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    The lies and exaggerations printed about Brexit and Trump have really opened my eyes to the extreme political bias of the media, Inc. Facebook, Twitter, Google. Huge media corps led by globalist leftists intent on censoring conservatism.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Wrapped up the headlight and taillight install.. needed to order the 'headlight repair kit' from BMW which included the rubber strip across the top and the foam gasket along the side of the driver side headlight as both were missing on one of them, and also new gaskets for the tail lights.. both relatively cheap thankfully. I have to say, I'm really pleased with how they look though I think I'll keep all the lights I removed just for the time being, in case I have a change of heart. I think I managed to cure an intermittent bulb warning which kept coming up on the driver side rear light cluster as well.. quick blast of electrical contact cleaner on the plug and the bulb holder and the warning light didn't re-occur when I started it and tested all the lights work, so that was good Had a few other jobs I wanted to tackle (new pre-facelift grilles, refurbished M5 arm rest yet to install) but again the relentless wind, and then also cutting my thumb (which wouldn't stop bleeding) made me just give up after the headlights were reinstalled!
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    I think that you still have them says what you need to know about the price I’m afraid.
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    E36 328i Mtec Convertible

    Not updated this for ages. In the last four years not much else has been needed other than servicing. The horrid front lights were changed for OEM's. The stereo amp had blown and the pixels gone. Wanted to keep a factory look so got a CD43 unit which has a far better amp for the HK speakers. The rear diffuser was pitted beyond correctional repair so was painted last year. Car has been performing superbly and did a great round trip to Le Mans last summer. Pic from Gawsworth Show May 2017 amongst other Bimmers:
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    Build 2

    But this also happened Can't wait to get it fitted but it may not be for a few months as i've got a deadline for other bits before she goes to the painters
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    E39 Touring handbrake rebuild?

    I'm not totally familiar with the process though I did watch a few videos, but ultimately let my local garage do a (crappy) job of it enough to get it through the MOT on my touring. Have a look on YouTube as there's a lot of guides explaining the process and it's not rocket science. I guess it depends on how stretched the handbrake cables are... There's various kits with the springs and bits you need: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E39-HAND-BRAKE-PARKING-SHOE-FITTING-KIT-MEYLE-GERMANY-34416761292-A806/201452397721?fits=Plat_Gen%3AE39&hash=item2ee77fa499:g:Q~8AAOSwl9BWJkDs And then there's various other bits needed if you want to rebuild the lot in each brake disc, like the adjusters etc: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-5-SERIES-E39-1996-2003-HANDBRAKE-SHOE-EXPANDER-ADJUSTER-FITTING-KIT-BXK2003K/232868158930?fits=Plat_Gen%3AE39&epid=15021956413&hash=item3638061dd2:g:E64AAOSwUchaOojP Again I'd look on YouTube at a few DIY videos (and there are several up there) for an understanding on how it all hangs together and then just buy the various kits and rebuild it.
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    The below is a more 'extensive' list, as you don't need to decontaminate on every wash. There are lots of Detailing groups on FB which are good to join for feedback, ideas & techniques. Everyone is different and you get an idea of what products to use, where to buy etc etc. i enjoy detailing myself, so could give a few pointers if needed.
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    DPF/Glow Plugs

    Only the very early DDE5/6 software versions stopped regeneration because of glow plug faults. By now all of them must have updated software and glow plug faults don't have anything to do with DPF regeneration.
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    535i Andrew

    Time to move on.

    Lol my wife would like that comment. BMW haven't stopped us towing, they have just stopped us having cold beer when we get to site. The real problem is warm beer!
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    Time to Change the Company Car

    £12m in assets and you are driving a 520d - couple of thoughts 1 Live a little - buy yourself something that will give you a buzz to drive, the 520 is a great car but not for someone with £20m of assets. 2 You’ve suggested a 26 yr old bloke on here has a few years to catch you - I’d suggest with you years of life experience you should know better. Anyway lets get get back to cars and drop the cock waving bollocks behaviour........
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    is it really minus 14 in uk?

