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    I made a video of it in action:
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    As mentioned in the other Android thread, I recently ordered one of the new units that only has CarPlay and Android Auto, without an Android OS. As it’s a different system, I thought it would be best to create a new thread. I bought it from Andream, this is one of the units that replaces your screen, rather than using the original one. The benefits of this are a higher resolution display, and also touch capability. It cost around £240, with free delivery and no import tax. This makes it significantly cheaper than buying the Android unit plus a CarPlay adapter. It took 6 days to arrive, which I was happy with having heard stories about other suppliers claiming to be in the UK but still shipping from China! When I opened the box, I was immediately impressed with the build quality. It’s heavy, the moulded plastic is a good match for the OEM unit, and the screen has a nice solid glass feel to it. I was expecting it to look and feel cheap, but it doesn’t. My only gripe is that no fitting or user instructions were included, Andream send you a link to a video which is good enough, but not very professional. Before installing the unit, the first thing I did was fit an anti-glare screen protector, as I have seen videos of other Android units and the screens looked very reflective. I bought a matte ‘anti-glare’ tablet screen protector from eBay for £2, and cut it down to size. I put this on before fitting the unit as I thought it would be a nightmare to fit afterwards. It makes a huge difference, the screen now has a nice matte finish like the OEM one rather than looking like a mirror, I highly recommend this to anyone with an Android unit that is unhappy with the glare. Installation was pretty straight forward, it took me just under an hour. Unfortunately I forgot to take any photos! I found it quite difficult to get the stereo trim off, it was really tight and I was worried it would break. The CCC ‘head unit’ doesn’t come fully out without putting the autobox in Drive (got to love how BMW make everything unneccassarily difficult.) You then have to remove the MOST cables from the original loom and move them to the same spot on the new one, I assume so you don’t lose your CD changer. Also there is not much room to thread the video cable up to where the screen sits, so it took me a while to find a suitable route. But it was easy enough to follow the ‘official’ Andream installation video. I intend to use mine wirelessly mostly, but it comes with a USB cable for wired CarPlay so I routed that to the glove box in case I ever want use it (eg a really long journey that would drain the phone battery.) Once all plugged in, I turned it on to test it before putting everything back together, and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it booted up, taking just a few seconds while showing a nice ‘BMW Connected Drive’ splash screen, which I believe is stolen from CIC/NBT. At first it showed the old iDrive screen, like all these units the audio comes from AUX (which you need to have coded already) so I selected that. Then holding the menu button for 3 seconds took me to the initial setup screen where you can choose between CarPlay, Android Auto, or settings. I selected Wireless CarPlay, followed the onscreen instructions, then my phone prompted me to allow CarPlay, and it was connected. It was very straight forward, and because it basically mirrors your phone, it’s ready to use! First impressions were really good, the screen looks great, especially with the screen protector on. I was worried about the sound level and quality but it’s not bad at all, a little quieter than the factory stereo but not as quiet as the original AUX in. I won’t go in to loads of detail about CarPlay because there is loads of info about it online and it’s almost the same on every system, but in summary I now have Google Maps and Waze for navigation, my music and podcasts from my phone with album art, DAB via the TuneIn app, I can make calls and send messages using Siri without having to take my eyes off the road, and should I ever need to use the iDrive software, a 3 second push of the menu button brings it back. I was also slightly worried that the screen would be too far away for the touchscreen to be any use, but it’s not too bad and I won’t need to use it much anyway. The settings allow you to change things like volume, CCC type (6” or 8” screen), reverse camera etc. But I left everything as default, and haven’t needed to change anything yet. There are a couple of issues I have noticed so far. Firstly, although I can control CarPlay with the iDrive controller and steering wheel volume buttons, the forward/back buttons do not work, despite the Andream website saying they should. I’ve tried playing with a few settings, but nothing has got them working. It’s not the end of the world though as the CarPlay ‘dashboard’ has large next/previous track buttons on the screen. Also I have noticed that when using it wirelessly, the music sometimes skips or stutters. I Googled this issue and lots of people are reporting it, it seems to be an issue with iOS 13 rather than the CarPlay unit. Hopefully a future software update will fix it, and it seems to do it less often with a wired connection. Finally on the dashboard you cannot set the map to Google Maps, it is Apple Maps, but apparently that’s Google’s fault for not enabling it, not Apple. Overall I’m really happy with it and would highly recommend to anyone with an iPhone (I’m sure it works well with Android Auto as well, but I don’t have a phone to test to with.) It’s exactly what I wanted at a price I’m happy with, and makes the car feel ten years newer. Hopefully future software updates on both the unit and iOS sort out the few niggles I mentioned above. Here are some photos that show some of the apps and main screens, plus hopefully you can see how the screen protector gives it a matte finish rather than being reflective.
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    Replacement pic

