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    E39 530d Crank no start

    Hey guys, car is back up and running! The problem was injector 4, replaced it and car fired straight up. thanks all for the help, this forum is amazing!!
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    Bubbling around valve cover seal

    Appears to be rtv from cover gasket swap, nothing to worry about, aslong as it’s not leaking! Looks like they may have used a bit too much but still as long as it’s dry that’s What matters.
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    E39 530i Manual Sport - Imola Red

    Couple of pictures before going for a full service
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    XHP advice.

    Yes mate. Nothing changes at all for towing. No matter what xHP map you run.
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    Range rover

    ....goes off for popcorn! Please start a project thread on this.
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    So yesterday I finally did the full fluid change on the zf6hp26 box & oh boy am I glad I did I've been wanting to do this for about a year, since I had my drop & fill done. I had the bridge seal, Mechatronic seal & the four tube seals done with a new genuine pan at 138k & it improved it but I still had harsh shifts occasionally. So now at 152k & I've done a full fluid change via the oil cooler connection on the box. Pumping it in via a 7 litre pump sprayer adapted to the job & with my son starting & stopping the engine as I told him (so the gearbox oil pump circulated it round the whole box, torque converter ect. Thanks to glzzE for the original idea, then JasonH & Biotoxic for the recommendation to do a full exchange. Finally the Jaguar forum's for the detailed post on how to do it at home. Again big shout out to glzzE again for his advice on this. There were many stumbling blocks during the day but now I know definitively the pitfalls & tools/kit needed so if anyone wants some advice I took a few pictures but it started to drag on & loads of problems so the pictures started to be forgotten about. In total I used the whole 20 litres of oil, 16 were pumped through until it ran clear on the out pipe. Then the remaining four were used to top up & fill the oil cooler ect (this was blown out with the airline) In the last four pictures you can see the clamping plate I had to fabricate to hold the exchange line's in place, as the oe one is fixed to the the oil line's so can't be used. I've only done 30 miles since the exchange, but the box is soooo much nicer. Shifts are so smooth you only notice the drop of the rev counter. I used Smith & Allan's ATF M1375.4 Lifeguard 6 oil 20litres delivered for £99.99 & Then £25 on bits & pieces to do the job, Clear plastic tubing, elbow's graduated 15litre bucket ect. So the whole job for £125 all in (I already had the pressure pump) but now I have all the kit to do the job in the future. I had been quoted £600 for this job (but that did include a new sump & all the seals, which I'd already done) If anyone (like me) is procrastinating over this all I can say is do it. But it is messy (loads of cardboard on the floor) Your box will thank you & I left all my adaptions alone, the box will re-learn. Hope this helps people DDD.
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    Just wanted to update this as it’s fully functioning again and is officially saved! it’s had new wings, a set of 18” parras, new bootlid waiting to go on, the auto box has been replaced and it’s just today passed it’s first mot in 3 years! It’s taken me a while with other things going on to round to this but it’s been well worth the wait! massive thanks to forum member AlexGsi2000 for sorting the gearbox replacement and mot prep and also providing the replacement panels! plenty of more little tweaks coming soon here’s some pics
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    E39 530d touring "chasing the ponies"

    yes, I will throw the r90 pump from my old m57 in there. The biggest obstacle I currently have with the m57tu conversion is the different crank sensors. The 1st gen m57 has a VR sensor and trigger wheel on the crankshaft. (60-2) The 2nd gen m57tu has a Hall effect sensor and a magnetic trigger wheel. (AFAIK also 60-2) So I either have to build my own VR sensor to run with the dde 4 ecu or build a converter from square wave to sine wave. Also the main worry now is hoping that the trigger wheel has the missing teeth at the same angle as the original one. I can only find out once I have both engines out and side by side.
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    E39 530d touring "chasing the ponies"

    So just an update for everyone. The turbocharger will not fit without either a custom exhaust manifold or making a custom engine mount arm and subframe holder. It fouls on the chassis with the adapter along with the mount. Other option i checked was the m57n2 factory v band manifold, however, that also does not fit as the turbo fouls against engine mount. So I have decided to make a cnc Exhaust manifold exactly the same as the m57n2, however instead of the turbo sitting between cyl 2 and 3, it will be a reversed version where the turbo sits between cylinder 4 and 5. In the mean time I have ordered a 2nd hybrid turbo but 3 bolt with electric actuator and "only" 350hp capability. In the mean time, I am doing an engine swap as the injector nozzles I was running never worked correctly, so I am swapping a m57n engine from a 2004 model x5 into the e39. This allows me to run the wonderful 160deg injectors incl the 535d versions. Since the m57 and m57n have quite a few significant differences, I have decided to retrofit the e39 stuff to the m57n for plug and play with the dde4 ecu. This includes all ancillaries, alternator, Power steering, all pulleys and idlers along with the 5pk harmonic balancer (60k is m57n standard). This means the only repinning I need to do with connectors is the 6 injectors and the rest is all plug and play. Along with the swap I will be doing the usual stuff, all seals and gaskets, 35d valve cover swap with custom 3.5" maf like 35d cars, that way I can run a pipe directly to turbo with pod filter, no more oval maf and weird airbox design. Also the whole ARP catalogue will get thrown at the car also, mains, rods and head studs. I have also ordered a twin plate clutch from ADAMAT performance to replace my current clutch setup as I am doing a gs6-53dz conversion in one hit. Lets hope it will all work out this time around. Photos will follow once my parts get delivered.
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Good to know you're still in an E34 Richard; I still have mine but was nearly forced to put it up for sale a few years ago when needs almost became a must - luckily we weathered that financial storm and since then it and the B12 are now safely garaged.
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    E39 530d Crank no start

    They might not leak back anything because pressure in fuel rail doesn't built up high enough. Get injector 4 replaced, see if you're nonstart issue goes away, and do another test when engine is running, to see what results you get, but it could be that injector 3 is on it's way out.
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    Johnny Grabble

    What style alloy is this?

    If they are genuine BMW alloys, they look like repainted 433M style, the originals were bicolor diamond cut, usually see on a 6 series. https://www.alloywheelsdirect.net/bmw_alloy_wheels/6_series_m6_f13_alloys/20_bmw_433m_wheel_5208 They could also be non-OEM aftermarket duplicates.