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    RIP HRH The Prince Philip

    A little anecdote following the passing of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh: 1989 Cowes Week, have finished college and I am crew on the main boat in picture Fraggle. Our fleet started 10 minutes behind the Sigma 38 fleet one of which was helmed by HRH. Our boats were quicker and we would usually pass their fleet on the first downwind leg. There were some gobby guys in our fleet and one shouted over when passing HRH on the first spinnaker leg: "Oi Stavros....don't gybe in my effing water" to which there was an immediate retort from Prince Phillip who didn't even turn to look at the offender "It's my wife's water and I can gybe where I bloody well like" RIP
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    I've already had the predictable Whatsap 'jokes'. The senders have been told politely to fuck off. 99 though - what a life and legacy.
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    For sale - 2003 BMW E39 535iA Sport

    Sapphire black - all original paintwork apart from previous repair around boot lock Mileage is 110k MOT until March 2022 Mixed service history with regular self-completed oil and filter changes by current and previous owner Inspection II and Inspection I completed ahead of schedule in my ownership 5 previous owners, with last one also a forum member 2 keys Original sales folder with all booklets Specification includes: Factory privacy glass from B-pillar Sand beige leather interior made to look like Champagne with two tone door cards Rare Poplar wood inserts, spare Vavona set Staggered 18inch M-Parallels in excellent condition Auto lights Auto wipers Cruise control Dual zone auto climate control PDC front and rear Electric adjustable steering wheel Electric adjustable and memory front seats Heated front seats Power fold, auto dim and heated mirrors Auto reverse dip nearside mirror MK IV sat-nav with 2020 disc Digital TV Bluetooth preparation Intravee II with comfort functions set up; follow me home lights, DRL angel eyes, PDC distance display, one touch indicators Recent work: New battery October 2020 Good Year Eagle Asymmetric 5 tyres all around November 2020 with less than 500 miles covered 4 wheel hunter wheel alignment New OEM BMW wheel centre badges New OEM BMW boot and bonnet badges Inspection I completed by independent specialist July 2020 - 4 green bars remaining Gearbox flush, oil and filter by transmission specialist November 2020 Rocker cover gaskets, oil change and spark plugs by independent specialist February 2021 Rear brake line and brake fluid change by independent specialist February 2021 Near side wheel bearings March 2021 Deep valet and engine bay detail March 2021 Fuel filler cap March 2021 Gearstick magnetic solenoid lock April 2021 Bad bits: (see pics) Paint work bubbling near boot lock Car park ding on drivers door under wing mirror An enthusiast owned car which has been well looked after being a great buy for the next owner to continue the feat. Offers around £5,000. I'll be more than happy to have any detailed conversations around the vehicle, just get in touch. Car is located in North East London
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    Throttle actuator gone bad

    I couldn't bring myself to buy new and managed to find a used unit for under £50 on German Ebay, which should be here this week. I'll take it apart before fitting it and if there is significant wear, then it should work as a stop gap until the £15 repair parts arrive from from China.
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    @d_a_n1979 I believe I did ask for first refusal to buy it back, and my commute is currently acceptable again
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    F10 Angel eyes

    Ask & you shall receive... this is my old cracked headlight that I dismantled before binning it. I shouldn't have binned it, but there you go.
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    RIP HRH The Prince Philip

    I fear it is the end of a chapter in this Royal Family, and the Queen, without her 'rock' will, after a short period of time say, enough is enough, and pass the reins on to Charles. Characters are few and far between nowdays and Phillip certainly was one of them.
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    RIP HRH The Prince Philip

    Anyone else going to raise a glass of rum to the old sailor this evening? RIP Philip - a full life lived before he became consort and a role invented and lived for 7 decades afterwards.
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    RIP HRH The Prince Philip

    RIP DoE.
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    RIP HRH The Prince Philip

    Very sad for the Queen,70 odd years married, RIP Sir.
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    E46 Style 163 alloys on E61

    Mark, Would I do it again, hell no It was one of those jobs, the further I got in. Long story short, it costs me around £125 in consumables & took me..... About 120hrs This was the first lockdown (March 20) so everyone was shut, my wheels were straight & crack free genuine MV2's but badly curb rashed (both fronts the full rim & most spokes) also they had quite bad corrosion creeping into the face from behind. Tools: electric drill with cup wire brush & various flap wheels. Detail sander with 60/120/320 grit. Scotchbrite. 3m wet or dry 400 & 800. David's alloy wheel filler. Etch primer X 4 500ml cans Primer X 4 500ml cans Sliver base coat X 8 500ml cans 2k clear coat X6 500ml cans I could have had them acid striped & repaired / powder coated for under £250 They were the single worst / time consuming job I've done on a car in year's. Oh & I did them at my workshop at work so the mess wasn't so bad & we have a paint room. But just try cleaning inside the spokes then try sanding them (I made up a tool to fix Scotchbrite to). So no, I wouldn't recommend it. I'd never do it again. But I'd bought all the consumables & sanded/striped the first wheel before I realised just what I had started & I needed them finished because I was on my winters & the weather was crazy March 2020.
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    > ...load the vin from the cas and if you load it from the LMA they most likely will be different.. Hmm good point , yes that might well be the case. Next time I have the chance I'll check the VO and VIN in both modules. Then attempt to resolve . Currently my kids have band me from spending anymore time 'pi$$ing about with that car...' lol.
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    RIP HRH The Prince Philip

