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    Trump, like him or loath him?

    He sure is keeping election promises... More than the crowd down London and that's all the Parties included. 80 % of the people that were very angry concerning Trumps victory here in Britain that i came across typically could not stand the fact ... That the man was legally elected to power by the American people and went against their own snowflake two party nothing changes Westminster style of politics where years are wasted while the two parties play politics while really doing nothing but destabilise the country with their crap.
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    Up to Glasgow today to buy this Decided that diesel and I do not get on; so the land-barge went yesterday and this was collected today These are pics from the seller; it's covered just over 85k miles and drives faultlessly... Had plenty of work to it, just needs my touch
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    GONZO - Highly recommended!

    Guys I feel compelled to recommend what is a 'come to you' expert that can complete work on your beloved (and sometimes troublesome) BMW E60/1 I contacted Gareth to ask for advice on a range of cetain jobs I was looking to complete as a preventative measure on my 2010 535d M sport - a few chats later and I was asking him if he'd consider me paying him to come to me and do the work such was his knowledge. Gareth came to me yesterday at the crack of dawn to undertake a long list of work - replacement of the following Update NAV/Maps Glow plug relay Glow plugs Turbo vac hoses Inlet manifold seals Main Stat EGR Stat Gearbox stat modification Full test When he arrived an unpacked it was clear I'd made the right decision - the chap is like a mobile BMW workshop differing only by the fact he actually knows what he's talking about! I'm someone who finds it hard to trust people to work on my cars as I always seem to find something lacking with many garages. That said, when peple do get it right and meet my expectations then I'm the first to voice up praise! So if anyone here needs any technical work completing right first time by someone with a thorough, methodical and sometimes frighteningly geeky level of knowledge then our resident forum member 'Gonzo' aka Gareth come highly recommended. Great price too! Hahaha just to add - it was after about an hour Gareth called me over to ask if I had any rust convertor liquid! Fearing the worst I raced over and asked why - he's undone a nut from the EGR valve that had some surface corrosion on and wanted it to go back treated!!! That made me smile with admiration and surprise!!
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    I like him, I wish he was over here sorting Brexit for us, he'd tell all those Eurotw@ts in Brussels where to get off.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Got round to changing my pads, discs and callipers along with a brake bleed. Cheers Tims again for sorting me the 540 callipers. Cheers again d_a_n1979 for the brake advice...although I did bottle the mtec c-hooks and pads...so stuck to my tried and tested pagid. ECP had a 55% sale so couldn't say no. Everything went like a charm...although my disc shield needed a bit of persuading off my mallet so it didn't contact the disc. Then after wrapping up...took it for a gentle spin round the block and there was an awful scraping sound coming from the o/s. Come back and whipped the wheel back off...and clocked a tiny stone wedged between the disc and plate...after a bit of poking and ramming with a metal ruler...the stone was free and the disc span freely with no noise. Wheel back on, another spin around the block...nice and quiet now. I've been bedding them in and the stopping force at higher speeds is definitely noticeable. Cant wait for them to get even better once fully bed-in. Oh and for the possible haters...we all know red callipers gives you an extra hp per wheel
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    In the afternoon sun today after a quick wash...
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    Trump, like him or loath him?

    To some degree I agree with that. You don't get to where he is in business without a fair degree of bravado and a lot of cunning. I'm not fond of the man. I thought he'd be a disaster, but I've been surprised, and because out of necessity I'd long learned to read deeper than the media before he became president, I can see through the complete BS that's being sold to us. Anyway, I'm not going to argue about it anymore.... Political discussions rarely end well, and most of us here are pretty.set.on their political alignment. No amount of back and forth here will shift anyone. I'll just leave it at, I don't like him, but I do believe he's doing good things for the USA.
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    Trump, like him or loath him?

    What ever your view on climate change we’ve only got so much raw material. Use it wisely... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I sort of like him because - like Corbyn - he's lit a fucking great fire under the sorry complacent arse of politics. The morning I found out he was elected, I laughed out loud. Clinton really thought she had that in the bag. The same with JC - he's taking Labour back to what a Labour party should be about and not a slightly second rate Tory party under that clown Millipede. It's funny to see the likes of that slippery Chukkkkka Umunna (who some c*nt called 'the British Obama' - seriously...fuck off!) throw a paddy and reveal themselves for what they are. In it for their own ends. Two interesting and resilient politicians, and interesting times ahead. It ain't going to be boring!
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    E39 M5 rust repairs

    Nice to see another M5 being given a chance to survive another couple of decades, good work.
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    Trump, like him or loath him?

