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    Sean Connery RIP

    Yes, saddened me to hear of his passing the other day. 90 is a good age and by all accounts was a peaceful departure - although dementia is a terrible thing. He was the one and ONLY James Bond.
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    Whats under the bonnet?

    No it doesnt...
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    Ticking after 6 months sitting

    It's just the oil having been pressed out of the lifter by spring pressure over time. Let it idle for 10-15 minutes and it will subside as the lifter fills with oil again.
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    MY RIDE If Jackson Pollock Designed a Race Car, It Might Look Like This BMW A Michigan Tech duo turned a 1998 528i into a speedy ‘art car’ using $2,000 and pebbles from the shores of Lake Superior Abby Hempy, 24, a graduate student, and Tucker Alsup, 29, a research engineer, both at Michigan Tech in Houghton, Mich., on their 1998 BMW 528i racing art car, as told to A.J. Baime. Ms. Hempy:I first heard about the Grassroots Motorsports $2,000 Challenge a while ago. I always wanted to do it but never had the time. Since the coronavirus shut down the Advanced Power Systems lab where I work at school, I had time on my hands. The rules of the competition are that you have to put together a racing car with a $2,000 budget, then you compete at the event in Florida in three competitions. It’s in the spirit of keeping racing cheap, because anyone can win if they spend enough money. I bought a BMW for $800 and started working on it. Mr. Alsup: I wanted to help. Abby has worked on all kinds of projects, but hasn’t done a lot of hardcore engine-bay mechanical work, which I have been doing for a long time. So I started working on the car with her. Ms. Hempy: We spent last summer on the car in the yard of one of my professors, because we did not have a shop. We tore apart the engine and the more we fixed, the more we realized we still had to fix. Meanwhile, we had to find sponsors to help with our expenses. BF Goodrich donated a couple sets of racing tires, and an organization that supports women in racing called Shift Up Now donated some money. Mr. Alsup: Abby picked up on the mechanical stuff quickly. Also, she was taking care of the budget, and I am not a big fan of doing that stuff. We decided that I would do the driving in the competition. I grew up go-karting and had competed in a couple county-fair races. Ms. Hempy: I have always been involved in dance and art. My mother is an artist. BMW has a history of collaborating with artists, creating art cars and racing them. So that became the theme behind our car. I named the team Onofrio Pollock after two artists that inspire me. Judy Onofrio is an artist from where I am from in Minnesota, known for her giant sculptures. And Pollock, as in Jackson Pollock, an artist from New York from the first half the 20th century. I used rocks from the shores of the Keweenaw Peninsula on the car, so it expresses a little bit of where Tucker and I now live. Mr. Alsup:We could not afford a trailer, so the week before the competition, which was on Oct. 23-24, we drove the car from northern Michigan to Florida, stopping in North Carolina [where these pictures were taken]. The competition was awesome! We came in 27th in the autocross event [a timed competition in which drivers navigate a course] and also in the drag race, out of 32 cars. We were 20th in the concours [cars are judged for innovation and presentation]. We were not super competitive, but we had a ton of fun. Ms. Hempy:We didn’t place really well, but everyone was intrigued by our car. Other teams were focused on quickness, and when we explained that our initial goal was to build an art car, people got on board. On the ride back, Tucker and I were already making plans for next year’s car. Write to A.J. Baime at myride@wsj.com MORE FROM MY RIDE A Ford Model T With History Written All Over It The Alfa Romeo Model Made Famous by Dustin Hoffman The Forgotten British Race Car With Ferrari Flair The Audi R8 That Rezz Takes for a Spin The Chevy Chevelle That Proved Its Worth Less Speculation. More Information. https://apple.news/AilROaUZGQdqH1NjiPlwGIw
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

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    1976 E12 530 MLE

    Postman came today bearing gifts! Most of these parts are to tighten up the wooly shifter, if you know you know! Just waiting for the UUC DSSR to arrive and the BMW rubber shift boot - thanks @Collective-friction for the E21 part number 25111209868, i think this genuine item will be a much better option than the Wallothnesch one - https://www.wallothnesch.com/en/rubber-boot-for-gearshift-lever-13346.html I will post pics of both when they arrive and fingers crossed one of them fits the E12.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Main thermostat e39 530d. Not my car, my mate's car, issues with holding temperature sometimes, but not always. Takes really long to reach 90, sometimes gets up to 75-76 only, sometimes gets up to 90. EGR cooler thermostat is first suspect, will get it plugged off to see if anything improve, if not then main stat need replacing. Just don't want it to fail again soon, so looking for trusted brands.
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    Bluetooth on CD43

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    Whats under the bonnet?

