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    Throttle actuator gone bad

    I couldn't bring myself to buy new and managed to find a used unit for under £50 on German Ebay, which should be here this week. I'll take it apart before fitting it and if there is significant wear, then it should work as a stop gap until the £15 repair parts arrive from from China.
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    Front Suspension Turret Dust Cover

    Thanks Dan, thought you might have some info on these as I know you like to keep your motor in top condition. Cheers buddy.
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    2017 520d SE vs 2014 520d M sport

    As above posters rightly point out, spec is individual preference. You did mention “M Sport performance” I’m not sure what you meant by this but the M Sport model will not have better performance over an SE in terms of power, 0-62 etc. This is just a trim level. It may be more rigid and handle more sporty vs a softer damped SE model but that’s about it. they are both 520d’s and in fairness, the newer 2017 car will have the newer B47 engine which in my opinion is considerably better rounder and feels nippier than the older 2014 car would with the older engine
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    Sport arch/bumper linings

    I cannot remember sorry and would have to sift through all my paperwork. If you drop @cotswoldbmwmini a message or post on their section, they'll soon get back to you with the prices
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    Tackling a blocked DPF.. (520d)

    Agreed, @Keliuss it was remiss of me to omit the details. I did have to ensure the coolant temperature was reaching the optimal level. That meant replacing the thermostats and then getting the regen to complete. Yes, as above, I had to replace the main stat to ensure it reached the correct level.
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    Matthew Ashton

    2017 520d SE vs 2014 520d M sport

    Assuming the 2017 is a G30 that would be my preference but all depends on the spec of the 2 cars and whether it ticks YOUR specific need boxes. Your question is really too vague for anyone to answer with any conviction. Oh, and you need to test drive them both.
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    E39 M5 on Collecting Cars.

    It's Caramel (e39 M5 Specific) which is very different, a much richer colour and works well with the Black Dash, Door Cards etc. Admittedly not most peoples first choice on a lighter coloured car, however it certainly makes it stand out from the standard fayre seen on Silverstone cars. All IMO of course. C.
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    Sport arch/bumper linings

    Cheers mate, it’s only the bumper linings I need really, just wasn’t too sure what they were referred to as. Something else to add to the list
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    Sport arch/bumper linings

    The front arch liners I got from @cotswoldbmwmini and I wouldn't use anything else pal; they also weren't that expensive at all, so well worth speaking to them about them. They advised me at that time that BMW were looking to reduce their new, old stock, so discounts were to be had. That's why I bought the full undertray too! That came with fixings, the arch liners didn't, you can re-use the bolts, but get the new centre pin rivets off eBay as they're pennies for a bag of 20 etc Re the bumper linings; the OEM ones are the best, but they're also extortionate! I haven't got round to sorting mine yet as they're not that bad, but they do need to be replaced. These seem to be thought of well: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E39-M5-L-R-FRONT-form-M-BUMPER-SPLASH-PANEL-LINER-TRIM-FENDER-ABS-plastic/323788605436?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Folk have fitted them and said they're a very good fitment with little to no faff needed. They don't have the rubber section though, so you have to transplant that if you want to keep it
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    Sat Nav question

    All sorted guys thanks @Matthew Ashton for all you help top man and @percha too Just realise today I have 7 digit postcode entry over 12m of ownership later
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    Throttle actuator gone bad

    So having just dismantled the throttle, this is what I found:-
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    Alternator issues

    Update on this.. Rectifier replaced and all is now well. Interestingly the Beru regulator I oredered was made in China and didn't work. Hopefully I can return it as it was 50 quid. Hopefully this now lasts longer than 12 months this time
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    RIP HRH The Prince Philip

    A little anecdote following the passing of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh: 1989 Cowes Week, have finished college and I am crew on the main boat in picture Fraggle. Our fleet started 10 minutes behind the Sigma 38 fleet one of which was helmed by HRH. Our boats were quicker and we would usually pass their fleet on the first downwind leg. There were some gobby guys in our fleet and one shouted over when passing HRH on the first spinnaker leg: "Oi Stavros....don't gybe in my effing water" to which there was an immediate retort from Prince Phillip who didn't even turn to look at the offender "It's my wife's water and I can gybe where I bloody well like" RIP