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    E39 525i/528i/530i/535i/540i wanted

    So do I but beggars can't be choosers. Maybe start your own thread?
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    Sat and looked at my machine having a few beers 440miles away from home
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    Fitted new folding mirror gears

    I bought a pair of electric folding mirrors off Dan a couple of weeks ago knowing they needed some attention. So this morning I fitted them with new gears. The original gear has plastic teeth that strip. The replacements have metal teeth so problem solved. Its a bit fiddly but easy enough. All back together now with freshly painted caps in Sterling Grey ready to fit my Touring, but that will be another day! (pictures in reverse order)
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    F10 / F11 Scissor Jack

    Interesting they look very similar the mini cooper d jack and look lot more heavily built, the only bit that looks different is the bit that goes into the actual jacking point, so providing it fits into the jacking point of the F10 F11 that will be the best option, thanks for your comments and link.
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    F10 / F11 Scissor Jack

    My E61 530d jack works perfectly on my F11 530d. I'm sure they're the same jacks and looks suspiciously like your Mini version. It would make sense to have a 'one jack fits all' as far as BMW are concerned. Mark
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    F10 / F11 Scissor Jack

    I imagine the jacking points are in the same location, and the car doesn't weigh a great deal more. And as a quick/temporary solution it should be fine. I've only every used tyre weld on motorcycle tyres, and they only ever charged £5 or something to wash off the wheel to remove any that didn't seal on the tyre. The original OEM part number is 71126767944 Lots on eBay currently. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw= 71126767944&_sacat=0
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    Gearbox jerk from stop fixed!

    At least i did the oil and filter, I thought best to, you never know that may have fixed it. To get gearbox fixed or replaced I was looking at a hell of a lot more than the software cost me. Still love this car, was going to change it, but it's like new again!
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    Never trust anything you get back from, VOSA, DVLA or any government related organisation to be correct. Make sure you double check everything. I had an experience a few years ago which although not quite the same thing as Oilburners MOT issue would have cost me dearly if I hadn't noticed soon enough. After moving house and having my address changed on my licence I noticed the new licence they had sent back didn't include my HGV entitlement. They allow you a 2 week window to notify them of any errors or omissions such as this and they will correct them. After that it's up to you to prove you had the entitlement. I've had an HGV licence for nearly 30 years but my pass certificate is long lost in the mists of time. If I hadn't noticed their mistake in time I'd have had to retake all the tests to get my entitlement back.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Powerfold/chromatic wing mirrors dismantled and the gears all well lubricated with lithium grease Chromatic wing mirror glass replaced with eBay specials; they're still heated, but no longer chromatic. Both glasses had blown and leaked, so had turned bronze in colour etc The new glass just clicks into place rather than there being a locating tab; but they both look well and fit well
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    As the government has given us an extra 6 months to get the car mot you could have waited til December to do it. Maybe the garage added this 6 months to your next mot. Just thinking out loud.
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    If up on a ramp then, probably don't need to take the wheels off. A well practiced tech might be able to access the rears without taking the wheel off, but not me. It certainly explain why FBMWSH AUC cars need their alloys hammering off as despite two brake fluid changes. The wheels may never have been off if low enough miles to have not worn out the tyres!
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    Alongside the Mystery Machine at Brunnchen
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    Early morning in Nurburg, Summer 2019
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    MOT today with a pass, but noticed the expiry date was wrong only when I got home and the MOT station was closed to phone them. So I checked the MOT history on https://www.gov.uk/check-mot-history for my car and found another error, last years MOT expiry date is shown as 26th December 2020, when it should read 26th June 2020 yet the actual MOT certificate showed the correct expiry date, so I would suggest looking at the MOT pass certificate more thoroughly and also check it has been recorded properly on the government check-mot website. I have emailed gov mot check services stating the errors hopefully they can change the records their end, otherwise if I ever sold the car the MOT history looks very suspicious, with wrong dates.d I now wonder how many other peoples MOT records are wrong, from now on I will double check to make sure.
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    True! Check that are arms aren't slightly bent too etc
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Also treated myself to the 1995 UK brochure which arrived today.
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    ^^^^ Boys and their toys Andrew, I dare say you enjoyed the race as well as the little un, any pics of the train layout?
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    I've not updated for a while but I've been pretty busy doing a lot or what I can during the current lock down some real exciting stuff here. These panels are different and the donor cars 525i one is different to the 535/m5/540i panel I needed to mount the header tank properly Repairing the headlamp wiring, its all working bar dipped beam. Relay is a crash relay which was missing and stopping the hazards from working. So bar the dipped beam I think the electrics are on point for an MOT which is the current aim before perfecting in other areas A trip to CPC to check my clocks are ok. School day here, all e34 clocks have the EML light and wiring fitted regardless. My EML light isn't coming on with the ignition which is like a safety self check part of the system. The PCB board is notorious for having capacitors and dry solder joints affecting this which on a Bi turbo causes havoc with full boost as if the engine ECU doesn't think the system is working properly it will revert to limp home mode and only allow 0.1 bar off boost which is shit. My clocks are ok as checked by Phil and the EML light works on his test bench but doesn't light up when fitted to the car so its in limp home mode. The thought is a difference in wiring which is beyond me and will mean a trip with the car complete to Phils to sort. This won't stop car from running or getting an MOT it just stops full warp drive - just some more patience! The alpine speedo isn't working and the rev counter isn't clever either so this is the current mix I've wired back in the Alpina vent guage which is all working bar one side isn't lighting up at the minute
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    You are totally right our other car has been listed as the wrong model since purchasing new, this only came to light about 3 years later when checking for something on the DVLA site, have tried repeatedly to get it put right but to no avail, have give up trying now they are useless at correcting their mistakes so it seems.