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    Hi, here is my wife's bmw we've had it nearly 6 years, will be very sad to see it go. Bought it with 100k on the clock, it's only show 135k on it now, 6k a year It's been a proper joy to own and drive, it's never been mapped or mucked about with engine wise, apart from swirl flap delete, less then a 1k ago I fitted all new dics and pads and sensor all round, ate dics and pads, 6 new glow plugs with module, new engine thermostat and egr thermostat, had gearbox serviced with new sump pan/filter, full service with castrol oil, had all four wheels refurbished by platinum alloys, genuine 19in spiders with no welds or flat spots, with continental fitted 275 on rear, its got the latest idrive fitted which I've had all updated and sat nav, fitted led number plate lights, led driving lights, led angel eye bulbs, had steering wheel redone with M stiching, think its called a royal steering wheel, got wheel spacer fitted all round just gives a more fuller look, done all tailgate harness when I first bought it, fitted new wiper arm less then 1k ago, done a few bits of coding on it with carly app, has heated front and rear seats, ipod fitted from new, still got Original bmw uk number plates fitted, genuine floor matts, always had boot liner fitted, bought spare wheel and tool kit for it, so could do away with runflats, plays dvds in motion, everything works perfectly and has never wanted for anything, folding mirrors on key, full book pack with every record and receipt since new, 3 keys, body work is in very very good condition for age, alway detailed weekly, plus had it ceramic coated, drives outstanding. Please feel free to ask any questions, £6500 ono
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    Andy G

    Light of day, 1st time in 5 years

    I decided today was going to be the day my dads 528i came out of the unit. Its been tucked away for a good 5 years, if not more, yesterday it had new oil and filter new air filter and new cabin filters. Recently it had a new battery, fuel pump and alternator. So out she comes. Sounds really nice, especially now its had a service, a good clean to assess what 5 years has done to an e39. In that time it has been covered but the covers allowed water in at some stage with hard water stains evident on the paint. Cleaned it down with white vinegar to remove the hard water deposits, then a damn good wash down and wet wash ceramic clean. A full on polish is to follow. Drives so good, soft, pliable, comfortable, real old school but it was good to hear it running and get it moving again. But has a few issues, namely the boot latch, in that its decided it doesn't want to keep shut, I can hear the regulator activating with the locking but the lock/latch won't grab the bar, something bent/out of alignment or just needing replacing, something for the coming few days. Then a question as to what do with it. My dad has owned this since 2000, the 2nd owner and it has a full service history to back the car up. Maybe I'll use it as my car is due to end its PCP come Sept and if I'm not working still by then (or doing my normal job) then it will become my day to day!
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I’ve not really done much to the car over the last few months even though I’ve had time on my hands but gave the wheels a proper clean today. I use AG custom wheel cleaner as my regular cleaner and only resort to BH wheel cleaner for stubborn stuff (which is rare). Here’s a before and after, I think the Alpina wheels really finish the car off when they’re clean:
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    You'll like this minter I've spotted locally then, M20 525i - nice prosaic classic.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Took the car shopping to give it a short run ahead of MOT on Thursday: I’m not expecting any problems!
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    Haven’t seen an e34 / e32 around Aberdeen for a long time, only maybe 2 or 3 e36’s in the last year. So here’s my freshly washed 520.... never know, might even get my e36 back on the road in the next year.....
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    E28 Stainless Steel Bumpers

    Here are some pictures of the stainless steel bumpers fitted to a very tidy E28: I think they look like the mutts. Stay safe and best regards, Mick
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    E39 M5 touring build

