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    got his 540 last year and over the year done a fair bit to it, first was have gearbox sorted so was fitted with on from an alpina with ecu, then i got double glazing fitted, i already had my wheels, bumper and mirrors off previous car, fitted full airlift air ride, sorted all new arms out on it, and then with this lockdown i managed to refurb the wheels andredye all my rare leather parts i got a couple years ago, everything was champagne anyhow but the seats and armrests bt redyed so it all matched, seats are e38 sport contours, which i then added heated elements and active massage too, welded the brackets i chopped off some e38 comfort that had tables so these could be fitted, modified e38 arm rest on tilt and slide with phone connection, im still working on the phone, it had a v50 and ive converted to bluetooth, just waiting on an aerial to test it out now, pretty chuffed hw its turned out, next is quad exhaust as ive modded the spare wheel well to accept another pipe, then paint to make it mint as couple of little rust spots to sort, modified e39 handles using genuine e38 fiber optic for external illumination, e38 inter illuminated handles, custom trims with individual badges, and some individual kick plates i had for god knows how long heres some pics enjoy
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    Just a general best wishes to everyone on the forum and their loved ones that as many people as possible get through as possible; there will be deaths as it is a deadly respiratory virus but try and remember it is one of many that circle the globe picking off humankind as it sees fit. I watched the sky documentary from northern Italy earlier and the part that struck home with me was the Italian Doctors correcting of the interviewer when he suggested the virus was like a bad flu; the Doctor corrected him and said, no, it is like pneumonia. I suffered double pneumonia about 11 years ago and I have to say from my own experience it is a long, long way removed from flu (I was a Paramedic at the time too) so might I humbly suggest while we all sit and wait out whether we've had it, got, or waiting to get it just take as many steps and measures as you can to get yourselves as physically fit as you can so if it does come your way you're in the best shape to take it on; just losing a few pounds in weight, extending your walking, running, cycling, whatever you can manage to get your heart and lungs in shape might increase your odds by the small margins that might be necessary to defeat the virus and its effects on you. Also, on a different level, value and enjoy the company of those around you; life is finite, no-one (except the Highlander) is immortal and facing the potential of grave circumstances with a significant chance of personal loss is something that our forebears that passed just two or three generations before had to go through and now it seems do we; let's all appreciate what we have perhaps taken for granted for too long and enjoy the moments that affirm life and love so well while we still can.
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    At 54,842 miles I discovered a broken front offside coil spring. I had heard a couple of soft clonks when driving it earlier in the day and I suspected something was amiss. The F10 has double wishbone suspension at the front rather than Macpherson struts of the previous generations which means the top mount is rigidly fixed to the strut and therefore correct alignment of the top mount is critical to ensure it goes back in. Tools used Trolley jack Pair of axle stands Ramps for supporting the car on its wheels 13mm socket for existing strut top mount bolts E16 Torx socket for new strut top mount bolts 17mm socket for wheel bolts Wheel alignment pins 18mm socket for lower strut bolt head 21mm socket for lower strut nut 18mm combination spanner for anti roll bar link nut Torx T40 bit for counter holding the front anti roll bar balljoint 18mm go thru socket for strut spindle 6mm Allen key bit for counter holding strut spindle Spring compressors and relevant socket or spanner to drive this. Various sized ratchets and extensions Large adjustable spanner Torque wrench up to 140Nm - wheel bolts EDIT - 05.05.2020 This procedure is for a car with unmodified MSport suspension (option 704) by leaving the upper wishbone attached at both the inner wing bolts and to the steering knuckle/hub. A good comment below states that the method I used, leaving the upper wishbone fully attached to the car, would not work on cars with the following options, Variable Damping Control (option 223) or cars with Adaptive Drive (option 2VA which also incorporates VDC). These have more equipment attached to the strut making them too bulky to remove using the method I adopted. An SE or Luxury model may have a longer strut length which may mean there is in sufficient room to lift the forked bottom end of the strut over the lower wishbone. If you are reading this in America and you are lucky enough to have an xDrive version, it certainly will not work on a car with xDrive, as the forks of the strut, would need to be lifted up and over the driveshaft, which ain't gonna happen using this method! You would need to remove the upper wishbone from the inner wing or split the balljoint between the upper wishbone and steering knuckle/hub to get enough room to get the strut out. Jack up and support the front of the car. This takes the strain off the anti roll bar links so you can separate them from the strut. Counter hold the anti roll bar balljoint shank with a Torx T40 bit while you undo the nut with an 18mm combination spanner. Once the nut is off, push the balljoint shank thru the bracket in the strut. It helps to turn the link to get the balljoint out of the bracket. Next using an 18mm socket on the lower strut bolt and a 21mm socket on the lower strut nut, undo the nut and pull out the bolt to the rear of the car. Using a 13mm socket undo all of the upper strut mount bolts, remove two completely and leave the one nearest the outer wing in place but slackened. Depending on how big you are, get your chest on top