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    E39 M5 touring build

    The following thread will be posted on a few forums so some of the content may be very obvious to some but not to others. Here we are with the beginning of another project one of which I have wanted to do for some time. BMW over the years have teased us with various prototypes and concepts which haven't made production for one reason or another. Concentrating on the E39 M5 touring, BMW had already made and sold an M5 touring with the previous generation E34 all be it in European LHD format with limited production only reaching 891 built. Not long after the E39 M5 saloon was launched BMW built a single M5 touring as pictured above using a 540i as a base which was used by the then head of BMW M, Gerhard Richter. Unfortunately for one reason or another it didn't make it into production and it wasn't until the E61 M5 touring was launched that BMW bothered with an M5 touring again and haven't since with the following two 5 series. Since then there have been several E39 M5 touring builds around the world to varying levels of execution with some being heavily modified and some being as close to OEM as possible so what I am about to undertake will be by no means be a first in any way. My take on it will be as close to what a factory build would have been with the probability of some suspension and brake upgrades at some point. A previous project of mine in a similar vein was an E46 M3 touring build which got as far as a full conversion bar the bodywork. https://forums.m3cutters.co.uk/threads/e46-m3-touring.187616/ With that car sold on a couple of years ago a factory manual E39 540i Sport touring came my way which I started to do some work to and thats when the idea for the M5 build started to take place but being one of 13 UK RHD cars sold it was a bit too rare to mess about with so that was also sold on. Fast forward to October this year and @Piper old Oxford green 540i touring popped up on ebay for a reasonable price and a run round the M25 from Surrey to Essex one eve to quickly view it to make sure it was ok resulted in a deal being done and it coming home with me. This particular car appealed to me for several reasons and a big part of that appeal was Pipers substantial retro fits and maintenance along the way, build thread here. https://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/90321-pipers-e39-540i-touring/?tab=comments#comment-951579 For those of you who cant be bothered to trawl through that thread, the crux of it was a fairly basic spec pre facelift 540iSE auto in Oxford green with sand beige leather that ended up facelift sport spec with the following options retro fitted. Complete interior swap from beige to black including headlining Heated electric memory M5 front seats M5 stitched leather centre console M5 door cards with stitched leather door pulls Birch anthracite wood trim Power fold mirrors Wide screen Mk4 Nav DSP HiFi Child booster rear seats Rear door blinds Slide out boot floor Facelift sport bumper Facelift Halo headlights and facelift celis rear lights Eibach front springs 18" BBS style 5 replica wheels Buying this car has given me a massive head start by saving me a lot of time and money in parts bringing a base car up to M5 spec but there is still a lot to do! A couple of weeks ago a suitable donor M5 that had sustained some damage popped up on facebook for a very good price. I had to move quick to secure it as there was naturally a lot of interest in it so the following morning with a bag of tools and a pre arranged recovery truck on standby I headed up to East London to make sure it ran ok and do the deal. Back at the workshop, the following weekend initial assessment and strip down began and its fair to say that this particular M5 was no prize even pre accident condition but the core components I needed such as engine, gearbox, rear axle and electrical components all seemed to be ok. Bent chassis rails as a result of the accident and plenty of underside corrosion made me feel less guilty about chopping up an M5. Interior completely stripped to be sold on and to remove the complete body wring loom so I can harvest it for sections to integrate into the tourings body loom in the same way I did with the previous E46 so various wires unpicked from their terminals, looms unwrapped and rewrapped all to make a custom loom with correct wire colours and terminations with no cutting and soldering. So thats were we are so far. Next stage will be to remove the remaining parts from the donor M5 and start to go through them.
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    Going to be using this as my daily after Christmas so started undoing most of the work done in 2016 to replace the fuel lines, rear brake lines, rear brake dust shield (and therfore bearings).... And a little welding. Fuel tank dropped, exhaust off, dust shields off, drive shaft most of the way off
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    Trim colour

    The trim comes with a foam gasket that sits between the trim and the plastic mount and uses pins and star clip washers to keep in place. When the star fasteners are fitted they are heated and melt the pins which is why they break. The foam gasket provides anti vibration but also tactile element that means if you tap the trim it thuds rather than taps. If you glue it down it can vibrate or sound and feel weird plus it won’t line up properly with the gear gaiter. Also not all the pins were attached with the spring star clips. Some were heat bonded ie melted and fused. So I don’t think it will be possible to achieve what you are looking to do. The way they were fitted was meant to be permanent. The best option I’ve come up with is as you’ve mentioned double sided foam tape or pads. It’s not perfect but does mean you can replace the trim without having to replace the ash tray/storage box as well. I think I used Sellotape double sided foam which I cut into thin strips to avoid it getting stuck to the foam gasket. It’s messy but done carefully you can’t tell.
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    My BMW garage

    Dream wheels, but in 19', these are step lip 20' Sent from my ELS-NX9 using Tapatalk
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    Increased battery discharge