    I disagree somewhat.. I thought Trump would be a disaster... But the more it goes on, the more I like him. He's everything the government isn't. He's done everything in his power to uphold his election promises... He does what he thinks is the right thing for his country, and let's face it, more jobs, more business, and despite the democrats nay saying about the tax cuts, more revenue than ever before. My investments in USD are looking great. Actually bringing North Korea to the table with South Korea, and getting the nuclear testing stopped. And what seems to be progress with the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsular, I couldn't see any of that happening under Clinton. Now the investigations are wrapping up with no evidence of the Russian collision, in the wake of the biggest temper tantrum in history, I actually think he's going to get a second term and if he keeps going the way he is, he's going to deserve it. I really didn't like the man coming in to the presidency, but he's surprised me and I think he's just what America, and probably the world, needs right now. Sent from my G8141 using Tapatalk
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    Goodbye my friend.

    Glad you and your family are ok, that is a proiority and the car, ultimately, did it’s most important job by protecting you and your family. BUT whoever your insurer and/or solicitor were deserve bullocking for being utter bellends and not knowing basic RTA case law. I refer you (and your bellend representatives) to the case of Transport Frigoriphiques Laurent v Transportes Olloquiegui [2000] CL 489 where (I paraphrase) a lorry was driving on a motorway and collided with the rear of another lorry, which executed a emergency stop in front of it, after breakdown. The driver of the lorry that broke down started a claim against the driver of the lorry that crashed into him however, this was dismissed on the basis that the “abrupt and immediate halt of the leading lorry was not a foreseeable consequence on a motorway”. If I was representing you the most you would get is a 25% contrib IMO but I would push for a 100% fault of the Audi driver. The moron in the Audi deserves no pay out whatsoever. Low sun in the winter months is common. The sun visior or sunglasses are there for that precise reason. Makes my blood boil to see how the insurer fucked you over and the presumptiom of “its a rear end shunt, case closed”. fucking tragic.
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    535i Andrew

    Which e60/e61

    From a previous post on buying an E60/1 I gave a while back. Don’t buy a diesel unless you do the mileage to warrant a Diesel. DPF can give problems if not allowed to regen due to short trips. Owners are removing the DPF from the car, removing its insides, refitting it to the exhaust system and re-mapping the car to get round the failures as a new DPF is four figures. It is illegal to drive a car without a DPF but not illegal to remove it. An MOT test is only a visual check to see if the DPF is present, not that it actually works. The 20d engine is very agricultural in sound compared to the 30d and 35d (6pot) engines. The 4 pot 20d N47 engines suffer from timing chain wear which coupled to the fact that the timing chains are at the rear of the engine, yes that’s right, behind or rather between the flywheel and the block! It’s an engine out job to replace. The symptom is a rattle which is coming from the rear of the engine. Also this engine has the dreaded swirl flaps which can break off and get ingested by the engine, writing it off. Avoid any base model 520d as the pre LCi models had really low interior spec, lesser aircon/climate controls than all other models. The 2.0d were bought in their masses by fleets for management. Makes them look flash but up close not so much. The single pea shooter exhaust and plain black grill give away the aga under the bonnet on the de-badged ones. 30d single turbo engine, smoother 6 pot but DPF will give problems if not allowed to regen. 35d twin turbo engine, again same DPF issues and only available in auto (with flappy paddles) but has twice the liability of turbos and actuators etc, but needs careful and regular maintenance. Frighteningly quick performance from an engine powered by the fuel of the devil. If the 6 pot Diesel engines have not been serviced regularly i.e. lack of oil changes, the main crank bearings can suffer failure, identified by a rattle and grumble, it’s cheaper to replace the engine rather than strip it to put a new bearing in. But this is really rare. The 6pot petrol engines are BMWs trade mark and are well known for their smoothness and refinement. The V8 petrol’s can leak oil from quite a lot of their engine gasket joints once they get older. Rocker covers, vanos units, timing chain covers and the dreaded alternator support bracket can all leak oil. But they look just like a 520d to the uneducated and because they have a nuclear bomb under the bonnet you can scare Porsche drivers. The 540i had over 300bhp, 545i 333bhp and the 4.8i 550i has 367bhp, they will crack 60 in under 6 seconds, if you can live with the thirst and having to put two full 4 litre bottles of Castrol Edge into the sump every oil change then they are great fun. Autos are now known to fail regardless if serviced or not. Anywhere from 70,000 to 120,000 miles failures of both the ZF boxes 6HP19 and 6HP26 are affected. The rubber seals between the mechatronic unit and the ‘box proper, get hard and fail leading to loss of fluid pressure and thus loss of drive as there is insufficient hydraulic pressure being maintained on the clutches and they slip. If it goes unnoticed it then cooks the clutches resulting in clutch pack fault codes and it’s a reconditioned box as the cure at up to £3k….which is the trade value of some of the oldest E60s now. BMW say the ‘boxes are sealed for life and life is 120,000 miles Front suspension arms can wear at their ball joints but that’s the trade off for having a decent handling car with a heavy engine if you go for a 535d upwards. Brakes are two piece, an alloy hub and an iron disc to keep the unsprung weight down, again it’s the decent engine models that have the two piece discs. The two piece discs are more expensive but worth it. My suspension and brakes all needed changing once I hit 70k, but I did it all myself and had great fun doing it. I had two 545i’s. I replaced all four discs, front suspension arms on both sides, a front wheel bearing and a rear spring. I serviced it myself. I had quite a few oil leaks on my block before I got rid of it but I traded mine as I got the dreaded clutch pack failure code rendering my autobox quite broken needing refurbished at a cost of more than the car is worth. Fix them anywhere and fit OEM parts to keep the costs down. Make sure the rear air suspension airs up o.k. Tailgate wiring can suffer from breakages due to repeated opening and closing of the lid. I would buy a manual 525i or 530i. Good luck finding one of them.
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    Quick swap around of the alloys & tyres this morning Off have come the Style 93s and winter tyres; back on are the Style 149s and summer tyres It's far too warm to be running winters
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    Trump, like him or loath him?