    I think the 5 series is one of the best cars money can buy. Badge shmadge.
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    Bluetooth on CD43

    Looks correct to me. The plug's locking mechanism slides up to unlock the plug from the radio socket. In your pics you have the locking mechanism in the down, or locked position, i.e. how it should be when on the radio. You need to slide it back up before plugging in, then as you push it in you also push the lock down. Keliuss
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    Just fixed seat twist

    Hello, thought it might be useful to give an update on my seat twist that I have finally got around to fixing. Had put job off for a while but finally decided to bite the bullet and after watching a couple of videos and reading different threads used this tutorial: http://speed.academy/bmw-e39-twisted-seat-repair-easy-cheap-free-fix/ One of my wife's many qualities is that she's quite strong so when removing drivers seat (lhd) from the car I was on outside and I had her inside guiding it out. Glad I did this since I think I would have really struggled on my own. I didn't remove the base from the seat since I thought I would probably be able to remove the cables from the motors in situ. The inner cable operating the rt rear lift motor was very shy, so trimmed out about 13mm of outer cable to address this. The other cable going to rt hand side was also a bit shy so trimmed by about 8mm. Both cables to left hand side motors were fine. I adopted a belt and braces approach after trimming outer cable in that not only did I use two pieces of shrink wrap over the join I also out a piece of rubber tubing over the joint that I secured in place with raslan ties. Just put seat back in and it works perfectly now. Cheers Philip
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    Whats under the bonnet?

    Twin Power Turbo
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Love the red lashing straps - reminds me of my Loadmastering days! I carry one as a tow rope as well, unsnapable!
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    Steve van hool

    Sean Connery RIP

    Sean Connery, the penultimate James Bond, and excellent acting in the "Untouchables", and "The man Who Would be King" has passed. Rest Easy Sir
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    Exterior Black Plastic Trim Cleaning

    I agree with GTechniqs C4. Used it several times in the past and the results are very good. Expensive and you don't get a lot but it is good. I have used Autoglym Vinyl and Rubber Care on black plastic bumpers and that came up a right treat, better than what I was expecting. The one I am using at the moment is AMDetails Dressing and I can't fault it. Also works as a good tyre shine too (better than the Autoglym I used before). However one of the first jobs I do on a new car is remove all the black plastic trim and spray it satin black - so things like wiper arms, scuttles etc (basically anything easily removed). For the parts that can't be easily removed they get rubbed down in pannel wipe and then G Techniqs C4 as a start and then "topped up" with any dressing I am using mentioned above.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I changed the crappy scratched and pitted lenses for brand new ones. I've had them for ages but only got around to doing them last night. Car looks like new now. I only have this pic at the moment: The covering on the lens is some cling film, I took that off after fitting them.
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    Nick E

    Serpentine belt

    Asked my mechanic to sort it all out. I've got it booked in for tomorrow, but if I ordered parts they wouldn't be here in time. Requested Meyle drive and ac belts, and replace the tensioner and adjuster pulleys.
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    If you go to a dealer does it still give you the ability to change between the stages yourself and update as patches get released. If not then it’s not worth it. I run stage 2. Haven’t been on stage 1 yet but I from what I’ve read a lot don’t bother with it because D between stage 1 and 2 aren’t much different.
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    Longer term use some vinyl spray - https://www.halfords.com/motoring/paints-and-body-repair/specialist-and-decorative-paints/halfords-flexible-vinyl-paint-black-363408.html or Plastidip?
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    You know things are getting bad when the best someone can say about the current state of Brexit is “the other mob couldn’t have done any better”. Hardly a glowing endorsement for brexit or the government. If Boris Johnson did a massive shit on your living room carpet, it would be odd for you to defend him at all, but it would be seriously odd to defend him by telling everyone, “well if it had been Jeremy Corbyn, he’d have done it in my bed”.
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    Recently read a readable article in the BMWCar mag, stating that the venerable E39 is now 25 years old, I have had several 5 series from the E12 onwards, always being drawn to the quality of BMW's 5 series engineering, and their driver appeal. The e12/28's were square riggers, the e34 a quantum leep in panzer like build quality. When the e39 came out, not universally liked straight away by five series affacindios, stating a jelly mold, and snouty look, having owned my 1996, 528i since 2008, and done 147,000 miles with just basic servicing and maintenance, it is reasonably DIY maintenance friendly. Is the E39 the best BMW ever of the five series range? Mine still has the original exhaust on it, (I wish I hadn't said that) I wonder how the E60, F10, and G30 will be fairing when they come up to 25 years old.
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    The E39 range is 25 years old.

    This ^^^ !!! The E39s IMO will outlast all of the 5'ers that followed it mechanicals wise; it's just whether folk keep them in tip-top nick when it comes to the body work etc... It shows you as well re the E6x and F1x range now that their prices are really dropping; more so if they've motorway miles and are probably due a bloody big service/bill...! Unfortunately the E39 does now fall in to 'shitter' category; in which you see a LOT of owners that frequent the Facebook groups think that's all they are; god forbid anyone tells them that decent ones that are looked after & maintained are going for more than £0.50p and a bag of Wotsits
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Please don't be angry..... I had the final MOT on my 525d and then removed all the extra bits I've fitted (MV2,s, grills, speakers & Amp) in preparation to P/X her next week. Having run BMW's and Mini's for several years I've decided to have a break. I'm sure I will regret it and am sure I'll be wanting to return to the fold. My E60 has been fun and succeeded at every challenge, whether its carry loads, getting us home safe or hurtling towards the horizon at speed with a smile on my face. Best wishes to all, and stay safe! RgdS Paj PS the answer to your question is an XF. As I said, please don't be angry.
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    Bonnet catch

    I'm glad that you found the root cause of your problem. However, it's disappointing to call "misinformation" the honest intentions of forum members trying to help. Don't get me wrong, but all the people giving their input are based on the information you provide. Given that there are indications that the hooks have been manipulated or the bonnet has been repaired/resprayed, things could have been different.