    I've liberated 20 odd people from paying their BBC TAX ... Not keen on paying for brainwashing
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    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    More pics of progress on the full respray underway at the bodyshop: On that last pic the bonnet had to be taken all the way back to bare metal (this was previously resprayed by Oxford Crash Repair in 2013 but the paint had started to peel - we found they'd just resprayed over the top of the original paint with minimal prep. Cowboys.) She'll be painted and back with me in a week or so.
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    He's boosted trade, he's got the lowest unemployment figures for decades, people are taking home more pay thanks to his tax cuts, yet the government is earning more in revenue due to increased productivity. He's making every effort to uphold his promises. He's trying to pull American troops out of the Middle East. The markets are up significantly. Thanks to Trumps policies I hope to be building a house for cash later this year. I didn't invest until in the USA after he became president because under 0bama the markets were stagnant. The indicators said take a chance and I did. I was going to pull them last year but more opportunities surfaced and I'm glad I took the chance. Those same indicators are saying invest in GB after brexit. So I'll be looking to invest pretty heavily in British industry provided the government don't mess this while brexit thing up. You're looking at the issue with blinkers on. You see everything they want you to see and you simply don't bother to look for what's underneath. The first step I advise anyone to do is stop believing what anyone shows you and look for the truth yourself. Most people couldn't be bothered to spend a few hours digging into what's behind the stories in the news, seeing what's really false, and what's really going on. I don't even watch TV or pick up a newspaper, because it's all rubbish designed to keep you down. Sent from my G8141 using Tapatalk
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    BMW M5 30 Jahre Exhaust

    Afternoon Guys, Just purchased a 30 Jahre M5 and wanted to know how to work out if I have a M Performance Exhaust please? Checked the VIN decoder websites but none list it as a optional extra for my car. However the previous owner sent me the attached image which shows a Akrapovic exhaust. I have the carbon tips but just wondering if anyone can shed some light on the actual exhaust please? Is the exhaust the £7k plus option extra or did these come as standard on the 30 Jahre? Thanks
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    Interesting that you got rid of the Run Flats. Does that affect the tyre monitoring system? Does the system need to be recalibrated. Mine are valve and wheel specific . I've had two Hondas. One Accord and one Honda Shadow motorbike.
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    R44M BM

    Carbon Black ///M5

    Current state of the M5:
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    is it really minus 14 in uk?

    Well it has been documented on film that the Beeb has been trying to falsify the information given by an interviewee in an interview with the single aim of destroying the reputation of a man.. Now we must ask how many other people has it crucified for its own agenda... If years ago someone had made the claim that Jimmy Saville was the deviant that we now know him to be... Would you have accused them of being a member of the "Bacofoil hat brigade"?
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    E36 328i Mtec Convertible

    She's beautiful
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    535i Andrew

    Water paths. Nearside engine bay

    Yes, I think its strange that the water should travel along the underside of the car thus keeping it nice and damp and attractive to corrosion...... My E60 suffered from corrosion on the rear brake lines in the area under the front passenger footwell and sill on that side right where the water is flowing in the F10. An investigation is required, I'll keep you posted
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    What screws needed for R16 Rims?

    All E39 wheel bolts are the same length; doesn't matter if its a 16" Turbine or 18" Style 65 etc However, if someone has been using spacers, it could be that the bolts they've used are still on the car; they'll be that spacers thickness longer (ie. 5mm hubcentric shim, the bolts need to be 5mm longer, 15mm hubcentric spacers, the bolts need to be 15mm longer etc). These longer bolts cannot be used with OEM alloys on their own However; a stone stuck between the disc and back plate will cause a rubbing sound too; but check that it's not the tyre catching the upright or similar
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    Time to move on.

    Bit of a sad day today when I finally sold my F11 after owning it for nearly 7 years. The car has been great and given me virtually no trouble at all apart from what was caused by bad service form the BMW body shop. Cost of ownership was really good and over the 42000 miles I had it it has averaged a tad under 32mpg, which is pretty good considering my short journeys and fairly heavy foot. I only put it up for sale on Sunday but priced it to sell and it went to the first person who came to see it earlier today. I am now waiting to take delivery of my year old X3 M40i and cant wait. Its a great spec still in Carbon black but with individual Fiona leather interior which isn't to everyone's taste but looks great to me in real life. I should have it at some point early next week. I'll still be lurking in here from time to time as that will be a habit hard to break.
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    535i Andrew

    Time to move on.

