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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Gave mine a well overdue wash then took it for a blast across the moors and got it all dusty again.
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    08:30 arrival this morning for a meet at the Surrey Oaks pub in Newdigate, Surrey, one of the many regular meets springing up all over the place. Good mix of vehicles and great bacon rolls!
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    Magnolia Tree

    A bit random, but really pleased with our Magnolia this year. Shame the flowers dont last that long, but despite that still a good looking tree for the summer.
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    Ram Rod

    Magnolia Tree

    I have an ordinary magnolia in the back garden which was loaded with flowers this year. I also have a pear tree that thrives, so it is a mystery who the grandiflora fails to bloom. One thing for certain, I am not buying anymore plants that take ten years to bloom.....I am getting too old.
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    Magnolia Tree

    We have one just the same. The flowering period always seems to coincide with strong winds which doesn't help. Still a few flowers on it today though.
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    Perhaps I should have looked harder for longer. Feeling a bit sheepish about that.
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    Ram Rod

    Magnolia Tree

    We have a Magnolia grandiflora in the front garden. Ten years so far since planting.and it hasn't flowered. We live in hope...
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    Updated pic - got rid of chrome wing trims and gave it a full polish.
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Hope it does the trick. You may feel you need stonger glue if it starts to come away after a soaking but hopefully not.
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    Baaaaa! Hence the fact that at time of launch it was estimated that 70% of F10/11s were to be 520ds. Thankfully there are over 1,800 xdrive 540i G30/1 registered* on the road today as opposed to only a few hundred 535i (F10/1) or E60/1 545is on the road. So there wil be a better choice out there for us in a few years time. And because the few out there are actually ULEZ complaint, prices will be good, well good if you are a seller. * the only decent G30/1 in the range with a proper number of cylinders.
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    Noob with vibration issues - help!

    Well speaking as someone with no knowledge of the car it could be quite a few things. The vibes happen in motion primarily it seems, and are worse(?) in reverse. That's going to be low speed presumably. For a start I'd be looking at the prop shaft and joints. It could also be engine and/or gearbox mountings, perhaps even a gearbox component? The rear axle, maybe subframe mountings too if it has them? Could be something in the differential but perhaps that's less likely. It could be any of the above or combinations thereof. Let's hope your specialist can pinpoint it and it gets sorted at the expense of the sellers.
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    Oi! Who you calling a sheep!? I reckon that a pretty big percentage of new BMW sales are for fleet/lease use, and it's the fleet managers who will have defined the spec when they place an order. They are the ones who will have specified whatever keeps the bean counters happy, and a lot were influenced by incentives as well as the belief that diesels were less dirty than petrol - neither are what you might call clean. Us secondhand buyers can only choose from what's available on the used market when the car gets passed on. As @Vauxfan is discovering, the majority are diesel automatics. I'd have liked a petrol 530i but a casual search before the 'dirty diesel' storm broke threw up sod all, but a couple of decent oil burners. The money is spent now and petrol seem to be even rarer.
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    I agree. It used to be the tin worm that consigned many cars to the crusher, but now it's probably less likely to be that. The cost of tracking down obscure faults at garage or dealer rates can soon rocket. A friend had an elderly but very smart Audi TT with recurring electrical gremlins. She spent a lot of money trying to get it sorted but in the end sold it with the faults for peanuts.
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    Yes, Consumers rights Act 2015, car not fit for purpose. If you put it to them in writing quoting legislation, in my experience they get nervous, buckle and pay for the car to get repaired.
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    He is fobbing you off. It is not your responsibility to find out what the fault is and report back, it is his responsibility to find the fault and fix it, as he sold you the car. Take the car to BMW and get them to give you a report, then take it to the dealer. After what you have said, i wouldn't trust the dealer to sort this on his own. In all honesty, if it were me I'd be asking for my money back and threatening legal action. Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
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    Highest spec'd E60...ever?

    Come up as a Cat D. Nice spec, shame about the Ad, pictures, location and alloys!
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    6 Appreciation thread!

    Thought I'd boost the 6er population up a bit more. Here's a couple of pics of my '04 645ci with Black sports seats and shadowline trim. The V8 noise is extremely addictive!
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    Your jokes are terrible @pidgeonpost! Don't beat your self up. You at least have a 6 pot engine, which in BMW guise of an M57 is a fine engine. It's just you are giving my young offspring cancer.
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    F11 Speaker and Amp Upgrade

    Finally got around to coding the head unit to Hifi. Was easy and quick. Reset the Alpine DSP and tried to go through the setup again. It wouldn't recognise the inputs. Coded back to Stereo. Inputs recognised. Coded back to Hifi. Continued the setup. Completed the AntEQ and MultEQ. Slightly disappointed. The stereo imaging was excellent but the bass seemed to be lacking and when I turned it up there is some awful distortion that is definitely from the electronics and not the speakers. Before coding to Hifi, I could turn it up to unbearable levels without distortion. Looks like it needs some more tweaking. It is also picking up a whining noise from the engine, which I believe is usually a ground problem. Sent from my LG-H870 using Tapatalk