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    2004 E60 530i SE - WITHDRAWN

    I'd like to thank everyone for their interest in the car, it is very much appreciated. Dan can indeed store my car for a very reasonable price, so I've decided to do exactly that. It keeps my options open without costing me a fortune. Thanks Dan ! And once again shows what a fantastic forum this is.
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    Annoying G31 issues

    This has been grumbled about dozens of times on the forum - requires wife/partner/girlfriend training.
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    Collected the car from BMS Surrey after some significant expenditure mainly fitting the refurbished rear SLS struts from Nagengast, m5 spec -10mm H&R springs, spheres and new fluid. It feels and drives great, especially after refurbed injectors, fuel filter, 5w40 oil and a few vacuum pipes.
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    Recently read a readable article in the BMWCar mag, stating that the venerable E39 is now 25 years old, I have had several 5 series from the E12 onwards, always being drawn to the quality of BMW's 5 series engineering, and their driver appeal. The e12/28's were square riggers, the e34 a quantum leep in panzer like build quality. When the e39 came out, not universally liked straight away by five series affacindios, stating a jelly mold, and snouty look, having owned my 1996, 528i since 2008, and done 147,000 miles with just basic servicing and maintenance, it is reasonably DIY maintenance friendly. Is the E39 the best BMW ever of the five series range? Mine still has the original exhaust on it, (I wish I hadn't said that) I wonder how the E60, F10, and G30 will be fairing when they come up to 25 years old.
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    I started to get some vibration again, maybe ~5k miles been done since new discs/pads were installed. Removed discs, cleaned inside of disc, where it meets hub and bearing hub as well, there was some deposits on both surfaces. After putting back together did couple runs with heavy braking to get any pad deposits clean of. First few were with really bad vibration, but it reduced with every next attempt and for my happiness it has definitely sorted vibration. It's very important that surfaces where brake discs meet wheel hub are absolutely clean without any deposits on them. Upper wishbone bushings can cause really bad vibration under braking as well. And those bushings are fully covered with engine undertray, so even being damaged most likely they won't be spotted by MOT tester.
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    Blown Head Gasket

    When I had mine off, I just mk1 eyeballed it. It looked straight to me, so I didnt get it skimmed. Lasted another 200k miles ok. Well actually it lasted 5 minutes as I hadnt emptied out the head bolt holes properly. Took the head off again, dried it all off popped the same head gasket on again, head back on, torqued it up and then it lasted 200k. I'm not sure about the sense in skimming heads. If the head has warped then the various shafts will be binding so no amount of skimming will fix that. Putting a warped head back on may actually pull it back into shape. I do know that in the US they rebend heads rather than skim them. I can see the sense in that. I wonder if those services are available in the UK.
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    You might be better to buy tyres on wet braking characteristics than wear rate. It’s a little bit more important IMO.
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    I'm not having it fixed - it was a proper big crack, none of this hairline stuff.
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    An e28 with a working cruise control will be a very rare beast, installation of a cruise control was once covered in the Totalbmw mag, albeit on an E34.
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    Cat STOLEN

    1995 as per my profile. I have it declared off road. It's parked up in an underground car park with "security" gates. In fairness security isn't great. Just drive in behind someone if you want. I suspect a "nice" neighbour might have noted the car there all the time. Car park is only ever a third full so people not too bothered about spaces and as such I move it from space to space or face it the other way every couple of weeks so it doesn't look abandoned. At about £400 scrap value according to @Sir Anthony Regents-Park, perhaps we E34 owners should be more wary. I've read on a Facebook group a while back about E36's being done also here in Ireland. I assumed mine was somewhat hidden where it is. We all know what happens when we ass-u-me I'm now thinking along the lines of getting a spurious replacement and replacing the cat section with a straight pipe, but done in such a way that it can be swapped out for the annual test. It would involve a bit of fab work as it would have to be a "Y" shaped pipe along with some extra flanges before the cat. Not sure if it's viable or not but don't see any other practical solution. I'm all ears to other possibilities if anyone wants to offer any. Keliuss
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    Could very much be a sticking caliper/stuck slider pins; but could also be suspension arms/inner tie rods/track rod ends or crap behind the disc mating face etc... Could also be pad deposits built up on the disc face etc Needs to be thoroughly checked out as @Qasim said - no point in guessing TBF
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    E39 530i - Jap import

