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    Rough start this morning

    Misfires on multiple cylinders when cold that disappear when warm point towards a vacuum leak. Especially on colder days, the injection system will enrich the mixture but if more air is going into the engine than measured by the air flow meter, it will throw the mixture off enough to cause misfires. Once the oxygen sensors warm up enough to be used, the injection system can adjust for the extra air going into the engine and the problem disappears (the negative value on the idle air integrator points in this direction too, it means the idle control valve is closed more than normal to maintain idle) In order of likeliness inspect: all vacuum hoses, check for any tears in the air intake snorkel, crack in oil seperator or it's associated hoses, blind plugs on manifold, vapor purge solenoid. The DISA o-ring can rarely be an issue as well. I've taken the habit of replacing every rubber hose/o-ring at once on these engines, it's amazing how smooth they run when everything is properly sealed, even with high mileage.
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    A pressure sprayer punp, the large 5 litre weed killer type.
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    My e34 M5 Elekta Touring

    Bloody Hell Dave,i,m shedding a tear on your behalf:(
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    Hiya, sorry I thought I had updated all the threads I had commented on and forgot this one. It's all fixed, here's how: In case it helps anyone in the future. I had to manually bleed the diesel lines. There are multiple ways to do this - the way I did it was to get a second set of leakoff pipes and use a vacuum pump (this one from Amazon: https://amzn.to/3qatbBK) to draw the diesel through. The auto-bleed of the engine isn't sufficient if the common rail has gone dry. I used ISTA's bleed function to operate the lift pump and drew through from the engine. Did this roughly 4 times - each time the pressure at the common rail raised up. After the 4th time, it hit 600 bar (measured via ISTA), car would not start. I turned off and on again and car started - and ran really sweet Ista's bleed function is quite easy to find and well documented on the web. Ista's common rail measurement display is harder to find. You have to go to the component tree that it displays after scanning the car, click on the diesel ECU (I think it's DDE from memory) and go to measurements and highlight them all, then press update and you can see all fuel pressures. For me it happened just like the guy in the video said. I operated the lift pump via ISTA, then the vacuum pump for the full 3 mins that ISTA runs the lift for. Then turned it over and saw the common rail pressure increase. Then repeated - in the end 4 times. After the 4th time, it hit 600 bar - at which point you know it's bled to the common rail. I then excitedley tried to start the car and it failed - on reflection this is because the very last part of the system is now bleeding - the injectors themselves. I then turned it off, left it for 1 minute and tried again and it fired into life. Top tip - definitely make sure your battery is in perfect condition before doing this lol. Hope that helps?
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    Metal headlight adjusters

    I’m now offering a mail in adjuster service (plastic but lifetime warranty from me) £85 including return postage, no cutting no baking I do them through the back, your headlights will be returned exactly as they were only with functioning adjusters!! if you local £75 for drop off service fast turn around times too! pm if interested
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    Educate me!

    The brochure spec list for an LCI car is attached here if you want to peruse the available options. bmw 5 series f11 2014 price list.pdf
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    How did u fix your problem Jonhamil? I have same problem with bleeding my n47 engine. Removed rocket cover gasket. And can't get any diesel to injector lines. I get diesel from the line that is coming form the High pressure pump, but i dont get any out of the rail.
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    520i M50tu to 525i M50tu

    Just driven it back home from Colchester. It does feel different, more grunt and generally a bit beefier, the extra torque is noticeable, especially in 4th and 5th. I’d say over all its slightly less smooth than the b20 but I also think everything needs running in a bit including my new clutch. Apart from it having a few intermittent and brief high idles it was a good run, will put some high octane fuel and some redex in (on the off chance it helps clean things up a bit on an engine that has sat for 2 years) and take it for another long run this Christmas hopefully. It somehow feels a little heavier to drive but I think that’s to do with it being a little less free revving. Defo faster...
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    is it not a self bleed system? i don't know about bleeding the injection system, but after replacing the fuel filter you don't need to bleed it - you simply turn the ignition on and leave it for a minute or 2 to self prime. I could be wrong and you need to bleed out the air between the pump and the injectors, but i don't know. looking in newtis it doesn't mention any bleeding is done when injectors are removed/replaced.