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    Sat here seasonally flu'd up, digging around and found myself... wishing that the UK had the option of the N54 3.0L i6 cylinder Twin Turbo configuration in the E60 LCI range (only USA), which would have allowed some fiddle factor for a petrol in the lighter E60 platform (relative to the next gen F10/F11). Instead the UK 535i remained the V8 NA version, though I think there was an E90 335i N54 turbo petrol offereing. 10 Reasons The E60 535i Is Better Than The M5 article (when tuned to ~400hp and 430ft/lbs of torque). 1. It is insanely, stupidly powerful 2. It's a faster street car 3. It's one of the best handling sedans ever made 4. It gets better gas mileage 5. It runs on corn 6. It's more reliable 7. It's cheaper to maintain 8. It's cheap to buy 9. It has an awesome secret transmission 10. The tuner is the coolest thing ever In the video below, the tuned up 535i N54 (3.0L i6 cylinder Twin Turbo) looks ~4 seconds to 60mph and ~10 seconds to 100 mph (see at 1min 27sec).
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    replacement gearbox

    This would make sense, happened to me recently on a rear Diff. It had been perfect upon removal and storage for a couple of years. Re installed it and some of the bearings became pitted and needed a rebuild. Like you say, if it had been stored fully filled with oil I guess it would have preserved it.
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    Pleased to say it made it to the garage.. I have never driven a car so gingerly and carefully in my life! Will report back when the job is done and really interested to hear the difference in how the overall noise from the valvetrain and timing gear, etc sounds in comparison once it’s done.
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    replacement gearbox

    I have a theory about storing gearboxes and diffs in that I think they need to be stored full of oil rather than just at the normal operating level to prevent internal corrosion. My spitfire was laid up for a few years in a garage. When parked the diff was fine but on resurrection it soon developed a slight whine. It was low miles so unlikely to have been worn and I think that the teeth not bathed in oil corroded and then once run the rust and oil mix. I flushed mine mine out and it never got worse. But it of course the seller of your box may have been telling porkies.
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    E34 M5 Touring restoration

