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    Obviously I haven't done loads of mileage but on the first tank of fuel I can't complain about 52 MPG when over 2/3 of the driving has been town work. I would have only got low 40s out of my 520d F11. The car is lovely to drive and still impressing.
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    Just bought a G31 520d MHT (mild hybrid) Sport plus, its a pre reg with 18 miles on the clock. Trading up from an F11 520d I've only seen pictures of it so far! I have driven the G30 520d, it's going to be interesting to see what this Mild Hybrid Technology has to offer. 18 miles on the clock and a £14k saving over a new car that would probably be delivered with 18 miles on the clock!!!
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    I’ve got absolutely no idea what it would be worth. But send me some photos. I might be interested. ive got a few jobs that need doing to this before it goes. Going in for tracking BMTec on Saturday. Boot wiring in the hinge needs looking at because I had a fault with locking and unlocking on the fob on Thursday. Not had a problem since but going to get that done anyway. Needs a bit of paint in the rear bumper and a chip sorting on the front. If I do that then it’ll reflect on the price. But I won’t pass on a car with any type of problem.
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    Couldn’t agree more, looks as though it’s been designed for effect rather than practicality. OTOH it might just be my old age and aversion to change kicking in.
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    Didn’t even notice the lack of heated seats! Yeh and the wheels....well look basic too.
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    Bmw F10 520D Steering Problem

    if i was you id put it on stands and check all the dust covers are intact. remove both covers and extend the side out fully and clean it nicely do both sides back and forth then replace the dust covers. if something is damaged inside it could be internal. also when you say grinding is it definitely from the rack, try disconnecting your anti roll bar links and go for a careful drive see if the noise is gone if it is then the problem is the bushes on the anti roll bar, the ones that hold the anti roll bar to the Chassis
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    For your needs; yes. You'll never get what you want at this age of car now unfortunately. That was a bit of a bugbear re the E65 730D I had, 2006 car, so facelift etc. But it's stereo/nav/iDrive was clunky... Worked fine, but sat nav was useless, couldn't search via full postcode etc However, it's rare that I need to use nav and if In do, I've got CoPilot and Google Maps on my mobile which are both superb, so it's not a major hang up really...
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    Bmw F10 520D Steering Problem

    grinding noise would indicator more likely pump/motor. track rod ends dont usually grind, they usually knock/thud remove the steering rack check the dust covers are intake. if broken strip clean and renew you may get lucky to not replace it.
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    Whine at Low Speed

    Sounds like the best approach. Local transmission specialist does re-gas; might discuss transmission oil change with them also. Mileage is 58000, so maybe good time to get it done. Thanks and regards.
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    530d 324mm Callipers

    From BMW TIS: 34 11 Front wheel brakes E39 Brake lining wear alarm is activated when residual lining thickness mm 3.0 Minimum brake disc thickness stamped out (MIN TH) on the brake disc Models: 520d, 520i, 523i, 525d, 525i, 525td, 525tds, 528i, 530d until 09/2000, 535i until 09/1997 mm 20.4 Minimum brake disc thickness stamped out (MIN TH) on the brake disc Models: 530d from 09/2000, 530i, 535i from 09/1997, 540i mm 28.4 Max. the thickness of the metal that can be removed by grinding on each side of the friction ring (Discs cannot be sanded on M-style models) mm 0.8 Permissible difference in brake disc thickness Max. mm 0.01 Roughness of the working surfaces of the brake disc (fine grinding) Ra m 0.5 - 3.5 Outer diameter of brake disc Models: 520d, 520i, 523i, 525d, 525td, 525i, 525tds, 528i, 530d until 09/2000, 535i until 09/1997 mm 296 Outer diameter of brake disc Models: 530d from 09/2000, 530i, 535i from 09/1997, 540i mm 324
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    F11 air suspension

    Welcome on board IMO I wouldn’t touch eBay bags with a barge pole. I’d rather pay once and do it right first time around... And that’d be Arnott only for me personally, Buy cheap, buy twice (or risk 6 times in your case, I don’t believe in warranties on stuff that cheap, they’ll do all they can to get out of it, if it’s worth the hassle). However, your car and your budget/£££, so good luck to you
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    lol Harsh , post away mate, take your time, we all can choose to ignore etc. It's not like there's huge amount of forum action lately, I guess many are parked up working from home. But seriously, recommend a 6cyl post 2007 (57 plate), the economic argument for 6k miles/yr isn't financialy significant, plus a 6 pot lump is the essense of the 5 series .
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    Just bought a G31 520d MHt (mild hybrid)

    First impressions! Quieter that my F11, less engine noise on start up and when driving. The hybrid tech cuts the engine when coasting (when the right conditions are met) and starts again as soon as you touch the brake or gas peddle. Unless you are actually looking at the rev counter you don't even know this has happened (so quiet) You can NOT turn off the start stop technology, BUT it is far smother than the jolt the F11 gave when restarting. You can barely feel it start. All I can say about the new Digital Cockpit and new touch screen is WOW. It's almost like going from a Nokia to an Iphone! You don't even have to touch it. "Hey BMW" " take me to Highview road" the car finds the road, confirms it then programs the satnav. Then there is the connected drive app on my phone. Open the app before you go out and tell the car to ventilate. Walk to your car a few minutes later and the fan has been cooling the car before you've even unlocked it! This is all I have to report so far, have not done 50 miles yet!
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    Best Brake Pads from Euro...

    This subject is really like the endless debate about tyres. If you want your BMW to perform like it was when it left the factory you need to use parts to the same standard as OEM. Chinese tyres for example are not to the same standard as OEM, whatever people might say, and the same is true of brake pads. Using the same make as OEM doesn't guarantee they are made to the same standards but will probably meet a certain standard. No-name or own-brand parts from people like Eicher are possibly well below OEM standard although legal. You would never choose Eicher if price wasn't an issue. I always go for decent brands as I believe they are not only better quality but as in many cases will last longer than a cheap part and might even be cheaper in the long run. However, many E39s are run on a shoestring these days and 'bangernomics' means it's not worth, in the eyes of many owners, spending any more than the bare minimum, giving many cars might only be a year or so at most from the scrapyard. However some things are safety related and I would rather spend more on a decent set of brake pads. But that's just me, I'm the sort of person who cringes at the thought of a 540i with Wanli tyres and Eicher brakes being driven aggressively in the rain. But each to their own.