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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Agree re the E61s, but the F11 535Ds are way out of budget and not many about The E61 535Ds that are available out there feel quite expensive and TBH for that money I'd rather have an F01 7'er as that 7 series build quality, IMO, is heads n tails above
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    The early production F11 525Ds are 6 cylinders too, they changed the 525d to a 4 cylinder in late 2011. Basically the same engine as the 530d, can be tuned to similar levels if desired. Might be worth a look if those are in range. F11 is a very different car than an E39 though, it feels twice the size and it's nothing alike to drive. Not that it's bad, it's just nothing like an E39. E60s are much closer to the E39.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    535d might be an option if you are considering e61/f11, thought they will be with higher price tag than 530d but usually they are very well equipped cars plus more powerful. But for the miles you are doing, V8 could bring more smiles. Choices are never easy. Anyway, knowing your attitude to every detail, bringing everything to perfection, it will be interesting to see what comes next.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    So what's the plan next, V8 7 series? And is next owner a member of here or if not, possibly planning to join the place?
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Blimey. Hope you manage to match it with something as good. If such exists.
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    Nooo, didn't see that coming What you going for now pal.
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    Thanks @dirtydirtydiesel Alas the touring sold today; it's now off away with its new owner to live in Derby:
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Good choice re. ECU testing in my view. I had the same problem with the DSC module a month or so ago and looked into this a lot and these people came up as the best i could find. Lots of bad stories about some if the others. In my case the module had already been repaired before so i decided to fit a new one in the end.
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    It's a bit higher up the block than one might expect, it's fairly close to the head. One on each side.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Earlier this week I sent my ABS module off to ECUTesting (due to intermittent heat-soak related issues) Due to a massive f*ck-up by DHL, it only arrived there on Friday. Hopefully, they’ll have it diagnosed and repaired either today or tomorrow. I’ve not wanted to drive the car (or even turn the ignition on) whilst the module isn’t fitted. Whilst I had the opportunity I thought I’d look into why my steering wheel airbag has always sat wonky. So much so the horn would only work when it was pressed in a specific direction. Someone suggested it probably just needed removing and re-seating. I removed the airbag earlier in the week and checked everything, all seemed ok generally, but the spring clip bracket seemed to have issues… it seemed slightly bent, and one of the spring clips was very stiff/stuck. On refitting the airbag, the issue was still present. I found another used bracket on eBay, that arrived speedily. After fitting this my airbag is now central with a decent gap all the way around it. (Maybe not perfect, but good enough for me for now.) it appears, as I’ve read in a certain service bulletin that if the airbag has operated, you’re meant to change the entire steering wheel… this is apparently because bmw never supplied the bracket separately! so for anyone looking to fit the facelift wheel (as the PO had done with my car), this is something to be aware of as if you buy a wheel from a crash damaged car, the bracket might be bent.
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    part numbers for undertray fasteners?

    Everything is available, at a price… the issue I had was that mine is a factory sport manual v8, but due to the limited number built, realoem and even BMW’s system don’t always recognise this. Fasteners and brackets are easy to source and pretty cheap. the v8 sport manual Undertray (same as M5) is available from bmw but it’s approx £300. but then according to feedback, the aftermarket copies aren’t worth the bother.
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    I've been noticing a slight juddering when braking recently. Last night when braking harder than usual it was quite pronounced so after finishing work around midnight tonight and finding the nearby by-pass deserted I performed the bedding-in process as detailed here... https://mossmotoring.com/bedding-in-your-brakes/ ... which I remembered reading about some time ago on this very forum. It seems to have worked pretty well. Brakes are nice and smooth again with no hint of juddering
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    E28 replacement fuse board

    Hi Ivor, I am following the thread on mye28.com with interest. Seems to be getting good press with several forum members retrofitting this upgrade. Just moving to blade fuses will solve a bucket load of issues but with the LED's as well. sharp. Best regards, Mick
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    Taffy 1

    E28 replacement fuse board

    Does anyone have any knowlege of this pre-paid for development by a company called holygraillabs.com? It looks like a really good idea but the developers' origins and lines of communication seem to be obscured. There's a lot about them on Mye28 but apart from that zilch except the domain name is registered in Iceland.
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    Dan that is one pampered / loved E39 Keep up the good work pal
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    3 stage compound and I had a go with Sonax CC36 ceramic coating this week. Basecoat needs 1 hour to cure and once the gloss coat is on it's ready to get wet. Ideal for a ceramic job with no shelter.
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    1995 W124 coupe.

    Not a 5 series I know but it’s time to trim the fleet (and I can’t get rid of my touring, ever!). A very special M plate w124 e220 coupe in the best colour combo of black with cream leather. Drives like it should, everything still feels tight and over engineered. I’m an oem type owner and very picky so it’s that type of car, down to the correct stereo. Enthusiast owned after its first owner who did 60k between 1995-1998 so the majority of miles are motorway to start then it became quite gentle till then. From 1998-today it’s done around 70k, so 130ish in total. Appeared in an article in the official Merc magazine before I bought it in 2015. Last mot was clear with no advisories and it is looked after by A&A Merctech in herts who know these cars well (it’s the best example they know of). It is in a slightly different league to the leggy £5k examples to be found online so if someone wants a proper one please enquire. DM me if interested and can expand on the above. Thanks Kit