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    Out for a Spin

    Took the TR6 out for a spin as it was really dry with no salt on the roads, started with the top down so I could hear that glorious straight six, but succumbed to the cold on my back, no heated seats in 74
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    Mr Fro

    New bloke - still looking

    Thanks guys. Went to see one today - really nice spec, great pictures on the dealer website but a shed in the flesh. Plus it stank of dogs and had half eaten sweets in the door pockets...
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    Alexa vs Google Home

    The thing that happened yesterday which had a massive run-up to, and apparently in the early hours of the morning it had results. I can't remember what it was, but it prevented me from posting this. Seriously I didn’t want to start a political thread by posting this before today, but I have been waiting to post this since I first read the thread
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    Personally.... If you have one, drive it and enjoy it... don't worry about appreciation or depreciation costs... Use it for what it is intended, no point in buying one to stare at, they are a piece of art but the real enjoyment is in using rather than looking...
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    Digital dashboards!

    I still love old style from the 70s pure and simple
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    Mud flaps

    I’ve ordered them, let’s hope they fit. They said the same for the F10 and the 1 Series, but they both fitted so we shall see tomorrow afternoon.
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    It just gets better.

    Messaged all 3x E39 sterling grey breakers on eBay... one got back to me to advise the wing isn't available, and radio silence from the other 2x despite messaging them both twice. Anyway. Car dropped off today and had a look at their work so far... bumper, web centre (plastic bit that sits on the metal grill) and under-headlamp 'fillets' all sprayed.
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    Whats your mpg? 525I averaging 14 mpg?

    I know this sounds daft (and i am just a working class lad with little spare cash)...i seldom care about the mpg from my 525i se simply because i love driving the damn thing and know a price has to be payed for driving a luxury car!lol
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    Autobox oil change

    If you type in item number, 262072572378 on ebay you will find the complete kit at £118.95 which is well reduced. This includes new bolts and a mechatronic housing sleeve. This is the package I used a couple of months ago and the BMW indy said it was excellent. The oil is rated lifeguard 6 ATF AG55. Quick tip. There are seven X 1L in the kit but mine took eight plus as it was down on oil so an extra standby bottle would be advised.
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    When my wife's mini cooper BMW engine played up with two faulty glow plugs, I decided to replace all four and the control unit, just be extremely careful when removing the glow plugs you can snap them off in the head easily, to make sure mine came out easily I sprayed some WD40 penetrant around each glow plug to form a small puddle, then took car on a short journey to warm the head up, and being paranoid I then used a torque wrench set to just below the maximum torque for the glow plugs to remove them slowly and gently, I did not have any problems removing them just make sure the new glow plugs go back in dry with no lubricant, and tighten to the correct torque settings. Changing the control module unit was easier in my case as it did not require any input from Ista software to reset the values, according to the bmw tis some require reset some don't.
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    Mr H

    520d/530d conundrum.

    Nah! Not unless you have a very long extension lead for the e-mobile ..................