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    Collected my summer wheels after having them refurbed at The Wheel Specialist in Hillington. They're not quite perfect, a couple of slight blemishes but not enough to be concerned enough to make a fuss over. All in all the job is very nice so I'm quite happy with them. £300 to strip, Powder coat, replace valves and cores and swap TPMS transmitters. Balancing and refitting tyres would have been included too but I just supplied the bare wheels. A few before and after photos...
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    Spare a thought..

    This is a hard time of year for a lot of people. The Samaritans Suicide Hotline is 116 123. A simple copy and paste might save someone's life. perhaps share where you can?
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    The e34 rear sill thread

    With the long winter nights well and truly upon us and with a bit of free time, I've decided to finally do a full thread on how I completed a rear full sill repair on my e34. I've had communication with various members looking for advice and I know there are a few forthcoming repair/restorations imminent. The purpose of this thread is to primarily help those about to go through such a task. With even the last e34's now approaching 25yrs old the one issue that dominates longevity is unfortunately corrosion. Although superbly designed, the e34 does still have areas that are vulnerable to rust with the sills, especially the rear, high on the list of common areas. Bearing in mind that the e34 5 series was possibly the last BMW to be built to traditional methods, it's the sills that contribute to the core strength of the chassis. I will say that although I can weld, I'm not a fully fledged 'body man' so to speak. My method of repair may be considered long winded, but it did ensure all traces of corrosion were eradicated. Here's a shot of the car just prior to the repair commencing. Not bad looking you might think.... So here goes... 2015 During the annual MOT the previous year the tester had remarked 'I'll give it to you this time, but next year, no chance!' in regards to the rear sills. So early in the summer I began to assemble what I thought I would require to complete the job, namely a pair of klokkerholm repair sills and some mild sheet steel. By mid summer I started on the car, naively estimating completion within 6-8wks...... As can be seen, the corrosion is obviously well established. Time to start cutting.... The first of well over a hundred spot welds to be drilled out. The real truth...... In the words of my friend on here Geoff (dongiov) when he had a similar experience...Ewww I knew it had rust, but at this level? To cut a long story short I spent the next few weeks attempting to make up a few repair sections but imo I failed. Towards the autumn I parked the car and began to ponder what to do with it. I realised early on that the klokkerholm sill panels whilst excellent in quality were not going to be suitable to complete the repair. Also it was clear the inner sills were rotten as well as the floor pan adjacent to the rear seat heel board. Great. Not only that! After a thorough inspection of the complete car, i finally realised that all four corners had serious corrosion at and around the jacking points, the wing bottoms had also rotted out, as well as a few areas needing attention. Devastated was an understatement. I parked the car up and abandoned it..... 2016 Not a great deal happened during the year. With a major house project and a child off to uni, it didn't leave much time or money for messing about with old BMW's, 2016 was in effect a wash out. It was the closest I came to giving up and scrapping it. But after 14yrs ownership I just couldn't quite bring myself to do that. The real work would began 2017. I don't particularly like the cold so from early November to late Feb it's rare to find me doing my own stuff unless strictly necessary. Although I have a double garage with ample hard standing at home, I wasn't in a position to do the work there. My place of employment was used instead but that meant the car had to be parked outside everytime I worked on it mostly during the evenings. Taking it in and out each time was a royal pita though. Would have been completed much faster otherwise. All comments are welcome. Look out for the next instalment in this mission soon.
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    Piper's E61 520d Touring

    IIRC 245/40s front and 275/35 rears. That’s what the E63 6’ers and E65 7’ers run FYI. Should be fine for your E60. Maybe 5mm hubcentric shims May have them sitting better, if they’re not that too tucked into the arches
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    Thank you for that suggestion, I'm gradually learning
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    So Dan very kindly sent me some adapters (cheers Dan!) and today I've fitted them. Certainly the look 100x better, whether the light is better or worse I'm not sure seeing as its the same bulbs as before (ie I've not gone from halogen to xenon) and i can't see any obvious difference in the light pattern. 2 points to add: You need to use the Hella rubber seal not OE ones as the won't fit around the adapter and fitting. Secondly OE lights have a stud for the third ballast fixing, hellas do not so i need to source a couple of screws to secure them properly.
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    Steve P

    E39 530D touring - low miles

    Saw that, if only it was petrol....
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    Altering the settings on the dash vents doesn't make any difference to the temp. when this anomaly occurs, flow remains cool. If the rain stops for long enough I'll check the coolant / valve today. Thank you.
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    Very nice indeed @Cadwell Parker. I might just pay them a visit as they are only 15 mins from me. I'm really envious as they are the 18" style I would like for my winters, because they look closest to my 19" 351 style summers and the old man in me thinks they'd be easier to clean than my 237 style 18" winters than the moment.
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    Tiny little pin spots from what I can see. So long as they don't lead to something else, they should be ok.
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    Real World mpg 530d v 540i

    Never driven a '20d without xdrive so can't say - but traction overall (w/ xdrive) must surely be better, particularly in the winter. I do 25k a year across the UK so ability to get around in all conditions is important. Yes winter tyres make a difference but seriously don't think it's enough with RWD in deep snow and ice. May well be 0-60 it 'feels' slower, I don't know, but the RWD versions are absolutely slower when you get stuck in the snow, that much I do know for sure. My 420d never once felt 'sluggish' off the line, and I drove it for ~78k miles in 3 years. Different strokes for different folks. I wouldn't say absolutely pointless at all.
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    535i Andrew

    Headlight condensation fix?

    How bad is the condensation? https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/f10-535i-lim_201301/repair-manuals/63-lights/63-12-headlight/HQ4kO4KW Does it need "fixed"?
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    F11 520d estate Reverse lights

    I have managed it now. Many thanks for all your help