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    BMW E39 M5

    Hi, I was about to say similar to you seesure! (hope you are good and well mate!) As ever, they all look promising and good in pictures and descriptions ! Anyone looking for one needs to go look and as per above, ensure eyes are very wide open ! Just by the advert, it certainly looks a lot better than some of the recent poor examples being advertised with significantly higher asking prices. Cheers, Dennis!
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    Not a bad nights work

    No i don,t eat tacos but yes i did take 3 seperate breaks during the night,one after 4.15hrs driving and another after tipping Telford so i could then legally drive on to Enfield where i had another tacho break waiting for the customer to open.
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    535i Andrew

    2015 F10 aircon not cold

    Thanks for the reminder, mine was regassed when it had a new condenser just over 3 years ago. Got it done as a last kick of the ball when still under AUC warranty. My a/c is on all the time for two reasons, to keep the system lubricated and if/when it fails again, I'll notice it.