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    my 540 touring

    thought id post a couple of pics, recently done a deal against my 530 touring for this 540 as i was pestering the lad for age s to sell it me lol as it needed a box so a deal was done and finally had a great basis for the mods i wanted to do it got fully wet flatted and polished to give a nice deep gloss shine as i hate orange peel, my 19 paras fitted, the spec of the car is nice, even power boot ive recently fitted double glazing as well, and just finished fitting full airlift air ride into the car with all new arms as well, and chopped the spare wheel out a bit to create a route so i can run dual exhsusts properly i have full leather lower dash, consoles, door cards to eventually fit in champagne, as well as contours, that i will be converting to heated and active massage, door blinds, and also e38 headrest mirrors and tables to be fitted to contours as well. it shoould be a ncie spec car when ive finished as i plan on alcantara roof lining and maybe full boat space too, with anice clean stereo install to be able to keep load bay as well some pics and some genuine 19 inch alpinas i had refurbished which ill use as winter wheels unless they sell
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    @Zusurs I know nothing more of the OP's abilities than you do about mine. I've suggested he read all about it like I did. I wouldn't in a million years have dreamt I could do such a thing until I read about it on here and then guess what? Whether he chooses to do it or not is his decision, there'll be no judgement from me.
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    3.0CSi at Cotswold BMW

    Spotted this beauty while in Cotswold today. It's had an engine rebuild and full body restoration. It looks stunning. For sale too if you have £89k burning a hole in your pocket. I'm annoyed that I forgot to take a frontal pic on the way out.
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    This is the car that I built 7 years ago and it's good to see that Top Gear presenter , Chris Harris , is happy with it . D
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    F11 Pics

    Full paint correction on my new F11. Extremely pleased with results, managed to get most of the scratches I saw when I bought it out. I’m biased but I absolutely love the wagons Tourings
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    E39 in Berlin

    Currently in sunny and extremely hot Berlin. Spotted this immaculate slate green(?) E39 a couple of hours ago parked up in Potsdamer Platz, after we came out of the spy museum. No badges so not sure of exact model. One single big bore pipe exit at rear though.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Been sorting out a water butt pump system and gave it a wash with water from there, needs a claying but still looks good from a distance!
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Replaced rear diffuser with OEM tow bar unit sprayed gloss black and had front and rear lights (legally) tinted to take edge off the brightness and match the grey black theme going on. Had no intention to go down this route but have slowly tinkered over last 3 years and am pleased with result...
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    Space Grey F11

    Had my F11 3 weeks and been busy. Mechanical: oil, filters, glow plug control unit Interior: leather conditioned, parking brake switch replaced, cabin filters Bodywork: clayed, compounded, polished and two coats of wax. To do: wheel refurb, rear pads and discs, four wheel alignment, clean inlet manifold, boots & bump stops for rear shocks Such a smooth and comfortable big car
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    Weekly Detail

    The light today at 18:00 showed the car off very well after a three hour detail...
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    BMW e34 South Africa

    Hi guys, Im new to this forum but have been reading many articles here over the years. Ive recently been bitten hard by the e34 bug. I have a 1993 M5 which I am in the process of giving a light restoration A 1996 540i 6 speed manual, number 68 of 72 made in South Africa A 1993 525 Touring which I am in process of converting to a 540 with a 6 speed manual and conversion to full Alpina B10 4.6 specification Hoping to get involved here on this forum Cheers for looking
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    I've said this for a long time - i reckon there is more enjoyment to be had with sub 200bhp and a nice chassis with modest grip than a 600bhp tech fest. Some of this modern stuff is just too big and fast to be fun, i used to love wringing the neck of my 205 or nova SR and even the M535i in a way i never did with even my M3.
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    4.2L stroked M5 , Kevin , put out 436.5 bhp and 514.5 Nm of torque , normally aspirated . Owner is proper happy . D
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    Recently acquired a E39 530i auto, Hartge alloys.
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    E39 and superchargers

    I've supercharged my 540 with the blower from a jag. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    535i Andrew

    Space Grey F11

    On your 351 wheels I would recommend getting them powder coated as you can see so much of the inside of the barrel of the wheel, you want just as good a finish here as you do on the front face*. Don't powder coat the alloy to hub mating face of the rim but a decent wheel specialist should know that. *assuming like me, you suffer from automotive OCD.
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    This topic has been covered before here by @jake13 and resulted in a great guide by @Mashed Potatoes, and I'm guessing plenty of people would be interested in having an oil temp gauge instead of the useless mpg one but most people would be put off by the guide as it seems a tad heavy on the coding. So I recently stumbled across this E90 forum post which makes it look a lot easier due to a program I haven't seen before, namely PerfektToolbox.exe. Having read a few other websites about this it looks like no-one has figured out how to get it working on the N47 so I won't be trying it myself unfortunately, but apparently it works for M57, N46, N52 and N62 so thought I'd share. Keliuss
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Took your advice... Lol
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    3.0CSi at Cotswold BMW

    Real coincidence as I was admiring this one a few days ago on a classic car site. 1975 3.00CSI manual right hand drive, Karmann built 200bhp coupe selling for what I thought was a mad mental price of just £44995. until I saw yours!
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    Help please

    Well lads, claim is in against the council so we'll see what happens there. I have photos to show the damage and photos of the pothole so fingers crossed. Car is now fixed also with new droplinks, anti roll bar and bushes. It is transformed so think the old ones must have been worn anyway. Not a surprise given the mileage really. Also now feels like much bigger difference in sport and sport + modes. Good be a placebo but car feels like it's on rails!
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    Oil Advice

    BMW have made a slight tweak to the LL04 spec and also now use a different test engine. So there is a new LL04 spec, in my opinion it should have a brand new name, rather than confusing things with the older LL04 spec. But the old LL04 spec is still valid, as is the new one just to confuse things. If you cannot find a BMW LL04 approved oil a ACEA C3 will also do the job as essentially the LL04 comes under the ACEA C3 profile. Cheers, Guy
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    e39 touring to coil springs

    This is why personally, I'd stick with the bags, as that's exactly what the cars meant to do. When we go camping, or up up to Dunkeld, or down to Anglesey etc; the cars always laden, so it's great to have the SLS working and it makes for a great ride and I've no issues with the handling either. The Eibach springs have made a difference to the stance and handling on my touring and now, for me, it sits perfectly Plus when I do tip runs too etc; the SLS is ideal for that as the boot can be fairly loaded! IMO if you use the touring and it's laden; then the SLS is hard to beat and best left fitted... But, horses for courses etc; each to their own
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    E39 528i Sluggish and NOT Kicking Down

    Just had the code read and it is MAF fault so will order and replace Thanks guys - saved me so much time and money