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    Softening leather

    Colourlock is a German company with local presence in UK and many other EU countries. Their stuff is indeed excellent. https://www.colourlock.com/about-us
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    Running an e39 M5 using e10

    £154.9 per litre, that's one hell of a price, must be running on a golden fuel
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    Hi Mick, I received a pair last week, the quality is excellent. Something we are getting used to from Ivo. Kind regards, Ivor
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    Low mileage B10 V8S.

    Sold for £20,140 with the 6% fees!
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    BMW Style 65 alloys

    They are nice but not that nice
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    Low mileage E39 M5.

    Sold for £40,810 including the 6% fees!
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Washed with the polar blast Dan. No other shampoo. Will be using this stuff again. Cheers buddy.
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    E39 (JapImport) OEM Navigation unit

    Thanks @d_a_n1979 - pity though. Ah well, there's lots of easier and cheaper ways to navigate! I did take a read through the thread by @DennisCooper about suitable unit for e39, - which look great and appear to have excellent functionality. I'll park that for the moment though, as there are other items to pay for right now Collecting my e39 this morning having had the instrument panel pixel issue corrected - the relief
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    Hey everyone, sorry for no update for long time. I was checking copper washers and I was going back to Bosch Pump Expert. Bosch Pump Expert said: It's not about the pump but on our diagnostic we can see that it says that it cant read signal from Electronic Injector, but it doesn't mean it's actually that injector. After that I made a few phone calls and one guy said that he is selling 525 TDS (Whole car, crashed in accident) for 300€ Bought whole car, only changed oil pan, and put whole engine to my car. Car works very nice and doesnt stall anymore... I am sorry that I didn't find solution and help to someone else if he has same problem...
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    I admire you Marko; my three always have a right whinge when I bundle them into the boot. Have a good break.
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    £302 later and a day in Dartford - don't think i need go there again - and the gearbox is flushed and filtered. Feels better but I dare say that maybe the placebo effect but it did seem improved. Not that it was bad, it was pre-emptive rather than to cure an issue. The process for the mega flush is rather than a drain and fill they pull new fluid through until the fluid coming out is the same colour as that going in hence why it removed 99.9% of old fluid. So that's one less worry off the list. Also a hybrid tuner arrived today from Latvia so hopefully i can get the TV functioning again - not strictly needed and probably a gimmick but its fitted so i feel it should work! Ordering the coolant parts next and so will have a big box of stuff to fit (CCV, Vanos, Cooling system, diff oil, PAS bits) and then it will be just enjoy knowing its in good shape. Interestingly i think i will be in at around £6200 (ex tax, insurance, fuel) all done and including some fripparies that aren't strictly necessary (Grom bluetooth, Flappy paddles, tv tuner) which works out as 18months of PCP payments on something meh and that's without a deposit and then having an asset i hope to be worth a good chunk of that once finished. Appreciate you don't buy a car to make money and they cost to own but when i use man maths that doesn’t seem too bad?
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    Hi, Here's a link to a free download of the [url=https://1drv.ms/b/s!AmZraoVKvIU0hhXcu2Gq5ZOO9zTq]second edition of my E34 Factory Options Retrofit Guide[/url]. There are copies of the first edition floating around the internet, but I don't think I ever got around to posting the second edition, which added a few final items, since I moved on to electric vehicles and BMW motorbikes: Parked Heating, Supplementary Battery, Park Distance Control, Trailer Hitch, plus a section on installing a non-factory VDO gauge cluster, and an epilogue, for fun and contrast with loaded E34s, about the base 4-cylinder 518i. I’m not very Internet savvy, but I believe this link should work for all; bear in mind the file is almost 200MB, so it might take several minutes to download: OneDrive address is https://1drv.ms/b/s!AmZraoVKvIU0hhXcu2Gq5ZOO9zTq. If you're still out there maintaining with these fantastic vehicles while parts are still available, keep up the good work! Cheers, Marcus P.S., the 1st edition included retrofits of: Headlight, Fog-Light, and Intensive Washers; Headlight-Beam Adjusters and Headlights; Underhood Light; Rain-Sensing Wipers; Automatic Air Recirculating Control; Autodimming Rearview Mirror; Driver’s Glove Box; Steering Wheels and Column; Fire Extinguisher and First-Aid Kit; Heated Seats, Front and Rear; Memory Seats, Mirrors, and Steering Column; Adjustable Lumbar Support; Moonroof; Rear Power Outlet; Rear Door Sunshades; Rear Armrest with Storage; Ski Sack; Rear Headrests; Rear Reading Lights; Rear Window Sunshade; CD Player and Cover; Trunk Storage Bins, Tray, Straps, Net, and Mat; Rear Fog Lights; Accessories and Other Options.)
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    Got to use the factory jack for the first time, actually it was the first time I’ve ever had the pleasure of changing a wheel at the side of the road, nice day, nice lay-by what’s not like?! Not sure my daughter agreed! Sweets always help with kids! The grown ups will need a few sweets to get over the destroyed tyre that’s done less than 1000 miles. Hopefully the alloy is ok, looked ok on a quick roadside check. Its amazing how well the car drove with a tyre in that state, I only pulled over to check as it felt a bit odd! No idea what caused it to go down either didn’t notice it hitting any potholes or anything & couldn’t see any screws in the tyre. The pressure was perfect a few days ago & they have never lost any pressure in years. Trouble with 19s is they hardly look flat from the outside but a little negative camber & the inside is just melted rubber, as I found when putting my hand round the back to check if it would maybe just pump back up… Just glad we weren’t in one of our other BMs they don’t have spare wheels
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    Oil presure low

    Cheers pal i chucked a couple cans of flush in before i changed the oil weight and made a lot of diffrence to how the car runs so much smoother and quieter ye hope this seal works 7 years of pain this car but can't bring myself to get rid. Pic of the piston from last engine