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    E34 M5 Touring restoration

    A while since I updated this thread. I found that the HVAC blower fan was working at full speed and at a very slow speed when set to just under max, otherwise nothing. I know that this was not the motor, so thought it might either be the potentiometers on the control panel or the 'Sword' (more sophisticated fan controller than the 'hedgehogs' used in newer cars). Thought I might as well check both. Took the control panel out and that all looked good. While I was there, found that the metal DIN cage was preventing the BMW Professional radio from mounting correctly. The radio has two tabs that operate on a slightly angled screw which tightens directly to plastic frame. So out came the metal cage that had been previously fitted with the nasty Sony head unit that was in the car when I bought it. The radio now sits more firmly and slightly deeper into the dash than previously. That left the most likely culprit as the sword that was not working properly, so I replaced it with a new one and will at some point attempt repair of the old one with newer, higher power, MOSFETS. The fan is now working correctly with a full speed range. As getting at the sword is a bit of a pain (remove trim over pedals on drivers side, unplug HVAC controller, remove glove box, remove trim to the side, remove footwell vent pipe, unplug other side of HVAC controller and remove, unplug and remove sword). While in there I did the microfilter too, just one extra cover to remove, and cleaned out various crap that had accumulated between it and the microfilter, quite possibly the cause of the sword failing due to lack of air flow and consequential over heating. and replaced the microfilter which had seen better days, new and old. The old one must have been fitted in the UK as it's the split version for RHD cars, necessary to get round the steering column. Of course when removing the trim I noticed that several tabs were broken from previous removal attempts, it's 30 year old plastic after all, so fitted a new piece after transferring the self adhesive sound insulation from the old one as the new piece does not come with it. I also noticed that the surround to the glove box light switch in the trim above the glove box was broken, so replaced that too (again transferring the sound insulation). Replaced the central rear bumper trim too as the tabs were worn and it would not hold fully into the bumper. Did the drivers side rear rubbing strip at the same time as that was a little scuffed. I don't like driving older cars without having a fire extinguisher in the car, so found an OEM mounting bracket, bought a new extinguisher and fitted it. Very easy job with just 4 bolts that go into captive nuts. Existing holes in the drivers seat: Mounting plate in place Extinguisher fitted: Used her for what she was built for the other day too, needed to have the wheels for the E26 tided up, not a full refurb, just the inside of the barrel and rear faces repainted. Being Magnesium they are a little tricky to do, so sent them to a place I've used before in Hereford. I thought it best to collect them in person rather than risk a courier for their return (amazing that 'wheels' are specifically excluded from insurance in the small print for most couriers!). So went on a 400 mile round trip to pick them up, then loaded the tyres in the back as well to take them to my local tyre fitters. The eagle eyed may notice that the tyres are original tread pattern Pirelli P7 Cinturato N4. These were the original fitment on the E26 and Pirelli started making them again recently in sizes for the E26, several Porsches and the Lamborghini Countach, another OCD itch scratched!
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Its less energy dense for the same given volume so you are correct and you need more fuel to make the same amount of power so your mpg should drop slightly, on the flip side the extra power comes from the increased knock resistance, enabling the engine to run more ignition timing advance, without mapping that is limited to within a small range that the ECU can change on the fly though. Timing advance just means the ignition event happens sooner, a good way to visualise that is imagine you are pushing someone on a swing (you being the combustion event and the swing being the piston), if you could only push at the moment the swing reaches the end of its travel you wont be able to push it very hard as its already started moving away from you, but if you could start pushing a few feet before it reaches the end of its travel you can transfer more force into it, boom there's your extra power. I do think the extra oxygen content and combustion efficiency plays a part in that feeling of extra power and response though.
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    F10 530d

    After 6 trouble free years with a 320d se it was time for a change and a beautiful 530d came up in Barrow in Furness, the deal was quickly done and its had the full valet treatment on its first weekend at its new home. A mere 23k miles, it runs like the proverbial dream
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    The BMW5 random picture thread

    Are Canada Geese not just called geese in your part of the world?
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    New copper fuel lines shaped and installed. Car is now significantly more fuel efficient as it’s all going into the engine, rather than all over the ground. Starting has improved significantly too.
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    530i transmission 'bump'

