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    Yes i picked her up yesterday its all taxed and MOT'd road legal! It sat for a week or two as they were so swamped with other work So it ended up going to their bodyshop to sort the sills out These were the two front repairs needed on the sills Also some repairs on the rear of sills And re stone chipped the paint. So at least now thats all the grot removed, as although the bodywork is tatty its not a rusty pig the shell This Marks a nice chap, he got the engine running a year ago, so he was back on it this time. They've fixed the EML light not coming on so that has allowed full boost! this was some wiring into the cluster that need completing. The wiring was there. Also ABS light was on permanently, i think this was an incorrect relay. OBC is still dead, this is suspected the unit is faulty. I've got some spares in english from American cars but they are different. Reverse lights is some wiring in the tailgate suspected as only 4volts there but its not needed for MOT believe it or not. they've also wired in the ASC traction plug. The loom was there as part of the EML system So added the plug loom into it and this is working but not. ABS is working correctly and so is ASC when engine fires up. You can press switch and turn it off. once driving however over say 10mph the ASC light comes on and wont go off. ABS still works correctly. So basically i've run out of money as the welding spiralled and nothing every goes perfect! So will have to save and send back. Theres a hunch its my clocks which are a mismatch that needs sorting. Cruise control is working, that was just a missing clutch switch, I'd never ran a spec check on the base car but Barry ran it through and it was a very well optioned 525i touring! Avus blue - special order as was an M5/3 colour only manual LSD heated sport leather air con twin sunroofs OBC cruise control A fine e34 in its own right I took it for a spin when i arrived yesterday and its an fucking animal! No lie, fastest car i've ever owned. A slight tickle on 2nd on the way out had the back swinging no sweat, i caught the slide fine but wasn't quite expecting that! It must be the lightly tweeked turbos as it gets to full boost at about 1800rpm and they come in quite hard. The standard bi turbos are more linear and come in about 3500RPM. I've not driven a standard one to compare but Barry has and mine feels alot stronger. Its cold and the tyres are new but old if you get me but when the boost comes in snakes in 2nd 3rd no problem. Its going to be fun learning to drive the hot rod as it needs a bit of respect! When the rolling roads open i'll have to visit Charlie and get it on there see how the fueling is. In the meantime try and not thrash it everywhere and damage it. I just need to save some more money to keep going through it. I think this will be the biggest turning point in this project. Very chuffed and thanks to all those that have helped along the way so far
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Each side has separate fuse, and if fuses look good, swap ballasts with sides, if other side stop working after this and faulty one works now, your ballast need replacing. They do fail, but not very common. Driving with OEM xenon lights for nearly a decade and nevar had failed ballast, only one fuse and couple bulbs. But buying good bulbs will give them good lifespan and good ligt on road. There was 2x Osram d2s bulbs on eBay for £45, which sounds good value for money.
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    hippie dave

    1986 E28 520i lux, £4500.

    Price Drop to £4500, It's had a new clutch too!! M20B20, 5 speed manual. Cirrus Blue. Nice bits: Low miles: 107k. Good history. 2 owners from new and mainly garaged Recent cambelt and coolant change (may 2020) Recent Battery Good tyres Original velour in really good condition Quite a lot of nice options including Original blaupunkt with tape box, Large toolkit, Trip computer, Rear sunblind, Cruise control. Fully polybushed except for rear wishbones Rear beam mounts done in 2016 New fuel tank, brake pipes, and fuel pipes. Stainless exhaust Stainless Brake flexi's x6 Good Chrome Solid front struts Working instrument cluster Good dash top. Stacks of spares included in sale. These include inner and outer wings, original 14" BBS "basketweave" alloys, Good spare cluster, downpipes, original mudflaps, lights, etc. It's far from sheddy but it isn't mint, this is why: I killed the rust on the arches before it had a chance to take hold. So they're perfectly solid, but will need painting properly. Under the bonnet, the Battery Tray and opposite "scream" have both been patched at some point in the past. They are solid but could really do with cutting out and replacing properly: Genuine repair panels supplied. The Passenger side front wing is the only bit that really lets the car down: It's just starting to bubble along the top seam, and has gone in the usual place at the base of the arch. A Repair patch from Valcas is supplied, in addition to a good pair of wings. The electric aerial broke years ago and is missing- there is a rubber bung in its place. I was going to delete it and weld/paint up the wing properly because I think electric aerials are a stupid leaky pain in the ar$e- but I have a good spare unit- the choice is yours. Plasti-chrome screen trim has faded. I am asking £4500 ono for it as it stands. No p/x or swaps. I've had it for nearly 14 years now. It's been a big part of my life for that time and I will be really sad to see it go. It's been the length and breadth of this country and it breezed a trip to France back in 2016. I am selling because it just hasn't been getting much use any more: Its done very few miles between MOT's two years on the bounce now. With that in mind, I feel that resources would be better deployed towards my stalled E24 restoration. Location Didcot, Oxfordshire. Please message me via here, or call me on 07526173761. Thanks for looking, over and out, Dave.
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    E39 head unit

    I have a CD in the dash (its actually from an X5) but assume some people specced them for the e39 too I used it as it has aux in capability so it now runs a bluetooth transmitter on the aux channel and i can stream music from my phone to the oe head unit.
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    Rear Suspension

    I bought 2 cheap air bags off eBay and they were leaking from day one as the rubber was already perished. I inflated the bags off the car with a foot pump and put in water to find the problem. I have Arnotts on now and the rubber is thicker than the cheap ones.
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    The ballast is the silver box with the writing on. Could be that it's failed and needs replacing. That's why if you move it to the other side, it'll show whether it's fine or not. As for bulbs, Osram are superb, bloody expensive though. The Lunex bulbs are very good, UK made with proper quartz glass and they do them in 4300k and 6000k, ideal for thr E39
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    Off side rear doors in the frost

    I thought it was just me with this problem!
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    Off side rear doors in the frost

    Yes, I've had this twice this year, tends to be both rear doors not the drivers door so put it down to a lack of use & door seals getting dry. I've normally done the silicon trick on the seals with previous cars, not done it yet on this one as its too cold out.....lol. When its done, we probably wont see cold weather again till next winter. Glad I don't live in Scotland.....
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Have you checked fuses? try swapping the ballasts from left-right? See if problem moves?
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    I've had mine for exactly 4yrs and it's my first bimmer as well. It's been such a fantastic car in my ownership, I would need to find a dam good excuse to change it.
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    No thanks buddy but al take the winter wheels.
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    Blower motor or resistor?

    I got mine on ebay 2nd hand of course but genuine bmw full unit £40 ish delivered was superceded part too. All is now well. Was getting a burning smell on max setting no other issues.
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    yeah, don’t be a Dennis... and look at this guy worrying about his two bob business too: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-55997641 and all the other businesses that are losing money, threatening to move to the EU or cutting jobs. Bloody moaners, eh? We don’t need them. The only people we want to hear from are people who say brexit is great, so we can sit in our little bubble, pretending it was all worth it for a some imaginary sovereignty and a blue passport.
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    Nick E

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Absolutely nothing.. Going in for an MOT Wednesday though, so brakes will need sorting out there.