    So my dream came true.... But the 5 is a beautifull thing. See ya!
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    Immaculate E39 530i SE

    For OCC its not a daft price either!
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    Immaculate E39 530i SE

    My Dads got one in Grey, and yes it has some get up & go when it's needed. Bit worrying sometimes as he's 85!
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    Immaculate E39 530i SE

    It's a thoroughbred waft bus with a great spec, on 16" balloons and has some get up & go when it's needed I'd have it in a heartbeat if I didn't have my touring!
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    Immaculate E39 530i SE

    I like that, understated classic!
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    Immaculate E39 530i SE

    Orient blue is a great SE colour - same as my old 530i Individual.
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    E39 Owner - Soon to change though

    cheers @d_a_n1979 going to start looking round! got to choose between the e61 or f11!
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    E39 Owner - Soon to change though

    Welcome on in Luke It was myself that commented re joining these forums over on your thread on PH Good to see you on board LOTS of info re the E6x range in the relevant E60/61 tech section further down the homepage; lots of owners to offer their advice too
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    What is a fair price for an E34 M5?

    Bits of this. Bits of that. 'Bitsa' Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Hey all, Just thought I'll create a post because I struggled to find a solid solution to an issue I had with my Bluetooth not working and getting an SOS error on the idrive. I have an LCI E60 with professional CCC which already has bluetooth built in. As some may know, the Bluetooth, CD changer and satnav all work on a fiber optic loop and any break in the chain can cause all of them to stop working. First I had to know whether it was my bluetooth module that was the problem or a damaged cable. Given that my CD changer and satnav were working fine, I went to the BT module and checked that the optic cable was getting a red flashing light (indicating that it's receiving signal). Also, if you can't turn bluetooth on in the menu (it remains unchecked) then you have a faulty module. So based on this I knew it was a faulty BT module. To locate it on the E60 - here's a handy video which also confirmed to me that I had a faulty module: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Mkr5FUAOSg I ordered one from eBay for £25 (there are quite a few available around £30-50 range). I made sure I matched the part numbers (circled in red below) with the one I already had and chose one close in date to allow for the best chance of a plug & play. Then I swapped them over and voila! Bluetooth working and no more SOS error. The only caveat is that the car's Bluetooth name that shows up when searching on your phone doesn't match with what is on the screen in the iDrive. That's because the module hasn't been coded to your current car so is still showing the name of the original car it came from. Seems like a purely cosmetic/OEM thing rather than something that affects the functionality of it. If that bugs you then you'll need it coded but it connects & functions absolutely fine so I'll be leaving it as is. Hope this helps someone in the near future..
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    Bmw e28 progress pics

    base all scraped ready for hardcore
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    Losing a bit of coolant

    Righto, a small update on the coolant issue. I posted a question on a local Facebook group asking if there were any machinists in the local area. This prompted a barrage of questions about why I needed a machine shop, which engine I had along with some, quite frankly, daft suggestions. Anyway, I'm waffling - I tend to do that a lot, sorry. Upshot of it was that a nice chap who lives about two miles away offered to pressure test the cooling system if I nipped round after work. I did and he did. We could hear air leaking out of the header tank as soon as he put any pressure in and as I carry a spray bottle of soapy water around with me (don't ask) I had some on hand to spray around the area in search of the leak...... ....... which was coming out of the overflow channel - see pic above ^ somewhere so looks to have split the side of the tank right into the cavity used to drain coolant away should it bypass the cap. It's not cracked in a place that would ever be visible, so the coolant has been dribbling out of there, down the channel as intended and onto the chassis. The good news is that for £50 or £60 it should be go to go, rather than the several hundred I was gearing myself up for spending on tearing the engine apart and having it rebuilt.
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    BMW Car Magazine

    Dare i say i'm a bit bored of cars too, modern BMW's do very little for me. The M2 comp appeals and the 6GC but that's about it...
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    Well seeing as the weather has been lovely over the past couple of days i decided to give the old Touring a wash then go meet my mate to take some photo's of it all while social distancing etc. Photo credit goes to Blackbird Faraz, Photo location - Digbeth, Birmingham