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    Yeh it’s a horrible job and you have the same problem as I had it’s a lot harder when you can’t feel your fingers because if the cold
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    This has been a rather overdue update on the car, pretty much finished now bar a bit of snagging and coding, In no particular order Old 535d engine out N54 lump going in Uprated oil cooler and transmission cooler M5 diff , prop and shafts Rear spring conversion and AP Coil overs Little bit of wiring to sort High pressure fuel pump and index 12 injectors New exhaust from down pipes back to quad tips with sports resonators Pair of recaro seats from a vxr also fitted Got some oem m5 alloys to fit to replace the spiders Engine has full bolt on spec as follows Hybrid turbos Dual air filters Silicone inlets Stage 2 low pressure fuel pump 1 step cooler spark plugs Forge intercooler Forge charge pipe Forge BOV Catless down pipes Modified LHD alloy outlet pipe M5 rear diff M5 drive shafts Modified m5 propshaft Aiming for circa 500bhp once finished and tuned
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    E39 Touring boot power socket

    If it helps. I'll dig out information maybe tomorrow if I can find it. The instructions I used had measurement an everything. For an e39 touring they fit higher up in the boot and the housing is curved so position is important. Some people have been fitting flat e60 sockets lower down on the flat section of the side panel. Not strictly original but functional.
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    E39 sweet burning smell

    Stand at the front of the engine and shine a torch directly down around the area between the oil filter housing, rocker cover and pipe that goes from the rocker cover to the CCV. There's 2 coolant pipes that attach to the engine block. Once they're knackered the front one leaks and gradually drips coolant down into the fins on the engine block in that area. It then makes its way back and down the block and can be confusing where the leak is coming from if you don't know. Manifold off and a lot of faffing to do.
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    My 540ix Bluestone Build

    10mm Spacers added to the front...I've now added 10mm spacers to the front wheels to try and achieve that perfect stanceThe setup before (after lowering on MSS) was 20" 759i wheels with 15mm spacers front and rear. No issues!Since getting these new BBS wheels, the rear wheels poke out 6mm more then the OEM ones and the fronts poke out 4mm more. When I fitted these with the 15mm spacer in place I ran into some rubbing issues at the front. My solution was to drop down to a 10mm spacer and with the 4mm extra poke, it would be like having a 14mm spacer. The other alternative was to raise the front ride height (currently set to 30mm drop) and then use the 15mm spacer. I was easier just to drop to a 10mm spacer and keep the ride height as it is as I prefer the more lower look.In my opinion I think it looks good and sits well!
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    Headlight connections

    Others are in the car in my garage il have to take some tomorow thanks for your help
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    Engine oil question

    Yes mate,rock oils. No such thing as long life oil in my eyes. Like you say,my oil gets changed every 3 months or so.
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    Interior Blower Motor Manufacturer

    Thanks Dan. I was wondering if Nissens are any good and can't see why only Valeo would be OK. In my experience Nissens radiators are the best (some say better tan OEM), so a respected manufacturer. Really not looking forward to doing this on the drive, having stripped half the dash to fit the head unit and reverse cam last year this is worse. Will try struggle on until weather gets warmer.
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    windows deflecters

    No idea what that clown has. Team Heko is what I have. Keliuss
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    LCM swap

    Now that LCM has correct VIN do the actual coding with NCS expert. Indicator stalk has different operating logic according to vehicle age (pre/post 3/99) so coding is different regarding these features.
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    Would be New BMW owner

    Here are some pics
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    UK fishermen are halting exports to the EU. 700 trucks have been turned away from ports in what is a very quiet week. Stena is cancelling ferries due to lack of demand. DPD has suspended European services. Even Percy Pig can't make it across the Irish sea. Cue D:Ream?
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    If you want to use injector cleaner why not put it directly in fuel filter (new filter or suck the old filter empty first). On idle when fuel is not yet warmed up the return flow is directed back to inline fuel pump on the connector T-piece (Nr. 20 on the diagram) so most of the supplied fuel comes from the return line and only small amount from the tank.
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    New car purchased today!!!

    It has head up,adaptive drive,pro nav,electric seats with memory,high beam assist and something else. What is adaptive headlights? What they do? I had matrix led in my audi a6 and that was fantastic?