of the brake disc and push down on the hub, while pulling the bottom end of the strut towards the hub. Now push down again on the hub with your chest and lift up the bottom of the strut so that it clears the lower wishbone and push the bottom of the strut to the rear of the car. Strut is now free at the bottom and is held by the single top mount bolt. By pushing down on the hub this way, it saves touching any of the three bolts on the upper wishbone. Remove the last strut top mount bolt with your right hand while you support the strut with your left hand and lower it down to the ground carefully. Spring completely toast and has taken out the gaiter on the bump stop. I made some marks on the top mount to aid reassembly. Two of the casting ribs line up directly with the lower wishbone and one lines up with the bracket that the anti roll bar link bolts too. Note there is quite a length of threaded strut spindle protruding above the top mount. As my spring was broken roughly two thirds of the way up and the coils had pushed themselves together, I struggled to get my spring compressors in to get a good grip on the spring. I therefore took the decision to undo the strut spindle nut until there was only a couple of threads beyond the nut. I could now get enough room with a tap from a hammer to get my spring compressors in and get a grip on the spring. Counter hold the strut spindle with a 6mm Allen key and undo the spindle nut with an 18mm go thru socket. Clean up the strut, top mount, and the upper and lower spring seats. The upper spring seat has markings to line it up on the top mount. and I made a mark to line up the lower spring seat to the strut. The lower mark is less critical as its the alignment of the upper spring seat and therefore the top mount holes which need to line up with those in the inner wing which are slotted as the strut is to be rotated clockwise when its fully seated. And the lower end needs to sit aside the lower wishbone. Little in the way of error at this end. Mounting the strut in a bench l lined up the spring compressors There needs to be an almighty compression put on this spring to shorten it to get the strut reassembled. Once I ran out of strength I mounted it in a bigger vice I turned each spring compressor two full revolutions before removing it from the vice and rotating it to the next spring compressor and so on and so on until it was short enough to fit the strut. My right bicep was on fire doing this! I would check how much I still needed to compress it by regularly placing it back over the strut. Once its short enough, place the top mount, upper spring pad and the new bump stop over the spindle and tighten up a new strut spindle top. Again you will need to counter hold the spindle. Torque spindle nut to 34Nm. Carefully unwind your spring compressors ensuring the marks on the top mount line up correctly with the position of the strut. I put two turns on each compressor and worked around in a clockwise direction making sure the top mount stays correctly aligned to the strut. Took ages, but worth it. Must get better compressors! Looking good! Thank goodness that's the difficult bit done! Take back to the car. The rest is a reversal of removal. Get your chest pressing down on the hub again while you lift the strut up and into position so the forked lower end straddles the lower wishbone. Try and line up the hole as best you can, and get the top mount bolts installed to take the weight of the strut. I had to use a large adjustable spanner to help align the lower strut holes up. A small tap with a hammer on the bolt head, which is inserted from the rear so that the nut is on the front. Tighten the nut 21mm socket, while counter holding the bolt with an 18mm spanner. Do not tighten fully as the car needs to be on its wheels and the suspension settled before the final tightening which is 90Nm plus 180 deg. Torque the top mount bolts which are new and now a torx head, E16 size to 28Nm. Re fit the anti roll bar link into the strut bracket and use a new nut. Again you will need to counter hold the balljoint with a Torx T40 bit. The torque setting for this nut is 45Nm plus 45deg. My torque wrench immediately clicked at 45Nm. I'll leave it at that. Refit road wheel, looks so much better than it did last week! and lower car on the the ground. Insert "the wife" into the driving seat because she is clean and you are manky and get her to carry out a few maneuvers to settle the suspension. Drive car up ramps so that you can get to the that lower strut bolt to torque to 90Nm plus 180deg. Ahem, torque wrench clicked straight off at 90Nm. Oops! I put some marks on the nut with a pencil and yellow marking crayon on the tip of the hex that is pointing downwards, I'll tighten it and just watch for that part of the hex moving around. All I could muster was another 1/4 turn before I figured I might break something on the car, my socket set or me! I had made sure the bolt head hadn't turned. It's tight enough for me and I can live with it. No idea what it is at as I had already over tightened it by going beyond the 90Nm with just the ratchet from my socket set. I clearly don't know my own strength! Back on its own four wheels again, which I will need to check the pressures on before I drive it as I forgot to do that last weekend when I put the summer wheels back on. Would I do it again, well I said I'll change the NSR as its the only original spring on the car and ideally should be done in a pair. However I should get a proper set of spring compressors, the half moon type I think. I was fairly confident I didn't need to take the upper wishbone off the car at the inner bolts, loads of videos on youtube of lowering kits being fitted show the upper wishbone being removed from the inner wing. BMW say to split the balljoint between the upper wishbone and the steering knuckle to make more room, but I really didn't fancy trying to split that balljoint if there was a work around. Takes a bit of effort to push the hub down but it wasn't too bad and certainly reduces the amount of other components that need to be disturbed and more nuts and bolts that should be replaced. A good day's spannering.
