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    As suspected, I got it all apart today to spray in some lithium grease and found the cog to be worn down in the same way @greenelekta described. Only worn in patches, which I suppose explains the tendency for the mirrors to occasionally travel half way. Ordered replacement cogs from eBay. Will pop them in once they arrive. Thanks again for all the help!
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    Valve clearance adjustment 518i

    God bless the real oem it sure is helpful - cant really see where part 19 goes up along side the chain guide somewhere, but doesnt seem to connect directly to upper oil pipe this is the underside of the oil bar i can see why the holes clog tiny - trying to clean mine still fitted with a drawing pin and some brake cleaner.
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    Tidy Looking 528i

    Was going to take a look and texted but sold this afternoon. Market for e39’s strong at the moment.
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    Disabling memory - drivers seat

    Of course, you could just install a battery behind them seats and have a friend touching the cables on the terminals while you adjust the seat and be done with all the unneccesary complications.
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    Tidy Looking 528i

    I’d be inclined to agree with that. There needs to be a few SE’s left “as is” for posterity’s sake. Just not mine though...
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    Valve clearance adjustment 518i

    the cranks got a nice clear mark that aligns with the cam
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    Tidy Looking 528i

    “Saltburn by the Sea” does sound like the rustiest place on earth... The car isn’t really my cup of tea, but someone’s surely going to love that - great interior / exterior colour combination. I understand the rated output of the M52B28 at 190bhp is hugely conservative too - something to do with a gentleman's agreement / taxation type affair in Germany at the time I think...? The pre-facelift cars seem to be lasting significantly better as well in terms of paint and rot. Hope he gets a fair price for it.
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    540I Brake Issues

    Hahahah "rotors" didn't make much sense to me neither, even the german calls them discs!
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    540I Brake Issues

    Yup; discs here Rotors are on helicopters The US dumbed down the Queens English IMO
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    540I Brake Issues

    Wait, you guys call them discs too? I was typing "rotors" because I thought you call them rotors. Is that US custom for "discs" like they use "hood" for "bonnet" and so on?
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    Back after a few years

    Welcome back on board
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    Your’s will surely be one of the best in the country, if it isn’t already. It’ll be intriguing to know what sort of valuation you’d put on it when you’ve done ( though I’m sure this is an E39 that you’ll definitely be keeping). I was struck by how you’d had to put a lot of effort into finding a satisfactory source for doing your bodywork. Finding a garage that I’m happy with to do work on my car is proving to be a real problem, and ultimately is the thing that might stall my refurb programme (rather than the cost strangely).
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    Odd vibration

    Looks in a much healthier state! . I imagine the one on mine is original. With them being a common F10 issue, and having just ticked over to 143k it’s done it’s time. Coupled with the diff mount that’s also in a state of disrepair I’m hoping a replacement of both with cure the vibration. My current cure is just having the gearbox in sport mode so it revs higher before changing.
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    Many thanks for the welcome & apologies for the slow reply, been in the process of finalizing a move back to the UK from Guernsey. Now the house purchase is sorted, the G31 hunt can start! In the meantime, heres a couple a pics of the daily getting its six monthly wash;
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    I'm pretty sure all M Parallels are forged. They were on my e34 M5
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    Anyone desperate for a set of Style 65s

    I’m inclined to disagree. I’m well aware that people can ask whatever they want for an item and nobody has to pay it if they don’t want to, but the problem with eBay in particular is that people (on the whole) never bother price their items by the “sold” prices, but by the asking prices that others have chanced their luck with. All of a sudden a set of M5 alloys is now “worth” three grand, and they move out of the reach of enthusiasts - who now subsequently have to compete with flippers for rough sets, not to mention all the people who’ll be pulling out old sets of replicas from their sheds and claiming them to be the real deal. They are - at best - a £1,500 set of wheels. I’m lead to believe that only the E39 M-Para’s were actually forged. E31/34/38 were quite possibly cast (supposedly), But hey - don’t believe everything you read on the internet... Regardless - I agree that they should have been the default wheel for the M5.
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    Yep brought genuine BMW gaskets as people had said other versions start to leak again after a few years also brought new bolts while i was at it aswell.
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    Hi, I have seen this fault many times on the E39 wagon/tourers. Everyone goes for all items in the air suspension system, except the actual cause of the problem. On these older beauties, the problem is caused by a fine crack in the air distribution valve block. It cracks because the plastic deteriorates with age. Easily provable....... Unbolt the air compressor dome to gain access to the underside. The air distribution valve is the little black block screwed to the side of the air compressor. Leave all the airlines connected. Turn the ignition on and your system will pressurise. Using a half-inch or so wide paintbrush dip the brush in a fairly strong mix of washing-up liquid and water. Then paint the air distribution valve with the dish soap liquid. You will then see the air bubbles as plain as day. It's an easy fix too.
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    Upgrade to msport steering wheel

    Thanks @BFleming
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    As Ray said; check the bag carefully and more than likely look to replace it. Personally I'd replace both as it'd be sods law that the other fails not long after... Arnott would be my choice; but Aerosus are also well thought of I wouldn't veer away from them 2 makes and certainly wouldn't consider any eBay special air bag; but it's up to you; your car/your £££ @RichD1
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    Leaking bag. Lift that corner up, remove wheel and spray some window cleaner or soapy water over bag, you will see bubbles coming from somewhere. There's chance that metal air reservoir is leaking due to rust, but it's not very common issue, so I would check air bag first. It's easy to change as well.
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    535i Andrew

    Braking shudder???

    That is the correct terminology. Wishbones are part #10 in link below. https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=FR72-EUR-01-2013-F10-BMW-535i&diagId=31_0824 These are the ones that the suspension strut fixes too. The control arms are the front arms, part #5 in the link above. Upper wishbone is part #13 in the link above.
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    Braking shudder???

    Hi guys, sorry for the late reply/update as just been very busy with work etc. Ok so after getting my car in the air and going though it I had found that the front upper controlled arms were worn and a slightly worn balk joint on a lower control arms, these are original parts and had covered 70k so could not really grumble. I order new Meley upper and lower control arms, 2-3hrs later I had fitted and the car has drove perfect ever since so fantastic job. The thing that confused me was on most BMW cars when your Thrust arms wear out you will get a symptom of a steering wheel wobble but I never got this just the vibration/judder though the body of the car. The only thing I can think of is the design change with having another whish bone towards the top of the strut now stop this system if the steering wheel wobble when you have worn control arms of F series?