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    As of tomorrow I'll be 3 Jabs done. Being told I need wear a mask again does make me ask why am I jabbed! I DO FULLY AGREE WITH THE VACCINATIONS AND THE PROVEN SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE BEHIND IT The point of a mask is the minimal chance it might catch a sneeze or a cough. How about doing what your mum taught you as a child, put your hand over your mouth. These masks give you no protection IT'S A PEICE OF THIN PAPER. This has become about control. If this was about protection it would require a FFFP3 mask. The government is just trying to convince the public that they are doing something. This all become a farce when they tried to tell the public that Covid can tell the time, Covid can tell if you are sitting down or standing up, Covid can tell if you've ordered food with your pint but covid can't tell if you don't even eat it. Deaths have been relatively steady for months even though the counting method is another farce. Get run over by a bus less than 28 days from a +covid test and IT'S A COVID DEATH, get run over by a bus after 30 days and you died from being run over by a bus. Did I wear a mask before/ YES. Did I believe in the reasons for masks? NO I couldn't be arsed with the confrontation! Look at the so called "law" You don't have to wear one if you are exempt. Legally no-one, even the police has the right to ask you why you are exempt and you don't have to prove it. Being self employed the government completely failed me. 3 months with no work, no income and the refusal of any financial support. Do I trust the government? NO
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    How did you get on with aiming your lights? That's still the only problem I'm seeing, and it's even more obvious looking at the 2 photos - the Merc's cut-off is almost at that sign on the right hand side; the BMW is still 15ft in front of the car & aimed way too low. I've seen the other thread you've created on the same subject asking about reflector headlights - they never existed on the F10, so you can't go down that route. Just get them aimed.
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    E10 fuel causing EML

    Manufacturer claims this as a fact for synergy supreme +99. https://www.esso.co.uk/en-gb/fuels/petrol
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    Axle stand positioning?

    Good question to ask as its always one that causes concern on where to best jack any car and secure. As many others have said, the things we do when young and now cringe is just crazy. I also dont like going to some tyre places as they just through the trolley jacks under sometimes. I use a few pieces of decent wood to get the car up enough to get the trolley jack under the center jacking point then get the axel stands under the jacking points on the sills. Rear i sometimes run up a set of ramps and then jack up and secure on rear jack pads. As others have said no matter what, if the wheels are coming off i slide them under the car regardless so less distance if the worst happens.
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    i'm happy to play my part in trying to reduce the spread of it. In busy areas/places i wear a mask anyway, and tend to keep my distance too. The bigger issue is the continuous running from Pillar to post, going from everything -> nothing at the blink of an eye. Especially for a strain (as far as i know currently) hasn't been tested or known for its transmissible effectiveness or its lethality (not that i'm proposing we let it run riot). If it is a high risk variant of an urgent nature, then the rule/law/enforcement should have been brought in ASAP, not 4 days later . . . . (I'm pretty sure Boris is the kind of Chap who would barricade his front door after the flood waters had got in). Yes masks help, but so does Social distancing. Most people i see wearing masks in shops walk close to others, stand too close in queues and squeeze past people because they think the mask removes all risk. Personally, i'd prefer to have social distancing in place and masks as a recommended option in particular establishments.
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    Nick E

    Thoughts on ownership - First year

    Well. I've done over a year with the touring, and as much as I can say it's a lovely car to drive, it's also been a massive pain in the arse. Maybe this is just BMW's, but I've never had a car that needed so much fettling. Even my old Jeep Cherokee in Dubai cost me less to run around, and that was older and took a lot of shit. From memory, and I haven't added it all up yet (for fear of shock), since buying it, I've had the following replaced. Some I knew about before buying, but others have happened out of the blue. Front link arms Valve cover gasket. Twice. Valve cover 2 x coilpacks Water pump Radiator Fan Viscous coupling Fan shroud Belts Oil filter gasket Front brake pads and discs Rear ABS sensor 2 x services (oil and coolant) That's the stuff the garage has done, as I'm not competent enough to do it myself (or have the space/place to work). Then there's various bulbs, water pumps, rust removal and respray that I've done, and the cost of buying 5 litres of oil every 6 weeks to keep it topped up. I'm about to replace the FSU hedgehog myself as the blower isn't working. The AC has a leak, and the power steering has a leak. Normal for an old car. Keep 'em topped up. I've just had the sills checked, and they're ok, but I will look at Lanoguarding it before winter, and there's a hole in the floorpan OSR which we just noticed which will need patching up. This is my first Beema. I didn't want to die stupid by not owning one, but good God they need work. Fair play to it, it is a daily driver, has only broken down twice, but I have piled on over 15, 000 miles in it since I bought it. Am I just unlucky, or is this normal for a car its age? Nick
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    BMW E34 540i/6 - BK35096