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    So what are you doing in isolation?

    That's a complete garage piled up... Going up... ...and cars installed...
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    Stripped, clayed, polished and waxed then newly refurbed wheels on
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    Gave it a quick clean. Will be using it as a daily driver for a while.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Felt so bored this afternoon, that decided try to improve headlight lens condition. They were not bad, but wanted more clearer, glossy finish. Sanded with wet and clear coat on top. Looking good now. Will give a buffing after few days, but already satisfied with look.
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    Carl - do you still have my baby?

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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Finally took a brave pill and tried the 3M headlamp restoration kit - pretty amazing results with not too much effort. I did these so i can sell them but reckon with a little more time they would be 100% (not that the results are bad!) i
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    I'm a happy bunny now. I drove two hours to the dealer in the previous car (msport suspension with the runflats refitted for sale) two hours and then got straight in the VDC car. Even with runflats on the VDC car, the difference was obvious as soon as I was off the forecourt. The car doesn't jiggle about and become upset from even minor road imperfections, and is much more composed through holes etc.. Comfort+ on the motorway was exactly as good as I'd hoped, and not as wallowy on B roads as some posts would leave you to believe. I'm surprised how composed it is despite managing to be very soft and smooth. The Pano roof and oyster interior makes it feel really light and airy, and the 6wb dash and pro nav is a big improvement over my previous 6wa and business nav. Memory seats is nice to have, and the speed limit camera is surprisingly handy. This is what I'd hoped the previous car would be like, and is what I'd expect from a modern 5 series. Looks like I'll be keeping this for a while! Thanks to everyone for the advice on the VDC.
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    Not sure if I’ve posted this before but it’s one of my favourites!
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    So the post man has been this past week delivering my get engine running well kit of bits. Refurbished MAF, new plugs, rotor arm, boost hose, lambda sensor, injectors refurbished, temperature sensors. Its a start This guys been going years, the MAF on these is shared with the Porsche 928 and the 3.6 M5 and also one of the audi quattros I think 20v ones. Handy to know of, my MAF was fucked as the engine wouldn't run with it plugged in. So this is done on a service exchange basis injectors looked horrid from the outside but have come up trumps. Matey who did them said they flow a lot of fuel! So onto the new boost line, managed to find the exact same pipe is used originally This now runs to the inlet manifold So the ECU can read boost levels, and the guage in the car and see it. Except I've not wired it up yet. One less air leak also. Bloody fiddly getting pipe on as it doesn't want to fit easily! New Lambda in, always nice grovelling under the car injectors back in, always fun bit of WD40 and some wiggling coolant temp sensors. I thought I had bought them all but ive not got a brown one, my guess is that feeds the guage on the clocks? 6 new bosch, I went with the WR6DP0's this is amazing a new part fitted and not by me! 2015 stamped. So I've just replaced the rotor arm, as its the original 91 stamped. My "new" one has 96 or 98 stamped on it! refitting the MAF with a new air temp sensor so all back together...…………….turned ignition on and bam. Fired straight up and purred away nicely. Result, so ran it up to temp and all seems well or a million times better than before. I can actually move it about now! With the engine running nicely I can hear new noises namely from the gearbox, maybe clutch release bearing. Anyhow I think the box needs to come off as its very hard to get it into gear any gear and difficult. The clutch bite point is right at the bottom of the pedal travel. Its supposed to have a new clutch but I won't know that until the gearbox if off. But it moves now under its own steam. I've not done a sneaky drive up the road but I wish I could! The red LED light is on on the boost guage indicating that it won't fully boost if you drove it. That can be for another day might be to do with my non EML clocks fitted i'm not sure at the minute So to prove it I've turned the car around! I had to move it so I could get the E30 back in the garage as that's not allowed to get rained on. I've run out of money so need so sell parts etc raise funds sell my arse again and there still seems millions of jobs to do. Somehow with the engine seeming to run nicely now it all seems a bit easier so i'm happy
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Changed the oil and went for an MOT, in the rain! Passed with no advisories so all good today.
