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    F10 530d

    Back in the early 80s I had an e28 525e poster on my wall and it's long been a desire/dream to have a 5 series in my garage. In the meantime 2 x Civics, 1x Accord, 1x Audi 90 20v quattro, 1x Golf Gti mk5, 1x e90 318i, 1x e90 320d and a stellar Corrado vr6 have been in my hands but a trip to (of all places) Barrow in Furness brought me to an f10 530d se with a mere 22k miles on it. It's a quite beautiful car, effortless power delivery with style thrown in as well. I can't see me selling this for a long, long time..
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    It should have a plastic guide on it?
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    I didn’t realise for years they were meant to have the pins in the centre, ours never had them. The new pads fit in so much better don’t they! 3M tape may be enough to hold them its very good stuff. I had tried loads of different things (inc some crap double sided tape, not 3M) that never lasted. In the end I managed to leaver the metal clasps out of the sockets in the boot then put them back much closer to the top so what was left of plastic tabs actually caught them again & held properly. I didn’t do that till after properly replacing all the wiring though!
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    there discontinuing making good parts for the real BMWs and concentrating on making rubbish parts for their current models
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    Check the alignment mark on the column, it's easy to go one out and push it out of shape, it's also easy to put it right
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    Radio Amplifier Adapter lead

    Payment received and order processed, thank you for the smooth transaction. Regards Joe
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    That's very helpful thanks. Mine has a different part number (due to the car being longer I assume) but, as per yours, the factory standard and retrofit part numbers are one and the same - I'll check the cable part fitted to the car with the help of your pictures.
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    Sorry, I meant to include that, it’s actually reasonably easy to see though the OS rear wheel arch without removing any covers at all. Hopefully you can make out the red of the cable & the white label. If you can open the image it should be possible to zoom in & just about read the part numbers from my other pictures. It’s possible you could see it with a good focused light though the spokes of the wheels if you just jacked the car up a little. Of course that’s assuming they put the label in the same orientation, you may have to go under the car to actually read the part number if it’s not visible. As far as I can tell its the 6807323 number on my label, or 6807324 on the newer cable. Seemingly exactly the same cable just possibly with some slightly difference fixing somewhere on it but certainly not worth the bother of swapping!
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    Bit the bullet and bought a power brake bleeder. I've been blaming my yellowstuff pads for being rubbish after installation but it's just air in the line after I did a flush.
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    I spoke to the parts guy who was very understanding & is happy to take the cable back (only because it was UK stock & not special order) oddly he couldn’t find anything for that slightly different part number for the cable on the car either. He did agree that if you actually look up the 61126807324 part number of the “replacement cable” directly on the system it shows up as the original equipment on our (& most other) car. IE if I order a direct replacement for our car without any towbars involved I get that same battery cable. It’s very strange as both RealOEM & his dealer parts look up say the cable must be replaced when fitted a towbar & fan. Also the official retro fit instructions from ISTA also say that for cars with out SA 8SL (trailer preparation option) the cable must be replaced. The first thing the parts guy checked was that our car didn’t have the SA 8SL option. The more confusing thing is there doesn’t seem to be any other battery cable available, so it’s not like ours actually had the upgraded battery cable to start with! The German supplies of the westfalia towbar just got back to me to saying it going to be at least two weeks till they have any stock. I asked the BMW parts about the genuine one, they are also on back order with no date for supply….
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    Front brake squeak

