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    Stereo swap OEM

    I would start by having a look at the loom in your car. My MID equipped car is connected to the stereo with the usual ISO harness and then the MID has its own feed which presumably connects to power and the dash. Be interesting to know if the low set up has extra plugs.
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    E39 530i Sport Saloon

    Titanium Silver looks so cool on the E39's.
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    Good shout indeed, as there was a VO missmatch . I managed to follow the steps but had trouble with the profile selection, different spellings and couldn't drive any of them as required. Eventually got the "Expertenmodus (Werkseinstellung)" profile to perform the jobs. Confirmed with a read back .TRC file form the LMA and all the options are now set the same as the options in the source .MAN file. The differences were a couple of options that exist only in the new module (as it was newly flashed last week in WinKFP) that are not present in the old 2008 settings file read from the original failing LMA module. Job done! I hope all that time with the ignition on hasn't stressed anything else on the old car. ISTA-D reported that the battery (AGM new last October) dropped from 80% to 55% from todays 1 hour session alone. On charge again. I suppose I could have left the engine idling with the alternator taking the load but depending on the wind direction, my neighbours might not have been too happy, especially for the amount of time I was messing about last week.
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    E39 M5 on Collecting Cars.

    I'm sure there is a thread on here somewhere saying they will never be worth more than 10k.
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    Bit of a generalisation?
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    E46 Style 163 alloys on E61

    Yeah bit like GoNz0 my o.c.d won't let me do a bad job/rush job. Like I said mine were in a poor state, But that was down to the original finish still being on & the previous owner You can see how narrow the gap in the spokes is on the inside & all of them had corrosion here due to the fact you can't get a good amount of paint on there. Powder coating is the way forward with these rims.
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    That's bloody good going! You need c6l for a change anyways. They sell Mann filters too
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    Doesn't mention BMW LL01 or LL04; so not sure if that's right for the BMW engines, someone else may chime in to say if it's right or not But I'm not a believer in 'branded' oils; as long as the oil meets the necessary BMW specs; it's fine More so if you change it out and keep it fresh at least once every 12 months... I used to be (Fuchs, Royal Purple only etc), but not any more I do my oil services on the drive with a Pela pump; draws the oil out through the dipstick tube. Doing that and draining the oil via the sump; there's about 300ml difference in it all, so for me, it's a good way to do a bit of DIY to the car etc x2 oil changes, + x2 filters = less than one tank of VPower for me! So it makes sense to do it once every 6 months
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    More pictures and a price should help
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    E39 M5 wanted

    No worries Agreeing with @greenelekta - £18k is a solid budget to find a decent, well looked after & maintained example IMO Good luck in the search Are you looking across the usual suspects (AT, PH, eBay, Car & Classic, Collecting Cars etc)? Might be worth sticking a post on Facebook too; beware of the reams of illiterate retards on the E39 groups though Hopefully you'll avoid most of those, with you looking for an M5 and not a 'manual 540i for £2k'
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    Prolonged non use

    Trickle charger is probably the best option out of those scenarios. Starting the car once a week will do more harm than good - starting it once a month would be fine. And in the warmer weather we *should* have the battery should be fine, if it is currently in good health.
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    E46 Style 163 alloys on E61

    To heck with that then sounds awful. Great job none the less they look excellent..
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    E39 M5 wanted

    Your £18K+ is very realistic. Good luck with finding the right car, they are out there!
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    Just a small update. My car has been sat on my drive for the last couple of weeks without starting / driving. So I decided to give it a run earlier this week but unfortunately, the car was clearly unhappy with me as it refused to start. Anyway, I borrowed the trickle charger off my E46 (currently in winter hibernation until next month), and connected it to my E39. 24 hours later, all was good and it started fine thankfully. So I'll leave it on for a few more days before it goes back on to my E46. Trickle charger says battery is in good condition so I think it just must have been the super cold weather over the last few days that reduced the battery's ability to survive.
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    Pete Soulby

    E39 530i Sport Saloon

    Squeezed the car back in the garage today, not done much to it recently, managed to get it mot’d and replaced the obligatory broken cup holder and bought the last arm I need to refresh all the rear suspension then get it aligned. Also found a PAS fluid leak so that’ll all be getting swapped out as a priority then trace a tiny coolant leak I think I have somewhere. Took a few quick pics of my own today, really can’t wait to sort the bodywork out. I need to get the M5 grille I’ve got fitted too
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    Engine in Before cleaning ^^^^
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    Hi Guys I have a 2012 F10, which started stalling on me, maInly when starting off at junctions, till eventually it cut out twice on a busy road junction, very scary, looked at codes, and changed the pre cat sensor, made no difference at all, next code was post cat sensor, but was told its not that, the code registers as unburnt fuel has gone through the cat. Then took off the EGR valve, bit difficult, but it had already been replaced once by BMW, and so had jubilee clips on. Once off cleaned it with brake cleaner, and drilled a 3mm hole in the plastic cover, there are no electrics in that cover just the moving rod for the valve. Now every couple of months I squirt some WD40 through the hole, it means no need to ever remove the valve again, and since doing this I have covered a thousand miles and no problem.
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    E46 Style 163 alloys on E61

    No, But just like you I wish to stick to 18"s. I'll treat myself to an aftermarket set with new tyre's, but my MV2's will do for now. I refurbished them myself in the first lockdown & fitted new Avon ZZ5'S all round so I'm in no rush.
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    Matthew Ashton

    Petrol or diesel

    Diesel - more efficient so better MPG but short trips are bad news for any diesel and the B47 engined G30 is no different. Petrol - the modern BMW petrol engines are robust.
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    You need to ‘read the room’ mate. Usually people who join this forum introduce themselves a bit first before diving straight in. Everyone is more than happy to help, we are just used to a bit of foreplay first....