options. Finalise payment and keep the car for himself, or chop it in for a newer model. He will go for the latter (he has just chopped in his 05 Fiesta for this new one...) But, say he went for option 1. If he finalises payment and then sticks it in the Autotrader, with average miles that car is going to be worth about £5500 (estimated price not in the office so havn't got book with me but based on a 54 car i've currently got FS at my place). I just don't get it tbh its not something I would do.I'm a firm believer in if you can't afford it, don't bother, but thats just me stuck in my ways. Same as I refuse to have a bank overdraft (if I need to buy something I buy it out of my account and miss out on a few nights in the pub) and another reason why I refuse to use a Credit Card. End of the day I could snap that Fiesta off my forecourt for £5500 CASH today but in the knowledge that in another 2 years it would probs be worth 2k less, I wouldn't bother. I could sell my Rover with a months tax and 8 months MoT tomorrow, for more than I paid for it. That makes more sense to me. I don't tell my customers that when I sell them complex finance packages, however
  13. At the risk of threatening to give you a back hander I want to contradict that statement. I'm an adult and I could easily go and spend a few k on a nice car. I don't. I run around in sub £500 bangers that I can repair myself, get cheap parts from the scrappy etc and not have to worry about every scratch and dent on the bodywork. I sell cars for a living for 10x plus what I spend on a car for personal use. I CHOOSE to drive bangers as it means I have more flexible cash for other things (such as my new business venture) and to live life with holidays etc, theres more to life than cars Exactly as above, it's my CHOICE to drive a banger, not because I can't afford anything else I've done the Newer car thing before and lost money come sale time. I like to chop and change my cars every few months and I can't afford to lose money every time I do it. Banger values remain pretty much the same and at the end of the day i'm the bloke who offers you the rip off trade in price when you get a new car and I know it's just not worth it (in my opinion) The car gets me from A to B, whether it cost me £500 or £50,000, it still does the same job. Plus, my £275 N reg Rover 400 Diesel that had a full MoT & 6 months tax when I bought it runs on pure veg oil as well = lower fuel bills, try that in your brand new common rail diesels Has (so far, touch wood!) proved utterly reliable also. Can fix it with a basic tool kit as well if anything goes wrong and the cars are ten a penny in scrap yards for parts. My mate who "must have" a newish car moans everytime he has to spend 300 odd quid at the dealers when something goes wrong - simple answer, but nope, his car is a fashion icon he can't be seen in an old banger
  14. John

    New M3

    Popped up the road to collect something from my mate at Jennings Ford and theres a BMW dealer just round the corner so thought I would drop in. After a bit of discussion between themselves as to why a lad driving a 7.5tonne flatbed wearing trackies and a T-shirt wanted to test drive a new M3, managed to bag a drive and off I went... ....I want...now
  15. John

    Compensation culture continued....

    Stupidest thing i've ever heard in my life. Might go pick up that Banana skin on the pavement I can see from my office window, just in case a customer walks along the pavement and decides to come into the garage and slips over