    IIRC - XHP only works for 6HP and later ZF transmissions -so likely no use on e39s.
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Awesome explanation, thanks for putting it into simple terms that even I can fathom! It definitely feels more spritely and around the twisty roads of west Wales it’s bringing out the “crickey, I love this car” in me. It still handles so well for a big car, even with five fairly fully grown people inside!
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    I couldn't have put it better myself
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    F10 door corrosion

    Car's back at bmw pick up tomorrow.
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    Took g31 loaner through north pennines some great views.
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    I've not had a lot of time for posting lately so apologies for not getting back sooner. The garage ended up fitting a new compressor and a new height sensor. They said the compressor was 'weak', presumably due to wear on the piston seal and the failed height sensor was the reason there was no signal appearing to reach the sensors from the EHC. I was disappointed they didn't try investigating further to see if they could fix the old compressor but as the new one came supplied with a new relay and solenoid valve for £339+VAT it's not too bad a price for peace of mind knowing the rear suspension should be trouble free for a good while now. I've kept the old compressor and will try to get round to taking it to bits and maybe replace the seal and dump valve if it looks like it needs one. If I can £150 for it on Ebay as a reconditioned item it'll soften the blow of the bill for this latest episode and hopefully shed some new light on what was the root cause of my issue. I'll update again here if I find out any more.
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    I’ve got quite a few new body side fixings with the metal clasp inside left in a bag I’ll probably never use, let me know if you ever want them. Hmm never tried Gorilla tape, I’ll try to remember about that next time I need to fix something properly!
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    ABS / brake lights "trifecta"

    not had a chance to drive it again yet ill try and have all the sensors off/out and check connections etc. luckily I work in the electricity industry, so have access to some reasonable solvent cleaners, de-watering sprays and contact greases. ive also emailed BBA reman to enquire about their module repairs.
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    MR E9

    530i transmission 'bump'

    You can change the adaptation values in order to change the shift characteristics of the transmission. Before I had the XHP app, I used to use Tuner pro to open the transmission BIN file and edit the line pressure, shift times, along with upshifts and downshifts. Check out the XHP app, I thing you will find it useful. If you don't already have a cable for vehicle, see Cable Shack.
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    ABS / brake lights "trifecta"

    Behind the glovebox modules IIRC are up to 7/96 My car would throw codes every now and then in the summer... especially on heavy stop/go traffic with A/C on as you mention. Did you let it cool properly, overnight, and checked again? as for the fellow E39er reporting "pump" fault, it's the code just "pump" or "pump solenoid" or something? Also worth mentioning that Dan's suggestions are very very good and most people overlook that. Sometimes you just don't have an idea how gunked up the phonic wheel is inside the hub assembly... a good blast with brake cleaner while spinning the hub with the sensor off sometimes cures more than just go willy nilly replacing stuff. Also worth checking, at this age of our cars, the body side connector of the wheel sensors and the little cage that holds them tight, and clean everything and use dielectric grease on every contactor you undo and clean.
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    Engine Replacement (M52TU)

    Update: The old engine has now been removed from the car tonight Hopefully, the new engine will be up and running by the weekend.
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    Status update: thought the manifold was cracked since I found soot around it on closer investigation. Imagine my surprise to spend half the day wiggling the thing out of the gap under the bottom of the air filter housing to pull out a cast iron replacement manifold. Not cracked, but half the gaskets have failed. It was leaking out of at least 4 of the ports and at the turbo flange, looking at the soot deposits. There's practically no play in the turbo impeller so at least I think that's okay. Hopefully, once I've got the new one in, at least half of my problem will be solved (although I'm not entirely convinced that's gonna be possible without taking the cam cover off but we'll see.)
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    I'm also on 245/45/R18 tyres and will be switching from Bridgestone Turanza T005's runflats to Michelin Pilot Sport 4's non-rft based on Auto Bild's summer tyre tests from a couple of years back. Here's the link if you're interested. https://www.tyrereviews.com/Article/2019-Auto-Bild-Summer-Tyre-Test.htm Overview - The Michelins were rated excellent for wet and dry handling but if its value for money and comfort your after have a look at these -