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    BMW service history

    Just spoken to Dmworx and they confirmed that they have the ability to update BMW service records and update the records on the iDrive. It's a chargeable facility they have with BMW. So if you're looking at an Indie to do service work on your car then you need to as the question as to their ability to update the iDrive. Sort of makes sense. Mark
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    1986 E28 M535i - Restoration

    Love the shadow-line against the red
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    I’ll have it, and instead of Duncan, I’ll even donate to a charity of your choice for it. The NuckingFuts charity international does wonderful things for people in need of mental health when it comes to buying too many cars
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    Make sure your battery is fully charged while doing this. While it isn't a full power source, I always have my CTEK MXS5.0 connected to the charge points under the bonnet while coding. Coding is not a case of copying from the cheat sheet as is. It is switching the flag or VO coding the car as instructed in the cheat sheet. You can do a change of all desired functions in ONE module at a time. Make sure you backup the CAFD files BEFORE you start: It's a good practice to take a full back up of Car's setting before any changes are made to the car. This would help reverting back to original settings in case a mistake is made or it is desired to go back to original settings of any or all features. Connect ENET cable between car's OBD port and network port of laptop. Press connect button on top row of E-Sys to connect car with the laptop. It opens up a popup, select the correct TargetSelector, e.g . F010 and not F010_DIRECT, select "connection via VIN" and press Connect. Click Ok when connection established. Select "Expert Mode" on the left pane and click on "Coding" button. In Vehicle Order Box (upper left), click on "Read" button., it would display FA of your car. Right click "FA", select "Activate FA" Go to SVT Actual Box (right pane, midway down) and click on "Read(VCM)" button if this doesn't work, click on "Read (ECU)". Note: SVT box will display SVT of different modules of your car, some with green bullets. These green CAFD files are of our interest. Right click on each green CAFD and click on "Read Coding data". After codes are read, green icon will change into a folder icon. Read all the green CAFD files one by one or, select multiple by holding the Ctrl key of keyboard and read Coding data by right clicking.. Check the folder "C:\ESysData\CAF", (your location may differ) this will contain all the read CAFD files. Copy and Save all the files in a safe place. These are your original CAFD files This is the flow of events to get the coding done. It is best to read the ESYS getting start manual you should have in the downloaded files:
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    Rare and Beautiful BMW Alpina From The 70s Through 2000 Calendar Dated 2011 Actual Ltd Ed. Condition is Used. Approximately A2 paper size in dimensions, this beautiful Collector’s limited edition calendar is a must for the BMW Alpina fan. There is an Alpina model on each month incl E28, E9, E30 and 9 more. The photography is outstanding. Quality is outstanding as you get with an Alpina product. Details of each model are listed below each photo. This was a limited edition of only 1555 calendars. Is still wrapped in its original tissue paper with its outer box. It is absolutely mint apart from one small crease in top right hand corner as in photos. I have loved looking at this calendar and I have gone to sell it 3 times before and ended up putting it back away because I like it so much ! So will you - you won’t be disappointed. I will pack it very very well which I will need to buy, materials for. Dispatched with Royal Mail Signed For or Parcelforce. Thanks for looking. Free a smoke and pet free home. Was £60 posted, now £45 posted.
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    1986 E28 M535i - Restoration

    Shadow-line transformation now done. Done properly with Etch primer, black base coat and a 2k matte lacquer.
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    Diesel MOT

    Had a mapped 30d for 7 years with no DPF or EGR amongst over things. Never had an Issue. Just needs doing right.
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    E28 m535i Switchable auto

    It may be that your web browser/ad blocker options are playing with you. I'm running Ghostery and Ad Block Plus on this browser and am not having any problems however, sometimes I have to revert to Internet Explorer for niggly sites.
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    2015 F10 PPS uncoding after accident

    Happy to do the coding for you if you're near Hertfordshire (M1 J9/J10)?
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    This one is the one I miss most. Also gone, bits of its carcass sold and keeping others alive.........
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    Was going to reply to the PM but here goes - To code out PPS you need to disconnect the module physically otherwise the coding will throw an error. I believe this is the FGS sensor module which is located behind the front bumper and then remove Option code 8TF from the VO using ESYS and an ENET cable. See your PM.
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    Headlight wipers

    Hi guys just an update I managed to snag a pair from eBay the link styles5 sent so thanks a lot my care has its eyebrows back!!
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    I have to respectfully disagree. I suspect that the alternative fuel market will encapsulate these and keep them on the road. Not electric batteries but hydrogen or petrol and additive mix or some such. I don’t think they’ll ever go over the £/$100k mark like one has recently ( but that was due to it being <500 miles used) but they will reach high figures
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    The E39 M5 may well appreciate somewhat, but only until more legislation begins to come in affecting petrol driven older cars ... then there's the price of petrol and the likely larger price per litre levels they'll be in the future. Anyone currently thinking their E39 M5 and other similar equivalent BMW's or cars from other rival Brands will sell for significantly more in 5/10/15/20+ years time, I suspect will be sorely disappointed! Cheers, Dennis!
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    1986 E28 M535i - Restoration

