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    Steve P

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    It's been a good couple of days. Now this might not look exciting but it is to me. Reversing the car out of the garage... no oil on the floor!! Got my oil leak sorted this week, as expected it was only the oil filter housing gasket so that was good. Got my new discs and pads that I bought at Christmas fitted too: So today, for the first time since I got the car in October, I've been driving without having to worry about leaking oil. I just love driving this car! Don't care if it's dirty, or has the odd paintwork imperfection, or that it's 17 years old. Wish I'd bought one years ago. Apologies for the dirt, I might treat it to a wash it tomorrow, storm Ciara permitting. And get on with refurbing my wheels, who knows.
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    So since retrieving my saloon from the other garage, and now the burst coolant pipe has been repaired, I turned my attention to an issue with the paintwork. The car had been stored in a bit of a leaky garage and the paint was covered in watermarks. I was disheartened last time I washed it, that the watermarks persisted between washes.. no amount of trying to remove them seemed to work. Even washing then going over the area with polish didn't seem to take the marks off.. was seriously concerned. I read around and it turns out this is indeed a thing and there's various solutions to address it. I'd read that wheel cleaning acid diluted 1:1 with water worked to remove these marks but was worried about potential paint damage and after reading some positive reviews, I settled on a product called 'Chemical Guys Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover' and set about tackling the main problem areas today.. the boot lid & the bonnet. Honestly I can't believe how easy and effective this stuff was. Washed and dried the effective area and then simply apply to a microfibre applicator and wipe on the affected area and work in for 30 seconds or so, then simply wash off or neutralise with some detailing spray and voila. You can see in the attached image, a shot directly above of the bonnet and the watermarks. They don't look too bad in the photo but actually were extremely visible. I'm not even a 'detailing guy' either but was really bothered by how bad it looked. You can see a before and after as the bottom half has been treated, and the top half was prior to treatment.. as you can see, watermarks GONE. I highly recommend the product. It's not cheap at about £17 but I really thought I'd damaged the paint or something so absolutely thrilled that it's taken care of the issue. Car looks great again now. Very happy. Took it for a drive and tucked it back away in the garage on the trickle charger, now it's all clean
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    E61 Tailgate window opening.

    Just finished replacing the hinge. You weren’t joking @GoNz0 about needing a 2nd person. Also learned the hard way to remove the tailgate ram on the same side as the hinge being replaced. The repair on the rung nut on the tailgate glass went better than I expected. Trimmed the remaining threaded bit down to level with the metal frame then welded a piece of m6 threaded bar onto the frame and trimmed to the correct length. Not the prettiest repair but strong enough. The frame is a thick chunk of metal so heat transfer wasn’t too bad.
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    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    Just a little brake update this time: This lot turned up this morning, and since it wasn’t raining yet, I had a productive afternoon. The engine-bay brake hoses are from HEL, I’d been trying to find a braided option for a while. Thanks to @BarryM 's brake post, I had a set made: 125 mm M10x1 Female and 125 mm M12x1 Female. Luckily, they went straight in without any corroded fittings to deal with. The master cylinder is for an E65/66/67. It has 27 mm front cylinder, 1.6 mm larger than the E39; not a lot bigger, but enough to take up some movement at the pedal. The rear is the same. This is well documented on M5 forums: https://www.m5board.com/threads/e65-brake-master-cylinder-on-e39.602592/ Parts needed: Master cylinder 34336785926 or 34336797650. I used the 34336785926. M10x1 to M12x1 brake line adapter. There are probably cheaper options out the, but I used this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Brake-hose-Connection-Adapter-M12x1-auf-M10x1-Braking-force-regulator-VW-Opel/222580352476?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 I had to bend one of the brake lines slightly to accommodate the adaptor, and cut a little material from the top of the new master cylinder to clear the reservoir. It fits well otherwise. Super happy with it! Pedal feel is significantly improved, brakes feel great. A nice improvement for not a lot of effort. Cheers
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    Speaker upgrade

    Both front sets of components are in now, I tried removing the door vapour barrier to get sound deadening straight on to the door skin, but, annoyingly, the back of it seems to incorporate the window guides, so will need to revisit that another day when it's not freezing and blowing a gale. Still got the subs to go in, saving them for last as they will be the easiest. Sounds pretty good so far, nice and clear now. There is a nice little recess next to the front midrange where the crossover can be secured. I’ll get some pics later once everything is taped up with the black cloth tape, all looks nice and OE.
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    NTTF E28 Owner

    Sorry for the delay! Yes it is, with Velour Seats.
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    You need a copy of this Andrew:
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    E28 What are these?

    I have a very particular set of skills....
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    535i Andrew

    Possible rear wheel bearing failure

    Absolutely. It was during a vehicle check that BMW identified my OSF E60 bearing as worn. I suspected as there was a slight grumbling of the hub when I changed the discs earlier that year. As a daily driver, that noise builds up so you don't notice it. New bearing fitted and the silence is deafening!
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    E61 Tailgate window opening.

    Took longer to get the welder working properly than the actual repair as it was at least a year from it was last used
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    Just doing this myself, having 2x normal tyres on the rear today (Goodyear asymmetric 3) and have bought an Airman tyre repair sealant kit. Then 2x front tyres next month
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    E28 What are these?

    If you're going to lean on them with any vim it's worth having a fillet welded into the mount on the strut. I think age weakens them and I broke mine on track. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Battery finally died

    Yes, steering weight is all back to normal with the new battery. Everything seems better in all honesty and the lights are significantly brighter, too!
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    Mr H

    Government to ban ICE by 2035 not 2040

    Better for all to throw an eco-ween on the fire
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    Battery finally died

    @535i Andrew thank you. New battery is in and I assume registered, although what a palaver it was. Never though it would be quite so difficult to extract the old battery from its cubby hole! I eventually found the right menu in INPA to register the battery but it wasn’t in the place the bloke on YouTube said it was - probably a different model or engine. Follow-on question though, is the power steering electric or hydraulic? I’m sure it’s hydraulic as it has a fluid reservoir but when the car was throwing errors due to the old battery dying the steering went very heavy. I did manage to just start the car on the old battery but the steering was still really heavy and it was one of the systems that iDrive was complaining about.
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    I’m not too bothered, I’ve never been a massive fan of In Car Entertainment.
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    I predict electric, and IC engines will run side by side for quite a few more years than 15, Boris wouldn't commit, when asked today, but the time will come when new car, hgv, and psv sales are totally electric, no doubt about it. I'm glad that I have most of my motoring with IC engine power.
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    BMW Specialist - Midlands

    People here in Tamworth highly regard JS prestige BMW specialist in Lichfield road... Never used them as i do almost all work myself but emailed them once and they were quick to respond and very straight forward.