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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Honestly? Not even sure where mine is, wife parked it up about a week ago and we've not used it since, i think its out front but we've not been out!
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    Thought I’d share a couple of pics of my G31 with a few additions I’ve just fitted myself,Genuine kidney grills,front splitter and rear diffuser both from eBay,easy to fit and decent quality for the price,I think it really finishes off the car makes it look sportier but subtly
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    Harrys Garage

    Anyone else a fan of his. Only got into his channel recently but really enjoy his videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIB5XXHNAWWzTOw6guIMYCg
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    F11 550i!!

    Love CC, and especially ACC.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Finished replacing the centre bearing and swapped out the guibo too and so much smoother when pulling away now without the juddering. Also replaced the rubber bush that the bottom of the gearshift mounts in which has cured a lot of the sloppiness when changing gear. Finally sprayed the exhaust with Zinc metal paint after I had wire brushed off the surface rust and muck. Such a nice warm day to get it done.
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    Hi everyone hope you and your family are well during this difficult time. Was driving my car few days ago I noticed it wasnt silky smooth like usual, was smooth but not super smooth. ( Its an amazingly smooth gearbox even mine with 154,000 miles on it have driven brand new cars which ain't been as smooth ) Started to think gearbox issues. Plugged my bimmertool app in and noticed car had been trying to do a dpf Regeneration for past few short trips, So top tip if your gearbox ain't as smooth as it normally is probably doing a dpf Regeneration (my cars 3.0d) take it on 8-10 mile run, once cleared and finished regen it was silky smooth once again. I was thinking of changing parts and gearbox servicing etc It was just the dpf doing its thing ( the dpf on the 3.0d is massive ) so just sharing little bit of advice for you guys if your box is smooth one day and not so smooth the next its probably doing or trying to regenerate. My advice get bimmertool app. £13
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    Anyone recognize this switch?

    This is what the loom part number tells. But the wiring goes to hood latches and AFAIK they are not used on E6x. I couldn't find anything in the diagrams for latches. Alarm bonnet switch and AUC sensor are both on the pollen filter housing.
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    Not having to worry about the two April MoT's until October is some small good news.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Thank you very much, at least I know what to expect. Have some look a like LEDs and soldering iron at home, so might take a challenge, just to keep myself busy with something due to current lock down. Sent from my ANE-LX1 using Tapatalk Update: took it apart and it was snapped wire from circuit board, soldered back together and all works again. After that cleaned all interior, vacuuming, dashboard, seats etc. After winter it always takes ages to get it clean. But like for most of us these days time is not a problem.
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    MOT completed, maybe just in time before garages close as well! She passed with flying colours, no advisories..
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    Today’s little job; door trims swapped out. All new OEM M Sport trims
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    Have you also noticed how many folk are still trying to sell stuff, fresh posts this morning and in the last hour, cash on collection only etc What part of ‘lock down’ do they not understand and buying a shitty set of alloys is not an essential necessity etc? These fuckwits are the main issue this country is having to deal with; self important wankers
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    Bought my first V8 - Jap import E39 540i

    Wow. I haven't really kept this up to date at all. Nothing major has happened but I've listed what I've done to the car since the last update. - got a steering wheel retrim from RSW - oil service to end the year - cracked my rear bumper quite badly to a point of a repair not being financially efficient - replaced the interior halogens to LEDs courtesy of Lightec Autostyle, they do a kit for £29 and has everything you need. I'm in the process of sourcing a 3rd party bumper from Diederichs in Germany, has anyone heard or used this brand before? List on OP to do hasn't shrunk but instead added more to it. Sort out squealing on cold start up(I'll try and get a video up) - got mechanic to check pulleys/belt during oil service and all was fine, goes away when it warms up so I've lived with it. Steering alignment, feels lopsided to the left - got hunter alignment done but taking it back to get it checked again as it's still there albeit less prominent Rear sun blinds, have the replacement part but need a guide on how to replace it. - this requires taking the back seats out?! Next oil service I'm budgeting to have the following done Oil service + filters Autobox service + filter Fuel filter Fan clutch + fan Tensioners + pulleys + belt replaced. Paint correction + alloy refurb - this will most likely come in next year
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    Yep still has the OE exhaust :-)
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    Well with all this Covid-19 stuff across the world, Ex Defender Europe 20 has fallen apart and I've managed to wangle a few days off and been reunited with my F11. After 2 months sat on a US base in Germany it opened without issue and started first press of the button. God I love this car! Yes, I did give it a check over first, oils and fluids, etc and gave it a minute at idle to let the oil get everywhere. Additionally, I use ZX-1 twice a year, so I know the un-oiled metal will be protected. That lot done, as it's a glorious day and now over 3c I was outside removing my lovely, cheap tyre valve caps. While away I read an article on how the alloy can react with the brass of the valve, corrode and be near impossible to remove. Damn glad I read it.... lucky for me I only had to cut off one cap ! Plastic caps for me from now on. As a follow-on, just received some forwarded mail from UK today which included my even cheaper replacements. Plastic (so no bimetallic reactions), chrome appearance and so lightweight should anything happen they'll disintegrate with a pair of pliers.
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    F11 550i!!

    Nonsense. I use mine on almost every journey, including around town.
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    Taking advantage of the improved weather situation round here this afternoon and a couple of days off work I gave it the first proper two bucket wash of the year and a bit of a spring clean inside. Looks so much better after a proper wash rather than just a snow foam and blast with the pressure washer Following on from my previous post re condensation inside the rear door frame I made a point of checking for any further water ingress after I'd finished washing but found nothing. The car was sloping in the opposite direction this time though so that might have an effect. I'll keep an eye on it.