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    I promptly coded start stop off as soon as I got the car at 33k, now 163k and running strong with 10k oil changes and a remap to boot. Pulls like a train!
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    Cheers for the help/info

    Just wanted to say thanks for the info I picked up on here over the years, I wasn't the most active of members, but it was good to know I could check things out here when needed. Sold my car over the weekend, having had it for over 7 years, good memories.
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    E60 525d M57n TU reduced power warning help

    No idea about the readings i'm afraid for the MAP sensor. I think ISTA is an online download/paid for option. But my knowledge is little/none on this unfortunately.
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    I thought the Business Edition seemed like more of a marketing bundle for the end of the LCI models. After the LCI changes from March 2007 and the Msport vs. SE trim levels, look out for the later additions of the CIC iDrive systems (in your first image), which were an improovment on the older CCC iDrive systems. Either iDrive version later had support for quick access console buttons ('MOST' buttons seen in the second image). You'll have enough trouble finding an E61 with the prefered engine/fuel/box/paint/interior colour and comfort seating etc. were the other option details will have lessof a priority.
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    E60 525d M57n TU reduced power warning help

    I imagine you could use those too in order to check the readings. I've not used them so unaware of their ability (although i know they are essentially MFR based programs). The MAP is worth checking the expected value vs the given value. It has a small diaphragm inside which can get coked up, or potentially split which causes havoc with the readings. Again unplugging this would put the car in to a default map, so it would be easy to tell if there was any impact made by this sensor (or others in the chain). I've not used ISTA, so couldn't say how it compares with what you currently use, or the benefits.
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    Looking to get an E61

    Awesome. Cheers @d_a_n1979 shall do that now!
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    MAF or something else... 520d N47

    Lack of DPF can put these into limp mode as it's an emissions related fault, a stuck EGR can cause a false positive so I'd get the swirl flaps and EGR blanked using the kit from this guy https://www.facebook.com/egrman who I have used many times, you will find the inlet manifold caked with crap so lots of oven cleaner and a jet wash is needed. Once you have done that there is Danny at Mad Automotive in Sheffield who can map out the DPF and EGR along with an economy remap if you want that.
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    E61 Tailgate lamp wiring

    Part #16 is the universal replacement. https://www.realoem.com/bmw/en/showparts?id=PX92-EUR-12-2009-E61N-BMW-535d&diagId=63_1029 If you still have the pins intact you just need the plug
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    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Got myself Bimmercode and a Veepeak adapter. Will need to spend a bit of time looking at the various coding options but have added a few easy options to get started. Mirror close when locking using remote Digital MPH readout Digital TPMS readout to the iDrive display I think my car may have the FTM sensors as get double dashes for T & P, including after putting air in the tyres and resetting the system.
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    I did another set yesterday, used the BMW adapters, cut off the extra wire, soldered a link between both brake lights, swapped 2 pins to get the light bars working and brake lights. Turned off indicator checks, set fogs to 7v (ish as I didn't make notes) turned the light bars to 13.7v, turned off sidelights on the brake lights and I think it was job done. This was to do a proper retrofit as he like me doesn't like the ricky mod.
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    E60 525d M57n TU reduced power warning help

    Use an app like Bimmertool/Bimmerlite (if you don't have insta) to check the exhaust back pressure, that'll tell you if you have a blocked dpf or cat, or any other exhaust back pressure issues. If you are getting EGR errors, unplug the EGR and go for a drive. It'll run the car in a default map, and you'll then hopefully know if it's a sensor (as it should run fine) or if it is an intercooler pipe as it'll still happen.
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    MAF or something else... 520d N47

    other sensors which will affect boost is the MAP (manifold absolute pressure) & the intake temperature sensor. Make sure they're both reading right too, as they are a part of the systems.