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    Sabine Schmidt Tribute.

    She gets her own curve.
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    XHP advice.

    It's not exactly the same, I believe yours is a zf6hp21 but all the zf gearboxes are covered by xHP . You welcome everybody likes a like if this was helpful
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    I tried the bluetooth route and the quality was terrible in comparison to plugging it in. I have the professional sound system in my F11 but don't know if that makes a difference.
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    Always worth starting with a 'personal data clear' and re-configuring your settings. Worked for me
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    Yeah i have this too @535i Andrew updated Bluetooth no more disconnection.
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    My E26!

    After rather a long time without much to report, I took the opportunity of lockdown to have some minor cosmetic repairs. A previous owner had fitted a stainless steel exhaust which was one of the first things I removed when I bought the car, replacing it with the OEM system. However, in order to fit the exhaust, they had to enlarge the cut out in the rear bumper. Although largely unnoticed by anyone else, this had always irritated me, so I decided it was time to do something about it. This is the enlarged cut out You can see where the profiled of the edge of the hole changes where it had been cut. The remaining piece on the right of the hole was very thin and had started to crack. I used a local body shop, Chris Gregory, that I have used before on my E39 M5 and who do a lot of work with TVRs so know a thing or two about GRP. The repaired hole now looks as it should, and as it did when it left Ital Design in 1980.
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    V5 engine size...

    It gets worse now! Think yourself lucky you've got 6 cylinders!