    I've done it, well so far so good. I ordered new pistons, wrong size! I noticed a pact of red lube stuff in the box, so used it on the old pistons, got grips on them, moved them around a bit, JOB DONE, AT LAST!!!!!!
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    I'll throw in a name - original Ford Puma. Don't laugh but.... I know it's a Fiesta 'in drag' but had one as a hire car in Spain 20 years ago, surprisingly comfortable but handing was on a par with an early Alfasud, I think rot has taken most of them away (like Alfasuds then...).
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    Looks beautiful, you've done a great job valeting it in my opinion. I've just bought a 530d and test drove a 520d prior to it, personally I did find it a little underpowered. Having said that we can't really speed these days with cameras at every turn so how much that extra power is needed in the real world I'm not certain but, whatever, that's a lovely car.
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    Look's lovely Mo, But after a few car park to floorpan interface scrapes while on holiday in Cornwall this year Mine is not going any lower. In fact I plan on fitting some new 19's but running 245/40/19 fronts & 275/35/19 rears which will hopefully make the wheel arch gap a bit smaller but actually raise the car a touch & give me more rim protection from potholes & a smoother ride to boot.
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    Thanks for the update. That battery cable is an oddity and I had wondered how different it could be in reality. Looks like it’s not! Maybe the new one has gold flecks to aid conductivity Just looked on REALOEM - as you did - and the new cable you've received is listed as the retrofit cable but also as the OE Main Harness cable - so read into that that there is no difference between the 2 (other than the part number on the cable actually fitted from factory on your car.
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    E39 M5 touring build

    With the dead line to get the car on the road in time for the E39 M5 meet there were a few a few things that I left to address later that wouldn't stop me using the car but needed sorting. To get the engine up and running I used the donor M5's EWS immobiliser module, ignition barrel and key to work with the M5 DME (engine ECU) which allowed it to fire up straight away. Obviously this isn't ideal having two different keys and using the M5 EWS with its VIN and VO (Vehicle order, list of options fitted to the car) stored when its a 540i..... more on that in future. Using the excellent binary modification tool from www.ecuworx.co.uk meant I could switch off the EWS input on the M5's DME so I could switch back to the 540i's EWS, ignition barrel meaning all working off the original 540i key. While using the tool I also removed the 155mph speed limiter, switched off the post cat O2 sensors for now (as mine has no cats) and switched off the Secondary Air Pump meaning quieter cold starts. [/url] The modified BIN file being flashed onto the DME using MSS flasher. All working off one key now, no post cat O2 sensor faults and hopefully less annoyed neighbours when setting off for early Sunday morning hoons.
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    Not the greatest pictures but the car is now about 7mm lower at the front and rear 5mm. The ride is still very comfortable at low speeds but when you put your foot down, in the corners theres hardly any roll. Well impressed with the h&r's.
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    Great - buckled wheels

    4 of my relatives have Kia’s - not a problem between them EV6 looks VERY interesting (better than the Ioniq5).
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    If the service history is not forthcoming, and you bought it on that basis, I would take up their offer to take it back, and look for a 6 cyl which is more likely to have a few more toys with it that you are obviously missing on your current model BM, plus absent SH will affect your residuals, when you come to move it on, 4 or 5 years down the road, just my two cents, but it is your call Mark.
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    Engine Replacement (M52TU)

    @DerekJr. - Good on you for keeping the car going, plenty of folks would have chucked in the towel!
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    It could be, the systems fussy on active steering.
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Hello All So when I bought the car it had a detachable witter towbar and two plugs attached to a plate looking more like a 4x4!! Obviously the bumper diffuser was cut for the towbar opening. I did not like it hence, i bought an original diffuser with the factory towbar opening plus the cover. I fitted the plugs inside and i am very pleased with the result. I highly recommend it. part numbers are the following - mine is an e61 m-sport 51 12 7 897 216 51 12 7 897 224 without cover with cover on Thanks
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    New Arnott bags, rear M5 ARB and Powerflex bushes, Moog drop links and ATE discs & Ceramic pads fitted today (front OS lower control arm fitted too): Before: After:
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    Here’s a rare Citroen Maserati I had for 3 years in the eighties only 329 sold in uk and I had two!
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Started tackling the leaking fuel pipes underneath the car. Send and return have been removed, heading to a mate’s garage tomorrow to shape the new pipes to suit. Had a bit of a prod at some dodgy looking areas whilst under the car. Made some new holes. Yey.