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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Cleaned and driven! So happy with her at the moment. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    Quick snowfoam, wash and towel dry with my all new Chemical Guys stuff; their snowfoam is brilliant and their drying towel; it's like a bloody duvet, it's huge Their tyre gel is superb too; much better than the Megs version IMO; does really well on black plastics too
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Hmmm......... Keliuss
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    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    Thanks! Starting to put regular miles back on the car. In the time it was 'off the road' sorting the sills, brake lines, underside and respray I bought another car that I've become fond of so keeping both and splitting the mileage across the two - M5 will remain a daily, just not every day. Photos after a thorough clean (still finding dusty nooks and crannies from the bodyshop): Going to get the windscreen replaced this summer as it's noticeably chipped and worn from 170k miles of action. But first-up is it's MOT this month, I think she's done <500 miles since the last
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    Captain Beaky

    Can Dolly come out to play

    18 months tucked away in the back of the garage and back out to play No tax No mot required Fantastic ! What better way to spend the brightest of Saturday afternoons than cleaning down an old friend and polishing those alloys, then out for an evening spin to the pub for some well earned supper and lubrication
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    Newb 5.

    Yes I had to have a touring, not just because they look good imo but because of this.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Bromley Pageant today, a good turn out of probably around 1,500 classics and modern classics. A few decent BMWs too!
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    I posted a while back about a starting issue with my e61. Basically the car wasnt regerstering the clutch being depressed. I changed the clutch switch and the master cylinder but the problem remained. As a temp fix I attached a magnet to the switch to fool the car which kept me mobile but not ideal. Anyway I finally found time to take a good look at it, turns out the clutch pedal bushes were worn so when the pedal was pressed the master cylinder wasn’t getting full travel, literally a few millimeters short. So I fitted new ones ( cheapest place is from BMW less than £4 for the pair) and the problem has gone!!! The return spring makes the pedal feel ok as it takes up the slack but if you remove it the pedal flops around quite a bit if the bushes are worn, also with the spring removed the car wont start either so I must be required to align the pedal with the master cylinder switch. Worth checking these cheap items before you start replacing expensive parts like I did.
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    What I would do different - I would never have bought one.
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    DISA Valve Torx Bolts

    Snap and then back a notch.
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    E28 525i Restoration Project

    Hey guys more updates The past couple of months have seen a lot of progress. Plus A LOT of pain of having to do and re-do things so many times!! Repairing some of these parts is such a pain that I wish I was somewhere I could just buy new parts from the get go. Would end up being cheaper in the long run. So here's what I've been able to do so far: 1. Paint. Went for Titangrau 892. The green tones didn't really show up but I still really like the color that came out. The workmanship itself wasn't the best as it was a cheap job and there is some bubbling and chipping in some parts. Its evident that I will have to respray somewhere down the line but for now I'm happy. 2. Fuel Tank and Fuel Level sender. One of those things that had to be done 7 times!! The tank kept rusting/leaking each time, one time the drops got big i found a pool of fuel on the ground in the morning. Ended up cutting out the entire base of the tank and welding in a new sheet. The rust also got into the lines and killed 2 injectors so had to replace those plus the fuel filter. Then the seal to the tank wasn't super tight so when the car is washed (there is no rubber on the boot/trunk) water would seem into the tank. We found 5 liters of water in the tank! Fixed that with a silicone gasket. Also got a new in-tank pump and fuel level sender so now I don't have to guess how much fuel I have. 3. Exhaust. So the exhaust manifold cracked Apparently the beginning of the exhaust was leaning on one of the suspension arms so when the car would go over potholes the arm would knock the entire thing upwards and since the block won’t budge, the exhaust manifold is what went. Very hard to find one of those so did some heavy welding on it. To prevent it happening again, had to put in a new exhaust pipe as well which is angled away from the arms. Expensive, but its working so far. I did half the exhaust and will finish the tail pipe/muffler section later. 4. Fixed the tail light cracks by sealing the broken indicators with pieces of lenses from another car. A real hack job but it turned out pretty well. Now I don’t have to worry about Police! Mick and I have been working on getting some tail lights and other parts to Nairobi, but shipping cost have been a nightmare. Still haven’t given up and I have a friend who lives in the UK so we’ll see if we can make something work soon. In the meantime these will hold. 5. Fixed the wipers by replacing the motor with a 2nd hand one but there is something wrong with the relay switch so it only works on the medium speed. I'll take what I can get for now. 6. Some other minor stuff. License plate light, painted the license plates, fixed the door locks, some rattling, etc. Though the driver’s side lock stopped working again NEXT UP: 1. Engine Issues. I cant get the car to Rev past 3500 RPM. Ordered a new fuel pump so we'll see how that goes. What else could cause this? Also, after driving for 20 mins or pushing the car hard, I get a lingering fuel smell in the car. This is both before and after I fixed the fuel tank. The smell sticks to your clothes too so this means I cant carry any ladies in the car! What should I check first? 2. Sensors/ Check light. I know this is largely ignored if the car is running ok but my Engine Oil Check light, Coolant light, low beam light from the Check panel on the roof all stay on. On the dash there are no lights after starting. The yellow warning light comes on but goes off once I press the check button on the Check panel. Which sensor works with the coolant temp sensor? There are three on the thermostat housing. Replaced one and ordered another. There is also another sensor and the back of the engine near the firewall, above the 6th cylinder. Whats that for? 3. Interior. Seats are not bad, I can live with them for now and replace later. What needs to go is the headliner/C panel and the floor. Also the plastic surrounding the gear lever is broken so the gear boot keeps coming off. No glove box as well. 4. I am also thinking of switching up the brakes/brake system to E34 brakes and double diaphragm brake booster instead of the hydro cylinder. I really don't like the brakes on the E28. I don't feel confident when pushing the car. 5. Other half of the exhaust 6. My fan was bolted directly to the engine so bought a fan clutch, new fan and fan switch. All those should be coming in by the end of this week.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    A few of a dozen or so pro shots from today. My screenshots of photos online, so not the best quality until I purchase some, soz...
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    Evening closes on a pretty much perfect weekend in Nurburg. The 540 is still as straight as she was, despite a few 'enthusiastic' laps of the 'ring...
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    I mean I maintain my cars well but still wouldn’t travel without breakdown cover.. you can always be caught out by all kinds of stupid issues that preventative maintenance alone wouldn’t pick up.
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    After deciding to keep the 5, have taken the plunge and purchased another BMW. Collected today. Few niggles to sort but it feels pretty special...
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Checked water and oil, kicked the tyres and all loaded up for a weekend at the Nurburgring. Tunnel booking for 06:50 tomorrow morning...
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    I've had over 100 since 1988 and my first E21 320, a 1977 R reg auto. I've had most things up to/including the E90 and E60, never had an M5 of any description but had a B9 3.5 instead. Highlights were an 840Ci 4.4 and the two I really should have hung on to, this Sport Evo M3 and an Inca 3.0 CSL. Both would have netted a larger £££ gain that the house I bought wait the money. Oh well, it was nearly 20 years ago. Sorry for tiny photos but this forum won't allow me to upload any larger ones.
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    Build 2