    Just checked mine mate (first time using bimmertool) and a bit concerned to see my SOH was 0% lol. No errors on mine though in general use but I have been using my car everyday.
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    DPF cleaning?

    iDrive is only going to tell you if there is a fault critical to the running of the car or a safety issue, dont think just because iDrive says its fine there isnt a problem, thats why a lot of these cars end up a mess there's probably a number of faults in the background you dont know about and BMW wont be able to tell you if the thermostats have failed unless they took it for a drive, not just letting it idle sitting in the workshop, thats not a proper test... You don't need a code reader to check the coolant temperature, just go to youtube and search for BMW secret menu, that should guide you to accessing the coolant temp display, then take it for a drive and watch the display, you should get up to 88c within around 15-20 mins, if you dont one or more of your 3 thermostats has failed and the car will never get up to temp and never be able to regen the dpf.
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    Dangerous Wiper incident.

    luck it was just loose - there is a part of the mechanism that can fail but iirc it is replaceable - its 15 years since I had mine fail and cant remember exactly what the part was but I do remember its a faff getting at it!
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    Dangerous Wiper incident.

    This happened to mine while doing a lap on the Nurburgring back in August, luckly it was the passenger side and I was close to the end. I also panicked thinking it had failed but was just the nut had come loose. I need to sort out the linkage as I have got the standard hitting bonnet - as an intrim fix I have put foam pads on the wiper arms and also don't use it in the rain.
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    530d mid resonator(?) delete?

    I had a full custom pipe on my 530d.. Darkside cat delete pipe made all the difference to sound. Tiny silencer on back box. Who ever told you removing the cat does nothing is wrong.
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    Cadwell Parker

    Increased battery discharge

    ISTA showed me a fault code for worn out battery when my car was 5 years old I think this was round about the time I had the same warning as in the OP. The warning hasn't appeared since, certainly not since I replaced the battery so my guess was the old battery was losing charge fast enough for the car to panic and switch everything off.
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    Yes that's correct they are the two screws you remove.
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    DPF cleaning?

    Oh and forget driving at 2k+ RPM, that is nonsense. What you need is at least quarter of a tank of fuel, 80+ coolant temp, and no relevant fault codes. Even the speed is irrelevant, mine has started doing a regen at 30mph several times. I can never feel when mine is doing it, I only know because of my code reader (Carly.)
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    Increased battery discharge

    What age is your battery my wifes car agm battery went down quick at 7 years old and had to be replaced although it still started the car, if it had been my own car I probably left it for a bit longer.
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    Cadwell Parker

    Increased battery discharge

    I had that once but the car hadn't been standing for more than a day or so. It was ages ago, most likely some time before I replaced the original battery. It didn't reappear after running the car. Can you check for codes? Check whether the car thinks the battery is worn out.
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    My 540ix Bluestone Build

    Alloys & Tyres...New alloys and tyres delivered today from Rimstyle.com 20" BBS CI-R Alloys in Platinum Silver Michelin PS4S tyres (245/35/20 & 275/30/20 Graphite TPMS Valves Just need to coat them in Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour then allow to cure for 12 hours. Hopefully I'll be able to get them on the car some point, this weekend.Being non-RFT, I will need to source some form of gel/repair kit. I've heard good things about the Slime kit. Can anyone on here recommend something?Few pictures taken earlier... It felt like Christmas
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    E34 525i SE - Opinions Sought

    Great advice, I see you're in Guildford too. Think I have seen you in your B12 around Ripley? This is my car for sale and I had all the underside rust cut out and sorted - great little outfit in Bookham did the work and did not only what the MOT had flagged but anything that it needed, which of course meant having the plastic sill covers off. I've actually taken it off the market for now while my wife finishes chemo therapy and is pretty much at her most vulnerable right now and as a result have been hesitant to be able to do test drives etc which of course conflicts with the end goal. Great to see some fair comments, it was hard to price as other M50 525s I have seen just seem to be ridiculously overpriced - I also figure the market for a saloon like this is going to be pretty niche.
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    The thing for me is that SLS suits the touring very well; great when the cars fully loaded and it sets itself to the ride height needed etc. Obviously all that's lost if you convert to springs etc However, each to their own on this. But you do read/see a lot of updates where folk have done a spring conversion and then go back to the SLS system etc Decent shocks all round (ie Sachs Sport spec) with Eibach pro kit springs up front and SLS on the rear for me, is the ideal solution if you don't want to go to coilovers and that expense This is mine on just that; as per my sig: On E38 Style 37s: On previous LM reps: And currently on winter Style 66s and winter tyres: Perfect ride height front and rear; hardly catches any speed humps anymore (unless they're stupidly large) and it handles great. The only consideration for me is to fit the Eibach rear ARB with poly bushed ARB bushes to wind the rear end in a bit more and stop the bit of body roll there still is But that's a job for Spring next year onwards for me