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    E30 Cabriolet 335 Yep you read that correct, not a 325, not a 323, not a M3, but a E30 with a proper engine, the one that, we at Bmw Classic Spares, have an extra affinty for, the M30b35 So the idea is to make a sleeper, but a sleeper that is something special, and this is it. So we acquired a decent shell, but not just any old shell, but a pre-facelift, E30 325. Now how do you want your E30 to look, a little angular, square, 80's, but for all the correct reasons? Why, let's not get a cabby, in the correct hue of red, running the correct wheel's and in our eye's perfect, Zender bodykit. What shall we add to the mix? Lets' say a perfect black hood, and let's chuck in a set of black, sport's, leather seat's,? It is starting to look like a decent car. And that is how Eui began. I found this little beauty many moon's ago, it had lost its' original M20b25, aquired a M20b27, which was badly built up into a M20b25 stroker. But I took one look at the shell, and the Zender kit and was smitten. Once Eui was home, she acquired a perfect black roof that I had, then I found the most stunning black sports' interior. Then came the crowning glory, and this is saying from a E28/34 five series guy. Into my possession came a gold E34 535 sporting a Getrag five speed manual. Not only was this a proper car, but it was also a Grandads' car. I have always admired a small car, but a decently engineered car with a large engine, and with a certain egging on from friends' and family, well you can see how this was going to go. So I set about the E34, lets' see how well it has actually been looked after, especially the engine and gearbox, let's be sure, let's be certain that this is the one, after all this was potential marriage material for Eui. I was like a father with a shotgun over his arm viewing potential suitor's. The 535 passed muster, and with much regret I gutted the 535, a little like a brides' family does to a groom. However Eui survived, she had a new heart, she has all the toy's, she look's stunning. And thus, I give her up to you, she is ready to be looked after, adored and driven by somebody else. So now down to the nitty gritty. This is Eui:- M30b35 fully re-built, stripped, loved, checked, gasket's everything. Getrag 5 speed box, as above, treated to a flush, new oil, new clutch, flywheel and bearing's. As set of 15 inch Bbs, of course they have the cap's Running E30 325 brakes all around Being a cabby, you have the 51mm strut's and disc rear brakes Interior, where else would you want to be? Black sport's leather, proper soft-top roof, black card's, black interior fixture's and fitting's. Externally, colour coded metal bumper's, Zender kit and I defy you to find a spot of rust. All this and more. It is a proper Bmw, it is a E30, and it is a cabby, let alone a 335. Come and have a drive, you will be smitten. And the Dowry, 6.5k
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    Educate me!

    VDC is a game changer IMO. My previous F11 was without and my current F11 has it and the difference is night and day. Does it need to be a 535i as this 520i Petrol has an awesome options list inc. extended leather to dash etc.: Used 2015 Silver BMW 5 Series F10 [Post-10] for sale | PistonHeads UK C.
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    Do I have cruise control???

    It's actually green symbol, but yes, if cruise control is turned in, there's should be green symbol on low cluster as well. I would start with fault scan, I have heard that faulty MAF sensor can make cruise control inoperative.
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    Coolant can of worms.. Go!

    If you decide to drain, make sure engine is up to temperature, otherwise thermostat will be closed and you will never get out coolant which is inside engine block, neither removing hose, or using radiator drain plug.
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    Heater blower staying on

    That is the panel. Also known as IHKA panel. Easy to remove once you take out the can holder and press from behind. Worth checking the part number on the old one if you do change it as they need to match as far as I am aware. As an alternaive to swapping with another 20 year old panel (which i just did and found the internal fan a bit noisy - though not from Simon), the panels are repairable but I've only seen this posted as a diy for the e36. Usually it's failed electolytic capacitors I beleive There are also people you can send them to for repair but not sure who the reliable ones are.
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    Exhaust manifold, use a mirror on stick check for cracks n smoke .
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    Recognize this car 540i Japan

    This was my car, certainly one of the best left.
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    As in the title, no need for parts as I've just ordered over the phone, but I just wanted to write a thank you to Cotswold BMW for the excellent service and prices they offer. I started using them soon after I joined the forum and I have never been let down on price or customer which is all the better as my local BMW dealer, Vines in Guildford, is appalling - the Service Manager actually told me a year or so ago there was no discount available at all on parts even for BMW Car Club members who have/had/should have a pre-arranged discount available through any UK dealer via BMW Head Office UK. Many thanks guys and girls.
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    Recognize this car 540i Japan