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    5W30 or 5W40 that meets LL04 specs No need to spend silly money; an oil that meets the above specs is fine; I personally use TripleQX oil Go for Mann or Mahle filters Try and give your car an Italian tune up once a fortnight too Get everything up to temp etc
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    Fitted my winter wheels this morning. The summers have only done 584 miles this “summer”. Drove it round to my friend who wanted me to free up a grease nipple on his 1971 Scimitar GTE SE5a 3.0.
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    Thanks. I have just done some more research and found ll01 is us market for high sulphur fuel and ll04 is low sulphur european fuel.
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    E39 530d died

    Crank sensor could cause this problem and not throw a fault code up
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    The Spooner

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Indeed - another year legal! I don't believe it to be the bulb, when I've parked up against a wall the light output either side is the same, just the N/S is noticeably lower in aim. Ah well, definitely can't complain, plus I changed both bulbs about 2 years ago, and as they're xenon bulbs I'd hope for a bit more life!
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    Brembo Discs

    I just replaced all 4 discs with ATE from autodoc Took 2 weeks to deliver. But cheapest around by quite some margin, especially considering they are shipped from Germany.
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    535i Andrew

    Brembo Discs

    Cheek I don’t drink that much....that often.... I’m doing a sober October I’ll have you know
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    New front brembo disks + textar ePads. Plus a "full" service (oil, pollen, air, fuel filters) There is a great DIY workshop available in Gravesend, Kent for those needing one, https://www.carramphire.co.uk/ - highly recommended.
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    E39 530d died

    You need to crank it yourself. There's a lot of useful things you can do/check with INPA, of course need to get little more confident, but we all started from beginning some day. Fuel supply pressure should be anywhere between 3.5-4 bar. Not sure what rail pressure must be while cranking, obviously it will be lower than with running engine, but I can check tomorrow what numbers I'm getting on mine.
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    Completed the major service (oil, oil filter, air filter, micro filters, spark plugs) and cured a misfire! More on the plugs and misfire later. Oil (Castrol Edge 5W- 30 M bought from Amazon) and filter with air filter was changed after a year and ~2,600 miles. Keeping the turbo bearings sweet and internals as clean as I can. Also changed the oil sump plug, the sump plug access hatch securing bolt and its retaining nut which was a plastic one to replace the metal ones which just rust... While the oil was dripping out the sump I changed the micro filters Oil was changed just like a year ago except this time I reset the oil service indicator using the method as described in this post...... ....having selecting the idrive to show the service icon, it would not reset until I called this up on the idrive. Air filter was changed as before Spark plugs were a bit more involved.... ...and gave rise to a small set back but that's sorted for now after a bit of diagnostics and I'll cover that in another post. Its now currently plugged into its Ctek charger. Next job winter wheels, before I run out of time this year.
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    Another Newbie - G30 540ix

    Hi All, New to this camp but not to BMW. Spend alot of time over on Bimmerpost but for the G30 there is not much UK activity going on over there! Most of us hang out over on the F30 forums. History - I have owned a few E90's, an F30 335d x drive, an F10 and more recently a F06 GC. The F06 was heavily modded and was an enjoyable build, which lasted around 11 months from ownership to me part exchanging it in for a G30.New Car - The new car/project I have purchased is a 2018 G30 540i x Drive in Bluestone MetallicThe car caught my eye as it has a high specification. I wasn't sure on the Bluestone Colour as I've always gone for Blacks or Greys. However, I feel I made a good choice going for this one. Looking at it side by side to the 640d, it wasn't far off Space Grey!Like with the F06 I had, I plan to make it individual to me and carry out various changes and modifications to make it my own - all of course, tastefully done.My new IG profile: project540ix 540i Spec List:Standard Spec Ambient lighting Digital cockpit Heated front seats Instrument panel in sensatec Lumbar support Sport seats 20 inch individual wheels v-spoke 759i High-gloss shadowline Ext. mirrors- folding M rear spoiler Sun protection glass M sport braking system M sport suspension Active guard Active pedestrian safety Alarm system (thatcham 1) BMW online services Navigation system professional PDC front and rear Real time traffic information Single-disc cd player Dab digital radio Sport automatic transmission Additonal Spec BMW gesture control Elec fr seats + driver memory BMW icon adaptive led headlights Display key Enhanced bluetooth- wireless charging Harman kardon loudspeaker system Head-up display Headlight wash High-beam assistant Reversing assist camera Wifi hotspot preparation Comfort access Piano black - bmw ind. Packages: M sport package M sport plus pack Comfort pack Technology pack Visibility pack Planned Changes/Modifications - Retrofit / Code in SLI Front Spliiter Side Blades Rear Diffuser De-Chrome Handles (Done) De-Chrome Exhaust Tips (Done) LED Reverse Bulbs (Done) Black Gloss Grille (Done) Black Gloss M Wing Badges (Done) Remap Exhaust Mod 15mm Spacers All Round (Done) Lowering Springs I'm sure there will be more Pics in stock form but the changes are all on my IG profile - project540ix Looking forward to speaking to you all on here!
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    Put the fucking key in the ignition switch and turn it. The car will then start. Easy.
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    New M3 and M4

    There was a new 7 parked opposite my shop the other day, I went and had look at the front to really see how bad it looked in real life, I wish I hadn't! You could rack up 12" LPs in that front grill!
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    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    more pics of the bits, none of bumpers yet