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    Progress on my project e39

    So after picking up my 523i in November I have had a little time to tidy it up. Car now has Anti roll bars from my 530i sport track car which has made a big difference. I have also changed - Rad, w/pump/ vanos/ rocker gasket/filter housing gasket/4 new tyres/full service/ re dyed the faded parcel shelf/ new headlights & adjusters etc etc. My aim is to get it looking as tidy as possible and just enjoy!
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    More Messing in lock down. I've done something I swore I'd never do and tinted my own windows. I tried to get a couple of local guys to do it but they were not working. Spent £25 on decent tint film and started at the worst one which is the back window. Wasted a bit getting the hang of the way it shrinks with the heat gun but got there eventually. I took my time and did it over 4 days. A few trips, stumbles and waste and it was done. Redone the shadowline vinyl and had a play with what was left. Fitted a heated seat kit to the drivers seat and mounted the switch on the seat side where the oem lumbar adjuster is. I've fitted them before in my e39 se seats but doing it this time on the sport seat was a ball ache. I added extra padding to the seat base and bolsters while I was at it. That's it for now. 223,000 miles on the old bus.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Having not washed it in nearly seven weeks now due to the alternator imploding, celebrated its return this evening with a good spruce up and detail. Lovely evening for it too. Of course, a good few miles were needed afterwards (officer) to dry off all the nooks and crannies! Old meets new outside my local Vines.
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    Got my wheels refurbed I've always had a thing for new wheels and good tyres ( RC cars and real) but never had such a nice set for a real car, I might not even put them on to keep them as ornamental! £250 powder coated, factory colour, hub face masked and inside or rim/barrel done as well - delighted for that price. Wheels Wizards in Hamilton - guy was great to deal with and helpful with all my questions (nice touch - kept the M Sport badges and glued them back on, wasn't expecting that ) Even if I get 3 years out them I'm happy to pay that to freshen up the car. Time for a wee wipe down then onto some protection with the Poorboys and dressing the tyres...
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    Just been out to remove some of the wax residue which remained inbetween the door shuts etc....and give the glass a wipe as my arms had fallen off on Friday..... One thing led to another and ended up giving the engine bay a once over...... Didn’t use anything special - just a degreaser/apc and a quick wipe over.......
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Put the amber lenses back on and fitted a new washer fluid level sensor. I’ve also managed to get a set of early mats in the correct colour, only taken about 12 years of searching!
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    This is a 'we're all in this together' moment and the facts that the PM and Heir to the throne have got the virus, and that young and old, healthy or with underlying conditions are dying starkly shows that it cannot be avoided so whatever your background or underlying health conditions society as a whole has to try it's best to get as many people through this as is possible. Personally I don't think any criticism can or should be levelled at those presently in charge as no-one else could prove they could do any better and the law of unintended consequences is sure to bite those in the ass that a different way would have been a better way; by all means ask tough and challenging questions as to the way ahead but like in a war situation, what is done is done and there simply isn't time or energy to divert to answering 'what if?' questions right now while there is pandemic surrounding each and every one of us. Any kind of gloating like some on the loony left have already voiced about Boris Johnson being in ICU is in just as bad taste as those who revelled when Margaret Thatcher died; remember that Johnson has a partner and unborn child as well as his other children, just as Thatcher was a mother and grandmother to her family. Stay well people and good luck if you do contract this.
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    Have you also noticed how many folk are still trying to sell stuff, fresh posts this morning and in the last hour, cash on collection only etc What part of ‘lock down’ do they not understand and buying a shitty set of alloys is not an essential necessity etc? These fuckwits are the main issue this country is having to deal with; self important wankers
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    We,re flat out busy,max hours,min break,been as far south to Redruth this last week and Broxburn in Scotland,just getting ready to leave Scotland again for Malton,Hull and Barnsley, Folks have got to eat so the wheels must keep turning, Stay healthy and safe everyone.
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    Finished off the 19's....couple of little runs in the wheel barrels that need flatting and a small one on a spoke....otherwise very happy with the results Not bad for a man in his garage with no official training