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    Looks fantastic! I love how the speckles and depth of the paint comes through on these cars after a good detailing session.
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    After doing the bonnet and roof the other day I spent around 9 hours today detailing the rest of the bodywork. Washed, clayed, panel wipe, polished and waxed, all be hand. Something of a marathon effort by my standards but it's only once a year, (twice if I get round to it) and it's worth it in the end when you get to look at the result.
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    2nd coat of wax and some new angles
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    E28 525e - Opal Green 89K Miles

    Down i reckon depending how long the current covid situation lasts - we are going to be paying for this for a looooonnng time! The eta (525e) is auto only - suits it. I wouldn't spend £9k on one.