    Hi Steve - insurance is as cheap as chips - (probably helped by my age being a 60s baby!) Keep a look out for Classic Cars magazine in January or February next year - mine's being featured along with four other (non BMW) V8 saloons. The photoshoot was at Dunsfold week before last. A few of my own behind the scenes photos in my gallery here.
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    The E39 range is 25 years old.

    With the added complexity of the later models (basing this on my E60) I can't see many of them making it to 25 in reasonable condition. Not built to last so you go and trade it in for a new one on tick. Replace instead of repair etc. I'd hold on to that 528i if I were you!
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    Steve P

    E39 530i - Jap import

    Thanks for the info chaps. Must just be the angle of the photo but my boot spoiler looked further back than that (or maybe it was lol). @martin perry I'm very tempted with that but really looking for a colour other than silver! (Apologies to Dan and Keith above.) It does look a lovely car.
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    Nick E

    Autobox clunk when engaging reverse

    Cheers Ray
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    Not even sure if these have them but what about a tilt/crash sensor having failed? Fuel shut off in case of accident type device?
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    @Biotoxic please post up how you find fitting the Sonax zip kit, I am still in two minds about this but very daunted after watching a YouTube video.
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    Rain and light sensor issue 520D F10

    I had this same problem with the wiper sensitivity being too low on the most sensitive stalk position. I went into the code using E-SYS and found the werte values for the 4 positions as follows:- Satz 1: 03 Satz 2: 07 Satz 3: 0B Satz 4: 01 It was hence not surprising it wasn’t sensitive enough on position 4. The sensitivity ranges from 1 to 15 (in hexadecimal this is 01 to 0F), so at position 4 it was set to the least sensitive setting. I’ve now changed it to 0F and it’s working as it should. I’d never noticed before that position 3 was more sensitive than 4, but in hindsight I could have just used position 3 for acceptable performance if I’d not been able to re-code it using E-SYS. Maybe worth a try if anyone else has this problem.
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    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    Hey folks, a good mechanical day today: finally got round to fixing the oil leaks. Valve covers, I had spare ones ready to go from a landie as you've prob seen on previous posts. Powder coated textured black. ALL baskets and rubber washers swapped out. Reused all bolts and hardware. Used a little bit of silicon gasket maker on the corners of the half circles and where the front timing covers meet. Only fiddly bit is separating the injectors from the wiring box. PITA! pulled the box and the injectors came up with it, then used a pic to pry the metal clips of each side of the injector and finally freed to get space to work. easy to put back together, place injectors in there places and used a small bit of grease round the side and the elec box just pushed back on. Labelled everything as I took it of, connectors etc, a few vacuum lines. I had a new positive terminal which looks nice compared to the broken one. I also did cleaned the knock sensors and fitted with new o rings. And the vanos seals which where actually my biggest oil leak. Easy enough and cheap parts to. Pull of clean push new one on with some silicone gasket to be safe. Then did the oil change and took the sump of completely, changed the gasket and the sensor gasket to. cleaned everything up as I went. Engine inside looks like a nice light gold which is good. Oh and replaced the chain tensioner which compared to the new one I fitted was completely shot! First start is noisy for a second, but now I don't get the couple seconds of rattle on startup anymore so happy. LONG day, but work it giving the engine some love and many more years of life. Oh forgot spark plugs to
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    Thanks for this post and link to data. I own a SA built 525e with the VIN 2011265 - looking at your spreadsheet I can see that she was one of the last ±500 built. Not sure how many are now left here in SA.
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    Car is finally back and end cost £545 😱 and we now know what cause the fault with post pics up tomorrow so if you have a harx brake pedal from start of the day get it looked at as you could save yourself hundreds of pounds! Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L31 using Tapatalk