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    Also while your at it that pipe just behind it that’s nearly or probably touching the aluminium part be careful of that area as mine had rubbed a hole into the aluminium I had to buy another then I tied the rubber pipe away from the aluminium so it couldn’t get near it to repeat it
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    Bodyshop Recommendations.

    Sounds good - could do with you taking a look over to see what you make of it. Sent from my BBF100-1 using Tapatalk
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    Help with increased emmission warning

    Nope, everything should be tight as. Could be that the spring isn't working as intended. The hose kit was a PITA to fit to be honest, especially the pipe at the bottom right of the intercooler (as you look at the front of the car) but once on, was perfect. Ramp access highly recommended! You reuse the plastic parts from your old hoses and I just used new metal clamps elsewhere.
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    Petrol lumps tend to run hotter. Not sure how hot the N52 runs, definately wouldn't depressurise an N53 (where 105 degC is common).
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    I used these: Hoses
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    Plastic sheds

    No rain today so got on with the shed.......7 hours later I have a shed with a roof but no doors or windows - finished the roof in the dark so no photo of that yet: I did most of it on my own except for the roof where I managed to pry my 21yo son away from his phone long enough to help and that was def a 2 man job as we had to jiggle a few things about to get it to all fit as intended. Overall it's quite an impressive product with very clear instructions but a mallet is an essential part of the toolkit as not all the tongue & groove panels slide in as easily as you'd like. There are a lot more screws to go in yet so the powered screwdriver will earn its keep tomorrow!
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    Help with increased emmission warning

    Correct, it's the main intercooler to EGR intake pipe, and has a screw in sensor on the hard pipe section, which will probably be giving a false reading due to the pipe being split.
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    Yep, nothing to be concerned about. Merry Christmas to you too.
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    Steve P

    Which brake discs/pads?

    So I know my car will be needing new discs all round in the not too distant future. ECP has a 50% discount going on at the moment so was thinking of getting them in advance. Question is, are the Brembo discs really worth the extra or is one of the other slightly cheaper makes just as good? Same with pads, what's recommended? Thanks chaps
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    well i fitted my new lead useing the old connecter today and it worked a treat...Thanks Guys...
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    No worries mate. I’ve noticed over the years that most of my good ideas are born out of pure laziness and making things as easy as possible while still giving a good end result
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    Looking at a E60 530D again PY58BDZ

    looking at the failed mot its going to need front and rear brake discs and pads front dipped bulb rear numberplate bulb front drop links mine is carbon black and is registered as black on v5 if its had all of the above done and has good service history looks good mate just check gearbox is smooth etc
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    Thank you for all the ideas/advice this last year. Happy Christmas to you all, and safe motoring for 2020!! Yes, it’s the year when all those things that you wished you’d known about before they happen, really will be helpful!!
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Full oil flush, fresh oil and filter along with fuel filter. Nice to screen full green indicators again on dash.
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    Look on gov website it failed it’s mot so should have Had some work done to it so check that dodgy Dave hasn't been round it first but also it’s registered as black doesn’t look black to me
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    Speaker upgrade

    These get very good reviews! I would bet this will sound better than the factory fit HK system.
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    Which brake discs/pads?

    Blimey - with the promo code "FROSTY80", a set of Pagid discs all round come out at £139.46! I think I just bought myself a Christmas present!
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    Which brake discs/pads?

    Yes...298mm on rears
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    Which brake discs/pads?

    540 and 530 are the same...324mm discs IIRC
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    Free Apple Car Play

    No reason anyone should be upset. Those who already have it have paid for it and those who haven’t can get it if they pay. Simples?
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    Which brake discs/pads?

    Eurocarparts discount is total bulshit, it's going on forever. One code expires, other comes on and all time like this. So don't rush to buy if you don't need it. Another trick I have spotted with them - when they give bigger percentage discount, they rise original price as well, so sometimes you get better final price even with smaller discount. Another thing: pop in and check price at till, online prices and in-store prices are two different stories, for example 5l G12+ red coolant was around £11 with discount, while it was £8 price tag on shelf in stores.
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    Which brake discs/pads?

    As above... For plain discs & pads, Pagid/Mintex/ATE/Texta/Brembo etc are all spot on. Just don’t go for their cheap crap, it’s cheap for a reason. If you want better, more ‘aggressive’ braking then Mtec discs & their pads are very good & the next step up from them would be Mtec discs with EBC Redstuff or Yellowstuff pads. The Mtec grooved or C hook discs are what you need, don’t go down the drilled route unless you want the looks... Add in braided lines like HEL or Goodridge & you’ll have a cracking braking set up that’ll stop the car superbly, from cold & with great pedal feel.
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    The price of originality!

    Really lovely car!! One of the nicest, most original cars I've seen! Have a great festive period everyone!!
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    Interior boot release button issue

    Thanks for the offer mate but I've already bought some bits, I've just put some part numbers together to make a new PNP kit for anyone interested 61319200316 is the switch 61138377072 is a 3 pin plug that fits the switch perfectly 61130005197 are the bushing contacts Obviously need some wire, I don't need the switch but I've ordered the plug and contacts and I'll use something i have lying around for the earth, I'll come back on how i get on...