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    Appreciating Asset?

    cheers! Just got it delivered at the weekend, I’m absolutely over the moon with it.
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    Pagid is a reputable product manufactured by TMD friction that owns numerous other brands. I've used these pads successfully on numerous cars and have never had an issue. "worst of the worst" is just one person's opinion and one I'd never put my trust in. You'll find just as many people slagging off Borg and Beck or any other of the myriad of brake component manufacturers. All it takes is one negative experience which often has nothing to do with the part but fitting/environmental or other factor.
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    Appreciating Asset?

    Yes looking forward to that…. Plenty of fast and rapid chargers near us together with 350 kWh Ionity’s elsewhere (including across Europe). The i4 charges at up to 210kwh. I think Elon knows he’s becoming an infrastructure provider!!!
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    Matthew Ashton

    Appreciating Asset?

    Very nice looking car.
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    Appreciating Asset?

    Beautiful machine
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    If I can do it; you can too My fixing tool is generally a 12lb sledgehammer! But it's easy to sort; plenty of How To's on YT and Google; and if your E39 is a saloon, the rear bench seat just lifts up (with a firm tug)
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    I couldn’t agree more with Matthew’s comment here, as with everything, you speak as you find and opinions often differ. Personally, I’ve used Pagid pads and discs for many years on my own and customer’s cars without issue. I believe they have always been a good all round value for money brand…… but that’s just my opinion……
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    SFK are a known make, I've used their wheel bearings in the past.
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    When a car owes you next to nothing, you don't begrudge fuel!
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    Converting aftermarket PDC to OEM

    You would need the looms, as it's a can based system once you have wired in the PDC looms (or loom if you just want front) you then swap the DSC button unit for one with PDC (no wiring needed for this) and then code the car to the new vehicle order so it can see the module. Scrap the sensors and go full factory or it won't work.
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    Appreciating Asset?

    I just sold my G20 320i for £3k more than it was valued at 6 months ago…dealers are desperate for good spec, low mileage cars. Decided to push the boat out and put a deposit down on a 70 plate 840i - market doesn’t seem to have moved on cars like that, so I’m over the moon.
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    Do a search for e39 secret menu. You can access a diagnostics feature on the instrument cluster. Test number two drives all the gauges through their full movement and would show any issue with the cluster itself. The more useful test feature is one of the tests shows the measured level in each side of the tank. They should be roughly equal when the car has sat for some time. When the car runs the return fuel from the filter is used to suck fuel from the left side to the right. It should be around 2 litres a minute, roughly, and the left side should empty across to the right. If it doesn’t it might explain why the gauge barely moves after adding a small amount of fuel. That can be caused by a problem with the ‘sucking jet pump’ in the left half of the tank. And whatever you do, don’t brim the tank and then try to open either of the sender / pump ports! You will have a lot of fuel on the floor.
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    BMW Stopping Wheel Storage

    It’s not just about xDrive or 4WD when it comes to winter. xDrive or 4WD will get you going and may drive the car out of deep snow, but won’t keep you on the road any more than any other car, that’s where winter tyres come in. We don’t really see that much snow here in the winter, but we see plenty of cold wet weather, which is where the winter tyres, or all weather tyres come in to their own. Especially at temperatures of 7°c or less, that is when the softer compounds become more useful. I would even go so far as to say my RWD, with winter tyres on in the winter, is safer than any 4WD with summer tyres on.