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    E9 2800 CS Cabriolet

    A very nice 3.0 CSI recently sold on BaT: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1974-bmw-3-0cs-27/ Best regards, Mick
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    Deepest Yorkshire, just round the corner from the Woolpack!
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    Appealing for your collective help

    A pleasure m8
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    Yeah; very happy pal thank you The car was very clean; the flat, dulled and stone chipped front end really let it down and my OCD wasn't coping It's sparkling now Re the LMs'; see if the guys at BMAutosport can source them for you; personally I wouldn't use anyone else for alloys. However, Driftworks are good, so speak to them about their Japan Racing alloys; they do an LM version also
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    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    been following your thread for a few weeks, you actually did all the same conversions that i am currently doing, so you saved me heaps of time and effort. Only difference is that I have the firad larger nozzles and run 1800 bar, also I ordered my hybrid turbo from FMIC.eu, its a 460hp+ turbo. I am also currently doing the electronic actuator conversion, if you have a program to edit the maps, youre good to go. In a FAQ email, they told me how to do it. Email says: "Tuning only requires modded old base N75 map for more PWM output 80% -> 95% and MAX N75 map + MIN N75 map 10% -> 5% without ecu modded, car works but turbo dont go to 100% spool capability" Hope this helps you
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    E9 2800 CS Cabriolet

    Prefer the coupe - here's an interesting take on one from Ironman: https://www.topgear.com/car-news/retro/behold-robert-downey-jrs-m5-powered-bmw-30-cs?cm_mmc=ExactTarget-_-email-_-Top_Gear_Newsletter_136_02092020-_-email&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=ExactTarget&utm_campaign=Top_Gear_Newsletter_136_02092020#11
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    Looks like the paint shop did a great job, I'd always heard silver could be difficult to blend in but I can't notice any differences between the panels. I don't need an E39 touring but this car makes me want one!
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    Dan, That looks stunning mate. Are you happy / finished now ? I'd quite like some of those rep-LM's in e60/61 fittment but try finding them!
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    SONAX PROFILINE HW 02-04 works for me
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    Well all sorted tonight, GoNz0 was right & the legend did it all through Teamviewer Those of us that know him KNOW just how knowledgeable he is with these car's But what he can do with a computer M8 many, many thanks again I am in your debt.
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    Wing moulding removal

    IIRC you need to go around the rim with a spudger tool to loosen any adhesive and then approach from the front and gently push in the metal "spring" whilst teasing it towards you. Once you've unclipped that you can prise the unit out and forwards to release the tail end. As you can see from the photos, I wasn't so careful and snapped off quite a bit of plastic, rendering them useless for resale which is why I still have them and was able to take these somewhat niche photographs Tail left, front right in this pic. The front "spring" is on the left in this picture with the tail end the double plastic part on the right.
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    Different Wheel size ?

    They will sit very deep into the arch. Plus they are narrower rims from memory. 8 vs 8.5". I personally wouldn't bother.
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    Clonking sound when gears engage

    I'd get the diff bushes checked out too, those will also be soaking up the sudden change in rotation on the driveshaft. Subframe bushes could be worth a check but would have likely caused issues with handling, the rear suspension is all tied to it bar the shock absorber.
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    Random shot I took on Sunday in a very small lane in wales lol
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    Nurburg - summer 2019
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    Another hello!!

    Welcome along Sam. The F10 tech section here will be your friend and guide!
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    Had a really odd knocking noise from the front right of the car. Wasn’t consistent on the same motion the car was making and really hard to replicate. It was even making this knock when there was no movement from the car too, like going over a drain or that which really made no sense. Took front wheels off and tried to shake and move things which shouldn’t. Nothing. Was getting worried that is was suspension or brakes. Then it came to me what about the air box. Moved that side to side and it made a metallic knocking noise. Was hopeful. Took the air box off and there was two little bits of rubbing on the metal shield/mount and the bit where it rests on the inner wing. Put some sticky foam pads on there to see, took it for a quick spin and nothing. So I am confident that is the issue! If that is the problem then I’ll make a more permanent fix. TL:DR fixed a knocking noise from the air box hitting the inner wing that was annoying me.
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    First spin out this year
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    Alongside the Mystery Machine at Brunnchen
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    Early morning in Nurburg, Summer 2019
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    Interior Trims

    Was offered as a factory option. Very very rare. I have it though. Raymond is correct. Cubic or sometimes called technical graphite was on common as Muck low spec., non sport cars for years. But then it got desirable. Here's a few trims from another forum. Pretty much covers it. 1. Nutwood "Nussbaum" RealOEM.com Â* BMW E39 540i Fine wood trim nutwood 2. Vavona "Vavona" RealOEM.com Â* BMW E39 525i Fine wood trim, Vavona high-polished 3. High Polished Series Comes in Black "Schwarz", Gray "Grau", and Beige "Sandbeige" Notes: 1. Has a distinct flake in finish 2. High Polished Black is often referred to as "Piano Black" RealOEM.com Â* BMW E39 525i Interior moldings high-polished 4. Cubic "Cubic" Common Name: "Technical Graphite" Notes: Consists of Gray, Black, and some flake with blue-ish tint. RealOEM.com Â* BMW E39 528i PAINT.PLASTIC DECOR.COVER STRIPS (cubic) 5. Brushed Aluminum "Stahlgrau" Notes: Real OEM brushed aluminum trim with clear coat on top. RealOEM.com Â* BMW E39 528i BRUSHED ALUMINIUM DECORAT.COVER STRIPS 6. Bruyere Club "Bruyere Club" RealOEM.com Â* BMW E39 M5 Fine wood trim Bruyere Club 7. Satin Finish Chrome Plated "MattChrom" Common Name: Matt Chrome Notes: It's more like a Matt Silver RealOEM.com Â* BMW E39 540i Finishers/strips satin finish chrom.pltd 8. Titan "Titan Line" Note: DO NOT CONFUSE WITH BRUSHED ALUMINUM... too many misconceptions. Common name: Titan RealOEM.com Â* BMW E39 M5 Finishers/strips Titan Line 9. Galvanized "Gittergalvanik" Note: Looks like a silver wrap with squares in it. Strange IMO. RealOEM.com Â* BMW E39 540i Interior moldings 10. Mussle Maple Burgundy "Muschelahorn" Common Name: Maple Wood Notes: Wood goes to true 100% black transition and near 3D effect. RealOEM.com Â* BMW E39 540i Fine wood trim, mussle maple burgund INDIVIDUAL LINE It's a high class living in the individual line, and pictures are sometimes VERY hard to come by, so some are missing or non-E39. All individual trim sets can be found on the same page: RealOEM.com Â* BMW E39 M5 Individual fine wood trim 11. Black Birch "Birke Anthrazit" Common name: E39 trim Awesome-ness 12. Blue Birch "Birke Blau" 13. Yellow Birch "Birke Gleb" 14. Arizona Sun "Arizona Sun" Note: may be confused with yellow birch??? Note: Based on same wood cut of maple wood, just different stain. 15. Natural Poplar "Pappel Natur" 16. Olive "Oliv" Comparison of Arizona Sun, Natual Pop, & Oliv 17. Plante No E39 based pic 18. Eibe Club 19. Enlgishrot Notes: Similar finish/stain as Maplewood, but no transition to Piano Black. Special One-Off Leather Trim Consists of OEM leather wrapped on trim. It is factory, but not listed in realoem. 20. Black Leather 21. Gray Leather 22. Blue Leather 23. Red Leather 24. Champagne Leather