    Ist class, thank you for sharing. Regards, Mick
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    Hi D! I've got some excellent industry level contacts with higher end 3D printing capabilities so can ask them in terms of the important bit - namely which is the correct material and it's grade to use to make the part given what it's application is/would be. The actual printing of the item is the easy bit, the design/CAD model is important to get right as well in addition to using the right material grade. Currently, I suspect going the route you are thinking won't be viable due to low volume and thus, per piece pricing via 3D printing. To manufacture in 100% carbon fibre would possibly be just as expensive if not more. That said, costings need to be done to get actual figures and they 'might/could' be good enough to evaluate more. Give me a call over the weekend to discuss more! Cheers, Dennis!
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    1986 E28 M535i - Restoration

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    1986 E28 M535i - Restoration

    Coming together nicely! Waiting on new indicators, fogs and some new trims to finish off the assembly whilst painting some final bits in black to complete the chrome to shadow-line transformation. Ireland Engineering anti-roll bars will be fitted shortly and have some shiny new E38 4 Pot Brembo’s to replace the - basically unused - E34 M5 ATE’s. If anyone wants these calipers w/ Yellow Stuff pads or the original M535i anti-roll bars w/ new Poly bushes, let me know.
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    Hi there I’m sorry to have to tell you that the car was written off by the idiot who bought it from me. Owned and loved by other members here, it will be missed. I did keep a model of it......
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    520D Hesitant/ Stalling

    Just a thought, but for a cheap for code reading option, if you have an Android device take a look at bimmer-tool (BTool) lite on the Play Store. There's a free version and a paid one (£13.49). The free one gives you code reading of all the BMW specific modules (limited descriptions, but google is your friend!), also gives you some live data and DPF information. The paid one adds a few more live features and things like service reset and the ability to force DPF regeneration. You need an adapter, I use an old Carista Bluetooth adapter, but I believe it's fully ELM327 compatible so there's a wide variety of adapters available off eBay etc...
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    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    Headlight projector upgrade In 2014 I bought some aftermarket bi-xenon projector units to upgrade the headlights on the M5 as I've always thought the facelift xenon headlights in the e39 to be cack - my previous M5's pre-facelift lights were much better (larger, better quality reflector bowls behind the projector lense). Back then the only decent quality aftermarket RHD projectors available on the market were Morimoto FXR-3.0 from retrofitsource in the USA, which I duly bought, then in true style have sat on the shelf since: https://www.theretrofitsource.com/complete-retrofit-kits/projectors/bi-xenon-morimoto-fx-r-3-0.html Added bonus of these units is they have a 12v switched solenoid that operates the shutter to switch from dipped to high-beam, i.e. they're "bi-xenon". Last week I finally got round to fitting them to a spare pair of headlights I bought recently to complete the project. I stripped these down to the headlamp chassis (bake lenses off, remove angel eyes, remove vanity shroud, pop height adjusters off), then removed the standard OE projector and binned them off: The Morimoto projectors have a different hole spacing arrangement so to fit them to the e39 headlamp chassis I made-up some cardboard templates and transferred this shape on to some 3mm carbon flatstock: (4 adaptors needed - upper and lower for each side) Then fitted the new projectors using M4 and M5 nuts and bolts I had lying around: And et voila! - the largest, best quality aftermarket projector I could find, assembled on to a e39 facelift light chassis. Headlights will go back together once some new lenses turn up next week, at which point I will report back with results.
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    Diesel MOT

    & that passes it's mot without any problems. I personally would like a better quality re-map on mine than that. If done well there's no need for that amount of smoke.
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    Diesel MOT

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    Diesel MOT

    If the dpf is visible with no signs of tampering then it will pass on that, same for egr. Excessive black smoke will fail but a little is fine, mine was smoking but only failed on emissions first time. We think this was due to the fuel filter being the factory fitted one and possibly the map.. changed fuel filter, took off egr and cleaned it (was semi blocked), and scraped through emissions testing I’m convinced my dpf had been gutted out but I’ve never taken it off fo look. I have black tips inside and out, still smokes a bit.
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    Diesel MOT

    I have my dpf out and running really strong figures. Have done for about 6 years and my exhaust isn't black and doesn't produce any smoke. You'll get through an MOT but I would question your map.