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    Dealer says, "sorry, data protection prevents holding such information with the car, only have stamps in the service book. Here's a nice little finance deal that I've cooked up fo you along with a 6 month chocolate warranty....". Long odds gambler?
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    The engine did move substantially that would be my 1st port of call , you wont get vibrations from faulty glow plug relay.
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    Apparently you are ok to travel to collect purchases ie: a car. This discussion was on Radio two this week, yeah I'm old
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    Battery charger assistance for e39

    I have successfully charged 100ah battery with 4 amp charger, it just will take longer. If you need it just for once, I would give it a go overnight.
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    Battery charger assistance for e39

    Super, cheers
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    Battery charger assistance for e39

    No; the batteries in the E39 are much bigger Get a decent trickle charger like the CTEK MXS 5.0; it’s being discussed in general chat currently
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    Help with sale thoughts

    Thanks My project is my signature below; the link takes you to the project thread on these forums My cars as it is because of my OCD Re pricing of your car; now I’ve seen the pics; I’d personally advertise at £4K and take no less than £3k; I think that’s fair, more so in this market. Hopefully that rust won’t be too much of an issue to sort
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    Battery charger assistance for e39

    Provided the chargeris designed for 12 volt batteries it will put a charge in but I have not had anytjing to do with motor bikes for 60 years so I don't know what voltage battery they use.
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    Thank you everyone for your feedback. To be clear, I would not consider a diesel mainly because I am not keen on the noise. Now also, as has been highlighted, due to them being "demonised" (which I think is quite harsh as its still the right choice for people that drive big miles). I suppose the background thought to my question was whether anyone felt that a newer car with longer warranty would be worth it. Nobody seems to have picked this as a motive, which is reassuring! I would definitely lean more towards the 530i then (also as it would take the place of a 530i - so I can tell people I have the same car ). Btw, I don't do short trips, just few trips as typically the car gets used every couple of weeks. We have a Mini for the local stuff.
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    Diagnostic tool

    And when we say dis onnect we mean just unplug the electrical connector, don't remove the MAF.
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    Funny looking e39. How can you have over 1k posts on a 5 series forum and not know your arse from your elbow I'm just jesting, easy mistake to make.
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    Chris Harris's E34 M5 touring vid

    Came across Jonny Smiths "The late brake show" on youtube, and saw he did a 2 part interview with Harris this week. I was hoping there'd be something about his E34 and sure enough, at 27:13. Worth watching both parts, I like Harris, and his attitude to cars is great.
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    Chris Harris's E34 M5 touring vid

    Jonny Smith is a real car guy, and very watchable. Watching his interviews with Harris and others he has done you can tell they have a true connection. Not like these other YT'ers who call everyone their 'friend'. You can also tell they are true Car Guys due to their cars own too, none of it is fancy expensive new stuff. It's older stuff they have experiences with and fixer uppers. A much better watch than the newer releases that very few people can afford.
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    Trump, like him or loath him?

    Did anyone ever find out what either sides policies were, other than getting elected? Strange that policies never seemed to be that important... It's called the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.
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    New random noise....

    2.5i M54 Auto Tough one for me to identify. Maybe dab the throttle and see how increasing the engine rpm effects the rattle. Once the suspension compressor and fuel pump has been ruled out then it does initialy sound like it could be exhaust and temperature related.
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    ABS Chatter

    Just thought I’d share my experience with my ABS/ASC triggering at low speed, usually just before I came to a complete stop. I got the car in January & have been just putting up with it as it seemed to vary depending on the weather. At first I thought it was a poor connection at one of the sensors but these all seemed fine, next I got a cable & INPA software to look for error messages, there wasn’t any & no lights on the dash. Once I figured out how to use the INPA a little better I got my son to watch the sensor output while I drove the car....Bingo! offside rear would output would flutter at low speed. A new sensor was purchased & fitted but didn’t fix it. Finally I put a little borescope (Aldi special) down the sensor hole to inspect the reluctor ring, there was something not quite right so I took the plunge & got a replacement wheel bearing which includes the ABS ring. Sorted, no more ABS chatter at low speed or the ASC freaking out when moving off, it never put the light on the dash but it spoiled the car at low speed. Turned out the reluctor ring was slightly damaged on the offside rear, probably when the bearing was fitted before I owned the car (see photo) So if you’ve got an annoying ABS fault check the reluctor rings, they may be damaged or corroded. Hope this helps
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    What part number is that DJ? Good job and it’s good when you get a fix happy days.
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    Winter Wheels.

    You know the air is mostly Nitrogen anyway . . . . My Winter tyres sit in the garage for 3 months, stacked up under a cover. They lose about 3 PSI over that time period, which is natural leakage for slight changes in air temp, humidity, atmospheric pressure etc. This is a great video to watch, and understand where the Winter tyre has advantages over an all season & summer tyre. He also has lots of other videos about Winter tyres too, for comparison. The channel is also good to watch if you're a bit of a tyre geek too!
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    520i M50tu to 525i M50tu

    I recall someone had some cheeky ideas around this. @Sir Anthony Regents-Park Keliuss
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    engine oil

    In my ignorance I've only just discovered that BM use a filter element that goes into a housing, rather than the more common spin-on canister In my defence I don't work on cars these days, other than routine checks on fluid levels/tyres & thought the canister variety was common place. The valve to which I was referring is probably better described as a non-drain-back, so your description answers my question … thank you for that explanation. Decision made … I've checked & the 5w30 the garage uses is fully synthetic, but I'm going for 5w40 plus a good filter of course. Many thanks to all for the advice given.