    Socket front face is fully populated But has no wiring at the back. You need the three sockets shown in the middle of the pic below to complete it. Available from BMW for a few pence each. Part #6 for cable 1.0-2.5mm^2. http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=FR72-EUR-01-2013-F10-BMW-535i&diagId=61_3097 Dont ask BMW about retro fitting this to your car as they are completely clueless about making these 13 pin sockets fully working. There are a few towbar fitters around the country now who have had to step in and resolve as owners get no where with BMW.
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    Time to Change the Company Car

    its about 14 mths away but definitely a 5 series touring. This is a very good car. The E series looks to baroque for my taste (especially the dashboard) and the Audi too clinical There are some updates / options I would like - like key fob motion detector , ACC etc. But those are more like indulgences and dont really add that much Diesel or petrol I dunno. Diesel has been really solid so far despite all the bad press
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    My E60 530i

    Since Buying her I've done a bit. So far fitted Brembo discs and pads, new drop links, track rod ends, poly bushed front control arms, 3D Gel number plates, M4 style gloss black grills, 5 spoke alloys off my old 520i with new tyres, LED lights, upgraded xenon bulbs, wind deflectors, carbon effect badges, new floor mats, M-Sport steering wheel re-trimmed, Detailed by Auto Vogue with Tribos Polymer coating, pipercross panel filter, NGK Iridium Spark Plugs. The new parts pile. Does include rear discs and pads which I haven't done yet but will be soon: Whilst this has technically lowered the specification as had the Style 122 8J 5 spokes fitted and now only have the more common and cheaper Style 138 7.5J 5 Spokes this is because the 138's had 4 new matching tyres and I plan to go for a nice set of 19's in the future with the 122's being refurbished at the moment to go on to my brothers E60 fitted with the weird option of style 115 16" wheels (actually a £70 optional extra over the standard Style 134 16's) Had these lying around, no idea where they actually came from but thought why not fit them for some fun: Then did the Number plates and grills: and thats my dads LCI E61 next to it (he will be selling that soon as barely uses it so plans to downsize to a 3 series touring) Since the dealer didnt provide this picture and proudly boasted on the advert it was an M54 (which I actually wanted as I had a load of spares for the M54 from my 520i) and then saw this beauty of an N52. I will be honest, this is after I cleaned it as was far more disgusting than that Then had my good friend David Brutus from Auto Vogue come and detail it including a Tribos Polymer coating. and as you can tell from the last 2, he spent all day on it and I had fitted all my LED lights and new upgraded xenon bulbs During this time I had also purchased an M Sport steering wheel as I hated the standard SE one having had a sport one in my 520i (which I stupidly sold as was planning on keeping my Audi A4 for a bit and saving up longer but after it started using as much oil as petrol it had to go) So this is the M Sport wheel when I got it. Now as my car is an SE and I have no intention of fitting M Sport kit or M Badges the badge on this had to go and it needed re-trimming so I sent it to Royal Steering wheels who did such a lovely job for my Audi's wheel I had to use them again. This time I wanted perforated leather with suede on the top. All in black with beige stitching to contrast and match my interior and whilst it was away I worked on the plastics sanding them smooth, filling the badge recess and finally wrapping in satin black vinyl. This is what I got back from Royal Steering Wheels. Can see why I like using them: I then re-assembled it all and fitted it: So much nicer and compared to the old one, well no brainer which is better: I am currently installing one of those lovely Mr12Volt CD changer emulators to give me USB, aux, SD and bluetooth streaming but it doesn't work despite being correctly installed so will be reviewing that after talks with seller. In the future when funds allow will be going for full CIC pro Nav upgrade but thats a little while off as I like to focus on the other jobs first (my brothers having his 525i retrofitted with CIC on Wednesday) She will be coming off the road soon so I can replace all the suspension with Sachs shocks, Eibach springs and a few more poly bushes as well as gearbox service, engine service, replacement front wheel bearings and back brakes replaced. Also need to get something better than the brembo discs and pads as I've already warped them as seems to be a common issue from people on facebook with those. I'm also on the lookout for a set of beige Comfort Seats if anyone knows of any going