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    Just had a quote from supplying dealer. £74 for part, £45 to paint plus whatever they charge to fit. I reckon maybe £90 for that. Can't fit it myself. Can't even wire a plug and don't want to compromise the car. I will get it done properly, as obviously, having shelled £60K out on a top spec car, I can afford £200 odd to fix it occasionally. I won't go through my insurance. I don't have a dashcam fitted at present. I was fleetingly tempted to extract revenge on him - and with reference to Gonzo and Pidgeonpost above - I am a big guy and I can sort someone out if I want. However, I am also a pragmatist. It's not worth my bother getting down to the level of a scumbag. Who knows, even in leafy Hampshire, someone may carry a knife - and then there's the plod to think about. It's not worth risking a change to my, in most ways, pleasant existence to go down the rogue route. No. I will wait for him tomorrow. I turned the car, shouted and told him to stop and he didn't. But, I did see that his route is riding down the pavement and then going through the park. Tomorrow, I will be waiting for him at the pinch point before the park and video the meeting telling him he damaged my car. If he admits it - then I'll go the the plod which is next door to my office. All in all, life like that. Couldv'e been worse.
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    I've turned very anti-confrontational in my old age; the last guy that cut me up a few years ago scaring my daughter and flashing the V's at her, had some unfortunate luck a few days later with not one but three punctures on his brand new Jaguar. Shame.
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    Been delivery central today Various suspension parts landed and more en-route Rear upper shock mounts ordered too as current ones are banging over hard bumps in the road Aftermarket gloss black kidney grilles fitted; they look well; but aren't the best fit. They'll do for now and I'll probably get some Schmiedmann ones ordered soon enough; the ones I had fitted to my previous 530i were faultless and fitted perfectly Had the crappy aftermarket Clifford alarm removed too; stupid installation in Japan; they'd spliced into all sorts of wiring, so a local auto-sparky has done me a favour and yanked it all out
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    Popped over to iRock to see the progress of the restoration of my M5
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    Rattles and annoying noises

    I've had the car back over a week now and it seems that the new fuel tank has sorted one of the rattles I was experiencing. The other , after some investigation by myself, seems to be coming from the rear seat folding latch, I applied some felt tape around the attachment on the seat back and that seems to have solved the issue. Fingers crossed for rattle free driving from now on! The rattle around the grill behind the drive head unit has also gone, the BMW technician said he applied padding to the area and that too seems to have done the job.
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    Rear Door Cards

    Thanks to both of you. Ordered a new rear door card to replace my water damaged one currently fitted.
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    Hi there I joined the forum ages ago, I originally was looking at a 520d or a CLS shooting brake, but due to feedback from your good selves I changed my choice to a 530d - thank you! So I've just put a deposit down on a F10 530d msport plus. A few extras such as surround view pro nav. So this is a reintroduction. Anyway, I pick up the car tomorrow. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Welcome to the forum, I'm sure you'll love the car, the engine is superb, the surround view is excellent and pro nav is a must imo (others will disagree) Get some photos up when you get it.
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    Hanworth, SW London.
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    New G31 arrival

    Switched from a 16 plate 335d xDrive saloon to this 530d xDrive touring. Such a lovely car. Most refined and comfortable i've ever driven. Really pleased with combination of Bluestone and black alloys. It's all subjective, but i was worried it was going to be too 'halfords' but looks just right.
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    Lepsons is one but I just like to make sure in any regard that it does not happen
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    E28 - M535i Auto - D400 CLF

    Nice looking repaired and re-painted E28 M535i Auto: https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1091519 D400 CLF does this belong to anybody on the Forum? Regards, Mick
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    E34 530i v8 manual gearbox swap info

    Hello to all, I am after some information on what gearbox & rear diff options I can fit to my e34 530i touring? It is currently a 530i with an auto box. I would like info on what rear diff and gearbox options there are for this car? I would like to end up with a car that will be a ok as a daily driver and not overly ‘revvy’ while at 70 on then motorway. I know there is a lot of information already written, but is the 5spd a good swap or should I be looking for the 6spd (which is harder/more expensive to find) Yours hopefully.............
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    Support rear subframe by placing a jack under rear diff. Loosen (don't remove all at once) all subframe bolts. Remove the bolt for the bush you are working on. Place the tool to remove bush. Warm up subframe around the bush with flame or hot air blower. Pull out bush with the tool. Insert and pull in a new bush. Bear in mind the rotational orientation of the bush before you start pulling it in. Put the new bushes in the freezer beforehand so they shrink a bit and installing is easier.
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    Rear Door Cards

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    Rear Door Cards

    I would have thought so... Saloons & touring are the same, just the touring carries on where the saloon left off