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  1. RIP donut. So so sad.....

  2. donut

    Problem viewing forum

    My own website is hosted on the same server and I migrated the forum onto it's own new IP addresses yesterday evening - looks like some peoples ISP/dns servers aren't honouring the 5 minute TTL that's set and caching it for much longer hence you got a different site.
  3. donut

    Software upgrade

    Also been answered before - classifieds sections are auto pruned after 90 days and when migrating to the new software version is automatically does a recount of posts so any that were auto pruned will no longer be counted.
  4. donut

    Software upgrade

    It's already been answered more than once! Click the dot to the left of the thread title.
  5. This thread is closed, the sandbox site is no longer being tested as we're now live on IPB 4.
  6. Feedback tab at the top of the page then add feedback
  7. donut

    Toolboxes and tool kits.

    I have the halfords industrial cabinet in my office too (bought in November when they were on offer)! And I've had the 200 piece toolkit for a while now with no issues! EDIT: still on offer: http://www.halfords.com/workshop-tools/storage/tool-chests-cabinets?partnumber=169790,169774,120687,120729,120703,120711,120695,120786&sort=price-low-to-high
  8. donut

    e 39 rear lights face lift

    @M535-MAN new feature, you can @ and the a username to highlight
  9. donut


    Signature images now limited to 1 and max 600x150px
  10. donut

    Software upgrade

    Actually it wasn't - the permissions for those forums are the same as before as they were migrated across so what was available then is available now. Tweaked anyway.
  11. The upgrade did a post recount as part of the upgrade - if most of your posts were in the classifieds sections which auto prune after 90 days then your post count would be lower.
  12. donut

    Software upgrade

    Likes should now have the names on them
  13. donut

    Dash cam question

    I'm using the Mini 0806 in both vehicles and recently got my Dad one too.
  14. donut

    Software upgrade

    How strange! Another bug maybe as its the same email template that gets used!
  15. donut

    Software upgrade

    The emails have who liked it...