    Carrying on with the stripping the M5 rear axle was harvested of its LSD, drive shafts, rear brake callipers and hub flanges. I picked up a complete touring rear axle which was stripped down to the bare subframe, hubs and lower arms. Above is a pic of what all non M5 rear sub frames are like where the rear of the diff mount is and below is a pic of how an M5 is constructed. The middle section is cut out and the two sections are tied to the main frame by tabs either side. I had the M5 subframe difference replicated on to the touring subframe as well as having the front diff mount strengthened which is a common thing to do on supercharged M5's, made sense to do it while it was all stripped. Subframe vapour blasted and all the bushes replaced with new. Touring for the rear pair and saloon for the front pair so I can use the M5's chassis brace struts that link to the transmission tunnel. On to the LSD..... Stripped apart to asses what state everything was in to find the bearings and gears ok but the clutch plates clearly worn. New clutch plates, bearings, seals to build up in to a blasted and painted casing, vapour blasted back plate and electro plated nuts and bolts. Trial fitting of the LSD into the modified subframe shows the clearance to the diff back plate. After watching various you tube videos and looking at pics on line it seems others have just ground down the bolt heads to allow some clearance which despite being at lot easier, is a bodge in my opinion. So there we have it, a touring subframe with an M5 LSD fitted the factory way.
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    After owning multiple E34’s in my life and after selling my last 525i Sport two years ago I couldn’t self hurting myself and bought another one! Glacier blue 525i, manual from 1992. Will start a new thread about it. Needs sills all jacking points, drivers side floor and rear wheel arches doing. Most likely full respray as well.
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    Not too much. Updated VO for comfort and heat. Processed both seat ecus Then checked everything. I had to redo a few tweaks I'd done mask, lm and cas. Maybe I did them the wrong order but everything is OK and seat heat distribution is in the idrive. I had a good length of seat loom with the plugs and the centre heat switch module with the plugs and a bit of loom as well which helped. They are so comfy coming from the sports seats. The side bolsters opening and closing with the ignition on/off is a nice touch. Fitted a front camera with a switching box so once you come out of reverse it switches to the front cam for 10 seconds of so before switching off. I like the look of those birds eye 360 ones but no quite yet. Oil service is due so will order the oil/air/fuel etc.. Just hit 230k miles.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Hey Barry, I only ever used E-Tech for their bush press for trailing run bush replacement so unable to fairly assess their overall quality. The limited work they did for me, although simple, was good value and without issue. Nova Scotia as a Provence is about the size of Scotland but with less than a million souls on board. We are effectively pre-isolated. There is also only one road in / out of NS to the rest of Canada. Not quite the end of the earth, but we can see it from here on a clear day! In total we have had 1,699 cases with 66 deaths over the first year, so about 5 cases a day with 1 death every 6 days. We are seeing a property boom with house prices up by 35% since the start of Covid. This is due in part to people selling up in Ottawa / Toronto / Vancouver and moving up market and banking the difference due to the low NS prices, with it being a slightly depressed Provence. We are also seeing Canadians returning back from the USA along with Hong Kong Chinese escaping their bleak future outlook. Our low Covid numbers are attracting people like never before because it is perceived as a safe Provence, coupled with the realisation that if you can work from home then home can be anywhere. A $1,500,000.00 small town house in Toronto will get you a 4000 square foot, 4 bed house, on a couple of acres, on a lake and still leave you a healthy chunk of change in the bank. A bit like moving from London down to Devon / Cornwall / Wales. I have never been on the right end of a housing boom before Really happy to have moved from Portsmouth, the most densely populated city in the UK, to Nova Scotia. A great place to ride out a global pandemic, if there is such a thing. The only down side is that I have only seen two E28's in Nova Scotia in 4 years and they are both in my garage This number will go up 50% when the Bronzitbeige Eta finishes its body restoration and re-paint and makes the trip across the pond to Canada Stay safe and best regards, Mick
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    My 530D sport project

    Forgot a few other photos. I changed the diff bushes and the rubber washers that sit on the top of the bushes, the bushes were reasonable but the 4 washers were about £100! IMG_20200605_150547 by Sken21, on Flickr That alternator also came in handy in the end. IMG_20200616_105253 (1) by Sken21, on Flickr The bushes actually still looked fairly good. IMG_20200616_111349 by Sken21, on Flickr IMG_20200616_111409 by Sken21, on Flickr And almost back together. IMG_20200624_165958_1 by Sken21, on Flickr
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    I like a blue interior - I first fell for an M5 Touring silver and ultramarine Elekta combination... ...then I was fortunate enough to buy an Alpina with almost the same interior... Nice purchase Zackpl - it looks very tidy indeed.
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    Captain Beaky