    Can you see the dishonesty and the sheer pitiful behaviour when every single day it's another 'oh we've got him now!' story only to have it retracted several days later? Not a single 'scoop' has stood up to scrutiny, and now Mueller is going to come back with no evidence of collision, and no indictments other than a few procedural related charges and offence that date from before anyone was involved with the campaign. The truth is out there, if you want to go digging for it. None of them left or right media are being honest, and in that Trump. Is right.... They are the enemy of the people. Sure, he's told a few lies... But a lot of what we were told was lies have turned out to be truths much later down the track... Yet you'll never hear any of the accusers apologising. I'm not a Trump supporter, I don't like the man but to be making the progress he is, in the face of such overwhelming opposition from people who just couldn't accept that he won, is nothing short of amazing. After the behaviour of the left side of politics, there's not a hope in hell I'd want to support that. It truly is the biggest temper tantrum in history. If Trump has done anything he's exposed exactly where the hate and bigotry really is in the USA. When Chelsea Manning was contemplating suicide, every so called right wing person I followed in Twitter were sending her messages of support and encouragement, DESPITE their disagreeance with her politics and her actions of the past. Almost every single left wing person I follow took great delight in dancing on TotalBiscuits grave when cancer took him. I've seen pretty bad behaviour from both, but nothing eclipses the sheer hate and willingness to grasp at ANYTHING to try to pull down the man who chose to do what he thought was best for his country. I've seen far more violence, intolerance, suppression of speech, debate, and ideas from the left than I ever have from the right. I'm perfectly happy to take both sides to task when it's necessary. Right up until he ran against Clinton the left loved Donald Trump.. Sent from my G8141 using Tapatalk
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    Today saw the replacement of the crank sensor in the Golden Nugget ... We travelled down south yesterday for a friends birthday paintball event which was very enjoyable and some 388 miles later We stopped off for some liquid gold at our local store ( the GN had performed faultless again) and on return The GN struggled to start ... But finally after starting cut out three times on the last mile home and finally cut out safe outside BHQ. This morning the GN would not start at all ... We guessed the crank sensor was at faulty So at 271,002 the GN's crank sensor finally went AWOL ... It was the original sensor as well ... yes that little retaining bolt was well rusted in And with the new sensor fitted GN purred into life with half a turn of her key Vonderbar
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    Trump, like him or loath him?

