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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Not been on here much as it’s had a good 10k of trouble free motoring, but the exhaust started blowing. I found the flange sides had rusted away. Managed to drill out one of the studs, luckily the other had already been replaced with a nut & bolt: I decided to weld some nuts onto whats left of the flange, hopefully that will hold that side for a while. Will be interesting to see how long it takes before the other pipe comes lose!
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    535i Andrew

    Part Query 71606875018

    Thanks for the info guys. I've been a bit out of the loop, sorry, being quite broken then away on holiday. I'm really surprised to see that @dandle has a fully populated socket given its the same part number as the one on my towbar, good result for you. Check that pin 9 is permanently live as it's not on mine. It's switched by the CAS system so is only live when the car is awake. That might be your issue when hooked up to the caravan as the habitation relay looks for both the permanent (pin 9) and ignition switched supply (pin 10) IIRC before it switches the car supply to charge the caravan battery from the car. I think the caravan will only charge the battery from pin 9 if it knows there is a live from pin 10 so it knows the caravan is connected to a car and therefore can charge its battery. If you've not got pin 10 I don't believe it will charge from only pin 9. I would recommend that you fit a minimum of 2.5mm^2 cable to power pin 10 as the caravan fridge can draw up to 30 amps. Ryder towing recommend 3mm^2 for big fridges. Your ring main in the house is rated at 32amps and it uses 2.5mm^2. So to put up to 30 amps thru one 1.5mm^2 cable is a bit of a ask IMO, yes I'm an Engineer too but not an Ohms law one.
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    How Many 535i Owners?

    How many of you went for Petrol especially 535I's. I own a 2015 535i MSport Auto withh full Alcantara Interior.
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    Grand Dragon


    I bought the Mrs some crotchless knickers for Halloween, nothing kinky just to give her a better grip on her broomstick.
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    Build 2

    Hi Shaun, Sorry to hear of your unfortunate news, but as others have said you now have your E28 back and it has not been parted out or exported. Good that your windows are all intact along with the moonroof. Moonroofs are becoming increasingly harder to find / replace. The outcome could have been so much worse. It's good to hear that this experience has not tainted this car, especially after all the work, time and money you have invested into it. Hopefully you will be able to source the replacement parts that you need to repair all the damage. Best of luck regards, Mick
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    E28 OBC Turn Indicator Stalk

    Hi Shaun, I'm sure I changed out one of these on the Zobelbraun Eta a couple of years back, so I should have the original kicking around in the basement. The Zobelbraun Eta had an OBC from new so came equiped with the remote control function on the indicator stalk. Give me a few days to look for it and I will get back to you. Regards, Mick
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    '94 540i Touring 6spd - The Money Pit!

    Here’s a closeup that was sent to me from the advert. They’re not in the best condition at the moment, They’ve clearly been painted with not the best care at some point; my plan is to split them (not sure wether to go for painted or polished lip) and get new bolts for them as well as BMW center caps.
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    Cross Climates are all weather tyres rather than full winters. I run Dunlop SP 225/55/17 full winters and they have been superb. In the 2nd "beast from the east" in March 2018 I drove back from Cardiff without a hiccup with the M5 having snow on all lanes. We live in the foothills of Peak District on a steep driveway - I would not be without them. They are brilliant also in the cold and wet with much better stopping distances and overall grip. I have a set of genuine 18" alloys for sale at present if anyone is after a set of genuine wheels to put winters on - only £360.
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    My winters weren't much use in the Beast from the East last year. They were completely buried, lol, but after I dug it out they were great. @dsgrnmcm, things will have moved on in the 6 years since this thread was started and they guy with the snow socks last visited over 4 years ago. Has a Google thrown up anything? I think most on here use winters or cross climates. If you don't want to go down the road of full winters on another set of runs, the Michelin Cross Climates get a good reviews.
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    Meyle HD if you won't buy Lemforder.
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    Just scuffed my wheel.

    Personally I wouldn't be fixing that either. With the winter coming, just protect it with abit of laquer or maybe some ceramic coating and do the refurb/repair in spring next year.
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    I like to stick with Mahle too. Activated charcoal, pair is generally around 18 euro and plain filters around 25 euro. Baffling really, but best advice would be as @Cadwell Parker said, go with activated charcoal. And pay attention to the airflow indicator markings....
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    I got Mahle cabin filters and and engine air filter from Opie Oils for around £22 each earlier this year. The cabin filters I removed were Mahle items with BMW branding added. I haven't done the air filter yet so not sure what's in there. Whatever you choose just make sure you're getting the activated charcoal cabin filters if tou want to keep outside smells outside.
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    Ditto. Amazing thread, stunning car.