    Here we go again

    Another spring but will it be drive out or lock up ?? The Donkey is out of hibernation, cleaned, serviced and polished ready for action, can't wait to get the mot done and get some miles under the wheels
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    I've not heard of it, but will definitely take a look. I'm just the monkey on this job, and I quite like it that way. I've mastered aspects of the XKR quite well, but the BMW looks too complicated! Especially Vanos stuff! The mechanic it turns out needs lots of help with the admin side of his business, so I'm going to be busy setting all that up for him when I'm not cleaning parts. He is setting up shop in my home town so I've got on-hand tutorial for just about anything. I'm going to start working in his garage occasional Saturdays whenever he has something interesting I want to learn (family life permitting).
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    I do hate the lines "never bothered me" or "easy fix - £20 part off ebay" and "just needs a regas"...
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    Might have to sneak mine on to your drive one day and let you wash it in error!
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    Andy G

    Light of day, 1st time in 5 years

    thank you all, it'll stay exactly as it is, no M para's or larger alloys. its a great drive though, just going to get it prep'd for an mot, get the brake fluid changed etc then it'll be ready for summer duties. The boot, well I've yet to have a look and I take it you just remove the black plastic trim on the inside to access the thing, so thats something for the next few days.
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    Light of day, 1st time in 5 years

    Lovely car; great engine too Re the boot latch; have you give the internals a good cleaning with WD40 and then followed up with some spray lithium grease? Could be that it's just gunked up (fingers crossed) but they're fairly readily replaceable if something is knackered inside etc Personally; I'd keep it. It's an SE and they're not as sought after as the Sport spec E39s; but as you said, such a good ride too that you rarely get from cars these days...
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    Matthew Ashton

    Retrofit Towbar

    I'll probably get slated for this response but if I were you I'd go to PFJones.co.uk and buy a Westfalia Detachable towbar along with 13pin dedicated electrics. This way you get a guaranteed new towbar along with electrics that don't need coding to work properly. My issue with buying a second hand original retractable towbar is that you have no idea of it's, nor the car it came from, history - was the towbar damaged invisibly in the shunt? With the detachable towbar, you can't see the towbar once the neck is removed and there is nothing to go wrong in the future.
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    cut out a big chunk of the rear of the drivers side sill, far from the worst I have seen posted here, but still a fair old chunk! I do have a sill panel to chop a piece out of however the middle of the jacking point support needs repair also, as well as the inner sill and the closing panel in the wheelarch onto the end of the sill.
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    e39 Sport - Mudflaps Question

    A life changing discovery!!! Thank you, i shall try hunting for mud flaps tomorrow
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    '05 E60 530d Manual - Underside refresh

    Got a bit lazy with the updates, passed the MOT back in december and been going good since then. Happy with the ride comfort, thought it might have been harsher though it's hard to say with going so long between driving it standard and now. Could go lower but I can't really be bothered with rubbing arches and scraping over speedbumps. Since the last update it's also had: - Auxilliary belt kit and water pump - Strip on the bottom inside of the front bumper for the undertray, didn't notice it was missing - Attempted repair on the parking sensors, had a blown transistor on the module but not investigated further - AUX port fitted inside of armrest and coded in - Clutch pedal bushes and rubber stop - Bonnet release/OBD port mount, broke this due to the bonnet catches seizing up - greased them up - Glow plug module and Alternator>Module cable - Still have glow plug codes so will replace the plugs at some point - Painted the parcel shelf black - was bleached purple with the sun - Alignment Swapped over to the staggered radial/concave style 32s, replaced the run flats on the front with Michelin PS4s. I've also used a clay bar on the paint, there was a lot of crap stuck to it. Nice and smooth now, just don't look too closely... it's still got plenty of scratches, swirl marks and stone chips Overall I'm very happy with how it's turned out, there are still improvements to be made but I'm liking it as it stands. Thanks for reading if you got this far!
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    GY F1s vs Michelin PS4s

    PS4s ordered With the £50 off that Camskill are offering via the Michelin offer; they're the same price as the GY F1s
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Finally got round to replacing the original 105° thermostat with the 88° one I bought a couple of months ago. This is a well known mod (Google it). The idea is the engine runs a bit cooler putting less strain on things. Also dropped the bottom sump as I was curious to see if there were any pieces of broken timing chain guide. I was pleased to see the sump and engine internals looking very clean with no sign of debris. Mileage is 72K. New anti-freeze, oil and filters, so all is good. And I will get it out and use it this summer!