    Rest easy Sir, your watch is done. We have the watch. Fair winds and following seas. RIP
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    Booked in at Dartford Transmissions on the 21st April. Fingers crossed!
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    What a pain! As soon as my car goes in and they do any work needing the wheels removed, I retighten the wheel bolts with my own tools once the car is back home. Thankfully I did that as soon as the F45 got home and could go straight back to the fitters.
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    Them or BMWMotormec And forgot you have a V8; prices may be a lot different!
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    Power Steering Fluid recommendation

    After I cut the hoses that connect under the reservoir and replaced the clips (and O ring) I still had some misting so fitted this and it's been bone dry for the last 12 months - that only equates to about 1,000 miles but very happy not having to wipe the thing down every so often!
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    Dex III: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triple-QX-ATF-Dexron-III-1L-Automatic-Transmission-Power-Steering-Fluid-/392785863321 Make sure that you either replace the PS reservoir or the O ring at least; it will be leaking too (unless you've already done this)
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    Forgot to add, the garage told me I have to stop putting off getting my front brake pads changed. I'm down to less than 2mm. And the front tyres need replacing. Could have had just as much of a problem with a Fiesta or a Clio, I keep justifying to myself...
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    E60 in 2021. Good Decision?

    My first question would be, why Diesel? As you say you don't do much driving and that really makes these big lumps suffer, doing short trips continuously. I would look for the Petrol route as this would suit your short miles better, and they are a 'simpler' engine without the turbos, EGR's. DPF's, turbos etc. - 100k is fine if the car has been maintained. And these cars need to be maintained. Not just reactive repairs, but pro-actively changing things ahead of schedule and doing things based on time not mileage based use. - Budget £1K a year for maintenance. Being a BMW parts aren't cheap, and depending on your mechanical know how labour rate isn't cheap on the time consuming jobs. - That money should buy you something relatively nice. Check for history of paperwork and maintenance. Budget spending something around 1K on the car when you first get it to fix things that have gone left unchecked/fixed - there's lots to watch out for. search the forum and you'll see recent buying posts of things to check. It is easier to narrow down the list once you know the models/variant you are looking at. - The (early) f10 is much the same (IIRC) on the gearbox and engine as the late E61 so not much change, unless you go face lift which was 2012 onwards (i think). But then you still have your maintenance to consider
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    F10 Angel eyes

    The LEDs for angel eyes on the halogen headlights are soldered to a board under each light; they're not easily accessed and not changeable (like a bulb) so you're a bit stuck. Coding allows you to select a different brightness, but it doesn't work on the halogen lights (been there).
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    My personal view is that unless the car is used like an office the Connected packages are not worth my money. I think the basic Connected Drive Package for £59 includes the send to car component. See the remote services feature set below: Online Speech Processing Your BMW responds to your commands. Thanks to online speech processing, your vehicle can understand you better than ever before. BMW Online With BMW Online, you are not dependent on your smartphone thanks to the SIM card integrated into the car itself, and can have all your route information displayed during your journey. Remote Services Check the status of your BMW while on the go. With Remote Services activated, through the BMW Connected App you can send messages to your vehicle, with destinations direct to your navigation, or instructions to lock / unlock your vehicle, locate the last parked position or flash the headlights.
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    Style 66s refurbished in Ferric Grey fitted 17x8 straight set, sat on 15mm hubcentric spacers, fitted with 235/45/17 XL rated Michelin PS4 tyres New BMW tailgate roundel fitted too
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    535i Andrew

    F11 b47 coolant change

    It is no longer a specified service item like it used to be. In theory it is filled for life and only needs changing if you work on the cooling system replacing a component. I’m planning a coolant change on mine as it’s now 8 years old and is a tow car. BMW have not fitted my radiator with a drain point which confirms my first statement and makes things more tricky as you need to detach hoses to drain it. Bmw also recommend that the system is filled using a vacuum to prevent air locks and it only takes a few moments to fill this way. I don’t believe this is essential particularly if you take your time in refilling and bleeding the system. The coolant system can be self bled by removing expansion tank cap, turning on the headlights, turning on the ignition and holding down the throttle pedal for ten seconds. This puts the electric water pump into operation to self bleed. Battery must be healthy first as the pump runs for 10-15 mins to bleed it. Make sure you use the correct coolant. Mine needs G48 which is blue, some are pink or green in colour and must not be mixed.
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    E61 2005 coding out EGR

    If anyone needs help then drop Enda a message you can get his details here: https://www.endtuning.com/about.html