    PERFORMANCE Last time VAK was on the DYNO she made 308 BHP | 325 LBFT and weighs approximately 1500KG with A 75KG driver.. ( According To Brands Hatch Scales ) Ideally I’d like to weight her again in her current trim as she’s changed a little since her last weight watchers weight in. PRINT OUT ( Note The Session Was Done In 4th Gear ) VIDEO OF THR RUN VERDICT Id rather not remove anything else to lighten VAK up as she’s still rather comfortable to drive and apart from the efforts to get in and out the bucket seats you could very easily daily drive her and long journeys are still a breeze.. If I was to get bored of the performance I’d rather add horse powers then loose anymore weigh but I can’t see that happening soon … VAK is a real event to drive and DYNO numbers are just that numbers.. and don’t show how quickly VAKs revolutions rise the final drive ratio.. Etcetera.. I feel like she’s well sorted. I'd like to see how far she is from the legendary ALPINA B10 BI-Turbo so if you own one of them legendary beasts and are ever attending Santa Pod Raceways ( Or Any Other English Drag Way ) I’d love to take the opposite lane and let them rip like It’s 1996!…
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    These situations are complex. Wales Scotland etc never got rid of the mask requirement and case numbers are similar to England. Maybe the problem is compliance. In our area of South London mask complaince was not great even when mandatory. For that reason we always wear at least CE marked FFP2 masks and kept doing so even when the rules changed. To protect self as well as others. Like anything in life its a risk assessment. By comparison went to Italy in October. Mask wearing complaince was near 100%. What do you make of that? Stricter enforcement, less mixed messaging?. Not sure. To fully enforce masks then mask exeption would need to be made something to be applied for with a card or a badge i would think. Resources and complexity make it hard to do that and so there is a reliance on people doing the right thing.
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    Axle stand positioning?

    I have the Sealey CAR3000, as mentioned by @d_a_n1979. The price in the eBay link is the best I could find.
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    I suggested this to the OP 2 weeks ago as it's blatantly the core problem, but he seems to be looking for someone to suggest some other solution. The easiest cheapest solution is the one he needs to implement.
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    Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    E10 fuel causing EML

    See above. The power of the internet.
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    Axle stand positioning?

    I used clay bricks (asbestos-free) from an old storage heater and some wood to raise the front. I decided that was a faff, so I bought some Sealey ramps, which make life much easier!
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    Price please

    Hi, I can confirm we have received payment and processed your order. Thank you Joe
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    E39 jom coilovers

    More than enough to have your car scraping on every kerb and speed humps...!
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    Axle stand positioning?

    Oh yes given the choice of axle stands in the road or on a private driveway there is no contest lol. Just sure you're safe. Once its up in the air I usually give the car a good rock to make sure its settled etc. As others have said keep a jack under it or a wheel anyway so if the worst happens its not coming all the way down. Also if the blocks did shift I doubt it would happen instantly. Still better to spread the load if possible though, i think.
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    Axle stand positioning?

    Block paving may not take the point loading. I wouldnt use axle stands on my block driveway as the blocks are loose in places. I would with some solid wood planks to spread the load though, underneath the stands. Better safe than sorry as already said. I had a megane slip off a jack once and narrowly missed my legs. I dread to think what could have happened.
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    Nick E

    Mass airflow sensor

    34 mpg cruising.. happy with that.
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    Matthew Ashton

    Rear view mirror adhesive

    You need a special adhesive to reattach the mirror to the glass. Don't be tempted to use anything not specifically made for it as you'll end up with a cracked windscreen due to its flexing when exposed to different temps. A quick search returned this: 1 x Loctite Car Rear View Interior Mirror Glue & Aerial Bonder Adhesive AA319 5010266168227 | eBay But I have no experience of it so you'll need to research.
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    If you do approach people to carry out a rebuild, be very wary of anyone who gives you a price and says it will cost X. It isn't until the engine is likely removed (itself an expense) and broken down that the true cost of repair will be known, or even if it is repairable. Go into this with your eyes open. Only you will know the answer to whether it's worth repairing or not which will depend upon all manner of factors including your emotional attachment (if any) to the car and available funds (it isn't a cheap exercise). You should factor in a contingency budget for other bits and bobs that will break or need replacement along the way. It isn't an easy message to type and won't be easy to read but the bottom line is that unless the rest of the car is exceptional (in terms of bodywork, mileage and overall mechanical condition) or you have the knowledge, tools and support network to be able to carry out the work with your own hands then it is unlikely to make any economic sense to repair. Sorry if this appears unduly negative: that's not my intention. Good luck whatever you decide to do with it.
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    I bought a set of the Philips 9000 LEDs to try out, and will test them against the Philips HID kit I have. I have a feeling the HIDs might be better but I'll try to do a good comparison.
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    ball park figure

    top man mate ... im checking it out right now ... thanks you
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    G30 Adaptive led Head Lamp

    Not too sure what specific area of differences you are looking for between headlight with the "BMW ADAPTIVE LED" logo (yours) and without (your friend's). Functional-wise, I quote my privious post below but with some minor changes to make it more clear about "BMW ADAPTIVE LED": "High beam assistant alone without BMW ADAPTIVE LED logo (your friend's car) can only automatically switch on/off the high beam for you based on the road condition. The BMW ADAPTIVE LED headlight (which include the high beam assistant function) can change the beam pattern (both low and high beam) so that it can give you the best possible light coverage. For example, your headlight (the one with the BMW ADAPTIVE LED logo) can turn left/right horizontally with your steering wheel input whereas your friend's car's headlight (without BMW ADAPTIVE LED logo but has High beam assistant function) horizontal angle is fixed. Then, when the high beam is on, the BMW ADAPTIVE LED can individually (I mean left and right head light) either turn on/off, angle up or down vertically, and angle left/right horizontally. Your friend's headlight's high beam (without BMW ADAPTIVE LED logo but has High beam assistant function) can only have two states: ON/OFF. No horizontal adjust, no vertical adjust, no individual on/off. In a simple word, your headlight (the one with the BMW ADAPTIVE LED logo) can turn on the high beam much longer than your friend's car (without BMW ADAPTIVE LED logo but has High beam assistant function) without dazzling other road user so that it gives you much better light coverage." Appearance-wise, I quote Matthew's previous post below: "The daylight running lights will be a different shape too."
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    Hi Marc I'll look through what I have remaining and send you a PM later today with the info. Thanks
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    I like that one! If I find a cup holder like that I'm going for it!