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    Brexit plans? There is the problem with Brexit, there never was a plan and there still is no plan! Audio only :
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    That's one way of looking at it but a pretty low bar!
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    Hi guys dreamt of e39 M5 didn't happen so got a cruiser. e60 M5 is a work car so enjoying it at the moment but wow that gearbox took a bit to get use to.... Up Norf lol Based in Manchester. Would love a e34 too and a e30 Previously had a 72 Bmw 2002, biggest regret selling.
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    Don’t feel an idiot. You had a collection of people lying to you repeatedly for years. I’d love to look back over everything people said was Project Fear and see how much actually happened. Sad thing is, those people who lied to you are doing it all again with their fake outrage at a few hundred people arriving on boats. We have so much “control” with Brexit that we have to ask France to help! Hopefully we can muddle through and make the best of a crap situation.
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    Timing Chain Vs Replacing Car

    I'm in the devil you know camp. If you're happy with the car in other respects then a bit of preventive maintenance is a good thing. I'm pondering my e39's future right now but i've covered near 50k with it and know the history and its fine and i cant think without spending a heap of dough i'll get much better. Yet i worry at 173K Appreciate its a tough call - it might run on fine without changing the chain, it might not. A new car might crap itself in 500 miles (been there) not sue i've been any help
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    As i say no blame, no shame. Is covid being used as cover though to slip some stuff through?
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    Forgive the roof box!
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    ^^^^ Thanks for the video; I knew what it did but had never seen it action before.
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Fitted a new rear Bosch wiper (which I had to modify slightly) and had the spray mechanism fixed. Wondered what that little circle on the boot was for... FullSizeRender.mov
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    They are startlingly incompetent, more so than I predicted. They're not even proper Tories but something far more sinister. Brexit will do nobody here any good.
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    530i heater issues

    Thanks for the help on this. I bled the system by opening the bleed screws and filling the expansion bottle until it ran steadily from the screws. Then closed the screws again. Then turned the heater on full with half fan (engine off and bottle cap off) and watched as the bubbles worked their way out. Did this for 10 mins then fired the engine up. As the engine warmed up, put the cap back on and let it get up to full temperature. Heater now working on both sides - great
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    When I look at USA and see the mess they are in I think Boris is doing ok
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    E39 v E60/61

    Bought an e61 after stupidly selling our e39 530i sport tourer,e61 turned out to be a nightmare mechanically,didn,t help the wifes view of it when it tried to set itself on fire one morning on the way to work,issue with the electrics in the spare wheel well, Sold it and bought her an Audi A3 3.2 S line sportback with she loves, Bought myself an E63 630i which i suppose is a 5 series underneath and have never looked back.
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    Andy's E39 M5

    Not much of an update really. Just a pic of it in the drizzle at the weekend
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    F11 Roof Bars

    I knew I had these instructions somewhere regarding fitting positions... hope they help someone.
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    E39 v E60/61

    Following In my personal experience; haven't owned an E60/61, but did own an E65 Test drove everything from an E61 530i to a 535D; fantastic engines; but the interior of the cars, for me, really let them down. Felt very plasticky; not very well put together and not a nice place to sit, that was SE, pre and post LCI and M-Sport The E65 was a different level of quality altogether for me compared to the E61 and E39; but it wasn't the right car for me in the end. Driving home, on a very rough Saturday in a new, freshly landed storm, from Glasgow back to Preston, the day after selling the E65 and collecting my current touring, it all felt very right immediately; a much tighter, heavier feeling and better put together interior, IMO
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    Advice re: rejecting a car

    Reject in writing under the sale of goods act. The vehicle is not fit for purpose. State that you have been reasonable in giving them a number of opportunities to fix it, and they have failed. Give the a set time 7 -14 days to resolve. I believe they have a duty to return you to the position you was when the purchase took place. If you paid part of the car on a credit card you will be covered under section 75 of the consumer credit act, this should also cover finance. If you are a member of a union at work you should have a free legal advice service
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    First spin out this year