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    It's been over two years since BMW changed my key fob battery when it was in for a brake fluid change so I thought I had better change it. For those that have never done it here is how I did it. Before you start get the replacement CR2450 battery out its packaging and you will need a small flat bladed screwdriver. The key and correct battery. Turn the key over and depress the button and withdraw the emergency key blade. Note that the key blade is in a slot on one side if the key fob. Take the key blade and insert this into the hole nearer the middle of the top of the key fob, shown between my finger and thumb. Key blade hole is to the left side of the key fob. Push the key blade in and press down slightly on the end where my key ring is. You are trying to lever off the cover. It's a bit stiff and will unclip with a loud click and now sit proud of the key fob if it doesn't ping completely off! In the picture below you can see a small tab attached to the cover that is in line with the hole you put the key blade into, you need to depress this and gently lever down with the key blade to pop the cover up and out of the rest of the key fob. Lift off the cover to expose the battery. Varta being fitted by BMW. Use a small flat bladed screwdriver to prise out the old battery. My finger nails weren't long enough/fingers were too fat! Fit new battery making sure you get it the right way up +ve being up the way. Refit the cover by inserting the bottom end of it first. And then click home the top end, this is a tight fit and will give a loud click when correctly in place, refit the key blade and test it. It took me longer to get the battery out the "child safe" packaging than it did to do the actual battery change! I'll change it again in 2 years time when I next change the brake fluid. I'll need to change the spare key battery. It hasn't been used in nearly 4 years since I bought the car.
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    Diesel grades

    Well, my 535d isn’t fussy, it has a drink problem whatever I give it!
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    Update on this folks - Finally found a proper 'sparks' who doesn't use a laptop, just his initiative & hand tools. Transpires the moron who converted the lights had done away with the original bulb holders, fortunately my guy had access to an E46 breaker & sourced the necessary components. I now have the sidelights back to factory spec. & the small round LED fogs (which I'm happy to retain but were defunct) have been converted to replaceable standard bulbs within the housings. No more check FL & SL displays on the dash Thank once again for the various advice received.
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    My F10 which I had for 13 months (sort of) never required a battery change in 20k miles. G30 in 26k miles and 26 months required 3 new batteries in daily fob and one in spare, spare was also flat when handing car back. the older style keys were far more energy efficient that’s for sure! one other thing I liked about the old key fob is that indentation on the battery cover. You could get multi coloured stickers from BMW to label each key to different user. manual mode requires you to hold the key fob (if battery dead) next to steering column in right side. There you will see a picture of a key. Holding there allows the car to be started even with dead battery in key. The same procedure also applies for pairing a new key for the first time
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    E39 M5 Values - Polarising subject

    That's why i would never have another really low miler. When i was 18 I had a spitfire with 22k on @ 13yrs old - i did drive it but always worried slightly about putting the miles on it, i sold it 17yrs later with just 42k Some of that it was laid up (whilst studying and then living in London) but wish i'd just driven it more. I'd rather a used but nice car of average miles so that doesn't worry me!
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    Thanks, I’ll try him. Sorry stupid clutter function hiding the notifications, YHM!
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    Steering squeak

    Here you go Haych
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    For the second week in about 60, this will be the first weekend that I've not had to touch my absolute bucket of an E39. That said, because it was well behaved last week I spent the weekend adding illumination into the interior handle with *AUDI* bits.
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    Where is it all

    that's alright mate no issue. All the info helps
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    I'll aim to do a similar comparison Monday. I'll drive the same route with the same amount of charge in Comfort instead and compare/contrast
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    Cool, thanks, all arrived now, just waiting for the loom..
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    The parts I listed are for the pipe in that area m8 Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    Tried the commute in comfort mode tonight (same road conditions, same driving style and overall same average speed). So not coasting. Eco pro was 53.6 mpg average. Comfort 47.7 mpg average. Thats pretty decent and suggests coasting is worth about 10% to me and my driving style.
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    Diamantschwartz Eta 525e with black cloth sports interior: Acquired in May 2012 to replace the Bronzitbeige Eta Replaced the interior with a pearl beige comfort leather interior from a 528i SE: Full Fritz Exhaust system and clear indicators all round: Passenger seat base height adjustment: Third high level brake light: Large tool kit and boot lid liner: Re-trim in Andrew Muirhead Bridge of Weir Burnt Orange leather, retrofit heated seats, retrofit electric seats, replace headliner with black vinyl, retrofit map light rear view mirror, retrofit green windscreen with top green sunshade band, retrofit door speakers, hybrid US / Euro rear parcel shelf incorporating the US step for high level brake light and an integrated Euro rear sunblind and upgraded premium rear speakers: Retrofit re-trimmed E23 "Cat Eared" headrests front & rear: Retrofit First Aid kit stowage in the boot: Fit longer E23 bonnet struts: Spare wheel well fuel tank: New 16" staggered Alpina alloys: E28 M5 glass moonroof: Regards, Mick
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    Away you! Coming from a Mercedes and X5 owner, you really cannot comment on what looks good and what looks bad in the world of automobiles.
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    535i Andrew

    Does the battery look ok in inpa?

    I would charge it. Charge it in the car with a smart charger something like a Ctek unit. Use the dedicated charge points under the bonnet. Do not connect the - ve of the charger directly to the negative battery post as this bypasses the IBS and can give errors as the car won't realise it's had a charge.
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    Where is it all

    and thank you, just in case that wasnt obvious
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    Diesel grades

    I'm gonna definitely try standard shell. I'll report back, and if it's so bad I physically can't, my wife has my log in details and will let you know.
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    530d or 535d?

    Who said?! Ray Charles...?! I and a lot of others will disagree
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    530d or 535d?

    I'm afraid that is a banning offence...
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    MOT time next week, and I always like to present a clean car. Daft? Who knows!! Anyway, although the weather is grotty here, I just managed a wash and wax before the heavens opened . The old girl still scrubs up well for a 150k miler, and the rain beading on the bonnet looks very arty!!
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    A pigeon amongst the cats
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    Plastic sheds

    Shed finished in the rain on Tuesday: I'm impressed with the attention to detail and the install guide is very thorough.
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    Personally.... If you have one, drive it and enjoy it... don't worry about appreciation or depreciation costs... Use it for what it is intended, no point in buying one to stare at, they are a piece of art but the real enjoyment is in using rather than looking...
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    535i Andrew

    Where is it all

    Thats a bit harsh. From the photo (viewed on my iPhone) it certainly isn't obvious to me as it's laid out very differently from my engine bay. From memory the handbook is indeed useless as it shows a V8 as "the petrol" engined variant. The hand book told me that I couldn't measure the coolant level from in the engine bay but yet clear as day there is a measure facility in my expansion tank. If you aren't sure asking is the best policy, that's what we are here for and you have a good steer from Mike. When end I was new to all my BMWs I asked lots of questions. I had to confirm where the pollen filters were in my E39 as it was the first car I had that had them, where the aerial was in my E39 as to me they weren't obvious and wanted to make sure before I poked around under the bonnet. There is no such thing as a stupid question, only stupid answers.