    Brackets painted as well. I'll be mounting the brakes next weekend. Just letting the caliper gas off properly then I'll seal them with ceramic sealant.
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    R44M BM

    Carbon Black ///M5

    Went to see Darragh yesterday who owns Everything ///M3s to repair my diff. Unfortunately the restoration company who did an amazing job on repairing the underbody, damaged the diff when I asked them to fit the rear input shaft seal (almost certain they overtightened the pinion nut) and I was left with a diff which where the rear wheels were almost impossible to turn by hand when lifted in the air! Luckily Darragh was able to pinpoint the fault - a damaged crushed sleeve. The bearings were showing signs of early wear - I asked Darragh to change the pinion bearings (for peace of mind) as well as the input seal and the diff oil. He also fitted the driveshaft CV joint whilst the diff was out. Very sensibly priced, based in Oxford and provides a drive in / drive out service. Very hard to find competent mechanics who know how to deal with ///M cars - very happy with the repair and I was even given a beer to look forward to opening when i got home!
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    Who is that man with the camera ?

    Yes Mark it is a while back, anyway I hope you are well, I am trying to get my project M535i project restarted as I am not getting any younger at 57 now so if I don't make a start soon it will probably end up as a barn find for someone when I am gone. The work situation doesn't help as I have been away for the last seven years and still am, and believe it or not I have only put 980 miles on the clock of my 528i since the Santa Pod meet. I plan to post my progress as and when it happens so watch this space These are some pics of how far I am at, I am thinking of a complete colour change to Marine blue metallic (Audi colour) and Shadowline finish on the chrome.
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    Adaptive lights pre- facelift

    Hey all, just wanted to share a little issue I had with mine and how it was sorted. A while ago I managed to bump into the back of a van at some lights- not actually my fault but I was behind it and all that.... but as a result of that bump which I didn’t realise at the time, my passenger side headlight xenon stopped working, I put this down to the bulb being blown, but I pressed the button on the fob for the follow me home lights and they both worked fine, so I had a closer look, and after seeing the headlight swivel warning lamp on the dash and the flashing green light in the light switch I did a bit of Googling and it was coming back as water ingress in the light control box on the underside of the lamp. So I took mine out and had a look, I could see the lamp casing was cracked and thought that’s where the water is getting in, i then had a look into the control box and it was obvious it was knackered, so another headlamp purchased from a breakers, I noted that the control boxes had different part numbers, but I thought I’ll try anyway, installed and nothing- same issues so more research and it was pointing to me needing to code it in and all this and because they are different part Numbers that it might not work- then I had a thought, so I disconnected the battery for 30 mins then reconnected and as if by magic, normal operations had resumed and I had both lights working and no more warnings on the dash!!!! Nowhere on the web suggests doing this so if you are having trouble after replacing things- give it a go! (Sorry for the long post)
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    Allow a week from Autodoc, everything is shipped from Germany. Do not buy from Eurocarparts or their sister company carparts4less without around 50% and 12% off respectively.
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    Don't pay those ECP prices. They are always expensive unless there is one of their sale discount codes. Ask your local BMW dealer or Cotswolds for value line brake parts. I got a set of genuine rear pads and wear sensor for my E60 for £50. No worries about them not fitting. The two pads you have shown appear to be the same physical dimensions so should fit so I'm unsure as to the difference between the two Brembos. Ideally you want the two piece discs to keep the unsprung weight down. Easy DIY. My F10 suffered brake judder, set of new pads and discs cured that, the corrosion on the rear disc face (unseen) was terrible!
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    535i Andrew

    Car sitting - not doing much....

    @Y15HAL, I used mine for the first time after 10 days of it being parked up. Started and ran perfectly. Got a very slight wiff from the aircon just on start up but disappeared very quickly. Stop start worked faultlessly so nothing wrong with the battery. I drove it for 5 miles and parked up and couldn't here the engine running, so quiet, I had to blip the throttle to hear it over the slight noise in the Tesco car park. That was running on VPower. 26.4 mpg average when I filled up yesterday.