    And yet, at this moment in time, the grumpy orange one appears to have killed considerably less people than his Nobel peace prize winning predecessor in a similar period of time...
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    Not my E60 but a very very nice 10 plate 535d, I took a trip to Warrington to replace both stats, fit the gearbox stat mod as that was faulty. Replaced all the vac lines with Cohline 2122 as it is one of the best quality OEM spec vac lines (not a fan of silicon) followed by all 6 glow plugs and controller. To finish, new inlet manifold seals and put it all back together. Son of a bitch blew 2 of the new glow plugs so I had to strip it down again and put 2 of the old working ones back in Went out for a very short trip as it came up to 88 in a few miles compared to the previous low 70's giving it some down the motorway. Happy customer (Also a very smart M3 that sounded beautiful when it fired up)
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    Build 2

    Front cpalipers and disc bells now in paint.
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    Trump, like him or loath him?

    I suppose in terms of showing leadership and putting American first he deserves some credit, but this has been at the expense of alienating half the world. He's not stupid, but he has done some amazingly stupid things, most notably denying statements that he has made and which are on record. There's no doubting that he's a bully and a braggart, and his attitude towards women is legendary. I don't trust the man and I don't know how a UK government of any complexion can trust him when it comes to trade or anything else. He will at best drive a hard deal and at worst will shaft us. And yet many seem to think he will be our salvation. As for bringing N & S Korea together and ending nuclear testing, it may have stopped for now but I doubt it will be permanent. I do agree that our politicians all need a good kicking too.
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    E39 M5 rust repairs

    I thought there might be a bit of interest in this here. This is copied over from my PistonHeads thread so apologies if some of the formatting is off! Cheers Thread here if you want more background: https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=47&t=1695813&i=999999 Well we now have some decent progress, so it’s time to give you some before-and-after pics! What follows may be distressing, so viewer discretion is advised… Going back a few weeks, I spent a long time casting around trying to find a local-ish company to me with a decent reputation, who would be able to do the required work and keep me posted as to progress. I really hit a brick wall with this and was feeling pretty despondent about the whole thing, until one afternoon I was browsing through Readers Rides and came across the fantastic thread by M. Kitchski about the rebuild of his father’s BX (it’s worth a read if you haven’t found it!). I’ve enjoyed many of his threads over the years, and he’s undeniably experienced in welding together pieces of crusty old French tin :hehe: So I pinged him a message to see if he’d be interested in getting his hands on a crusty German instead, and – well, here we are dropping off the car at Southways Automotive a couple of weeks later: Rich has been busily beavering away and has kept me up to date with details and pics as we go along. We’re still very much mid-way, so let’s have a look at current progress… First up, what are we starting with? Well, predictably, it’s not pretty… Not pretty, I think you’ll agree – 165k miles and 18 winters have certainly taken their toll. That said, Rich sounded remarkably optimistic on the phone and I’m certainly glad this has been caught now and not left to fester any longer! Rich started off by dropping the propshaft and fuel tank (in which I’d thoughtfully left about 50l of V-Power…) and it was out with the grinder (I’ll let you imagine the A Team music)… We (by which I mean, Rich) hit an interesting discovery here. The internal support for the jacking point had broken its spot welds and come loose – presumably after the sill had flexed in the past when being jacked up incorrectly – and done more damage internally. It later turned out the other side was the same. So, E39 owners – jack up your cars properly! Rich set to rebuilding… I’ll save you all the pictures of the other side – suffice to say it was just as much work. But still, I can’t resist a before-and-after That’s the rear pretty much done, and the front is currently in progress. Naturally that was also worse than initially thought, but the chaps at Southways seem completely unphased and are cracking on. I’ll get some more progress up over the next few days with any luck.
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    Sunroof slide opening

    Damn I though we had another rejection coming!
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    Lets see your BMWs that you have owned

    Nice thread and some great cars. Interesting to see the steps and occasional sale regrets. I miss my first BMW (the E34) but selling was the right thing to do at the time. Anyway, my history.... E34 525i Sport Manual Daytona Violet E30 C2.5 Alpina Covertible E46 330Ci Sport Manual Atlantis Blue (Still owned) F10 520d Auto F10 520d Auto G30 520d Auto (current)
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