    I first bought a BMW nearly 30 years ago, that was an E30 325i Touring and since then I’ve had an E36 328i, E46 330i and E46 330d Tourings. My current BMW’s are all M cars, but I miss not having a Touring. There are only 2 official BMW M car Tourings, the E34 M5 and the E61 M5, neither were built in large numbers. My preference has always been for a manual gear box, so in late 2015 I started looking for a decent E34 Touring that was fundamentally sound but maybe needed a little work. The problem is that the E34 Touring is a very usable vehicle and most E34 M5’s have been used, a lot. There are very few about that have done less than 100,000 miles, most have done significantly more. I looked at a few but none met my criteria and most had significant rust on the main chassis. A rare manual 4.6 E34 Alpina Touring that had been restored was for sale in Germany and I briefly contemplated that as an alternative. Many would argue that it’s a better car than the E34 M5, the Alpina modified V8 being much more flexible, having similar power but more torque than the rather highly strung 3.8 version of the straight 6 S38. But for some reason there is something I prefer about M cars to Alpinas, can’t put my finger on it but the Alpina was not for me. There is also some sense of destiny with the evolution of the initial M88/1 in the M1 and it’s final evolution of the S38B38 in the E34 M5. By mid 2017 I’d just about given up hope of finding a suitable E34 M5 Touring and started looking at the E61 M5 instead. Obvious benefits were that it was available in right hand drive and is a more modern car. Then there is that V10 engine, but there is also that gearbox! There was a low mileage, high spec car for sale not very far from me, so I arranged to go and look at it. While I was in the car on the way, my phone rang. Someone had found an E34 Touring that was not ‘officially’ for sale, but it would be open to sensible offers. I went ahead and looked at the E61 anyway, it was in very good condition and had obviously been well looked after, the owner had several other very nice cars including a Ferrari Daytona in their garage. However, with the prospect of a suitable E34 with a colour scheme I wanted (Avus Blue silver accents and black interior) and the E61 with a colour and interior that is probably my least favorite (Silverstone with Silverstone interior), I decided not to go down that route. My first sight of BL01698 was just via some pictures taken by a friend who lived nearer to it than me. Initial looks made me wonder if this would be a good choice after all! I had been told that it was a 6 speed car, actually it’s the earlier 5 speed version. The mileage was more than I’d been told, but still low at a little over 77,000. Apparently the car had had a minor scrape down the passenger side, then been left awaiting repair. The minor scrape was not quite as minor as I had hoped and a lot of the ancillary components were looking decidedly crusty. The interior was reasonable, except for the front seats that were showing quite a lot of wear and has some strange scratches, as though someone had been wearing a studded belt or something similar. On the plus side, maybe the 5 speed box is not a bad thing, they are readily available if something does go wrong with them, unlike the 6 speed which is pretty much unique to the E34 M5. Some reports also claim that the earlier 5 speed is nicer to drive. The car has Hi-Fi speaker system and full leather dash which makes the interior feel a bit more special. It also has a factory fitted tow hitch which was one of the things I really wanted, the tow hitch mounting was a little scabby though. The engine had had major a rebuild quite recently, so the internals would not need any work at all even if it looked pretty scabby on the outside. A closer inspection of the vehicle chassis revealed that it was mainly in pretty good condition. The decision was made; BL01698 would undergo a total restoration by Munch Legends. Pretty much everything was stripped off the car, engine, sub frames, fuel tank, heat shields, sun roof, doors, tail gate, front wings and ancillaries in the engine bay etc. One of the front wings was a little rusty and the two passenger side doors were damaged enough to warrant replacement. On examination at the body shop it was decided that the cost of replacing the driver’s side doors and other front wing would cost little more, possibly less, than prepping the originals. The entire underside, including the inner front wings, was bag sealed. The original active shock absorbers were sent to Poland to be refurbished, the rest of the suspension components, drive shafts, brake dust shields, and sub-frames etc. were either replaced or refurbished and powder coated. The diff was rebuilt and painted where appropriate. All brake calipers were rebuilt and passivated, along with all other unpainted underbody components. Most of the rubber and trim pieces were replaced where still available from BMW. All engine covers, plenum, water pump etc. were vapor blasted and repainted where required. Brake lines, fuel lines, fuel tank and all clips etc. were replaced. The fitted Powerflow rear silencer was replaced with an OEM part. The wheels on the car were rather nasty two piece after market design and the outer rims were badly corroded. There were replaced with the correct M5 Throwing Star wheels with new Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres. The sun roof was jammed pretty much solid, but eventually opened up to allow refurbishment. Most of the work on the chassis and running gear is now complete, there are still a few bits and pieces left to sort out. The tailgate needs fitting and the sun roof is in pieces awaiting reassembly and refitting. The interior has not been touched yet, apart from removing parts to allow for removal of the sun roof cassette and facilitate other work. I have quite a few pictures of the work being done, for now I’m just going to post a comparison of some of the original pictures and the same area as it is now, plus of couple of the whole car and underside. Please remember, this is still work in progress. And a couple of pictures as she stands now
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    Hi all, been a while since I’ve posted here, hope you’re all well. Just wanted to bring this to your attention, a couple weeks ago Ricky & I shot a feature video on my M5 for his channel, went pretty in depth with the details and took her out for a nice drive. Thought you guys might be interested in watching. Enjoy
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    Back in a 5

    Hi guys, Just a quick post to say I'm glad to be back in a 5 series. Having had an E60 (530d) and an E34 (530i) before, I'm finding this E39 530i Sport the best of the three. Individual in Velvet Blue with piped Champagne Nappa interior. It's not perfect on the arches or sills, but I'll sort this side of things out early next year hopefully. I'll post more pics and details of progress in the coming days. Glad to be back.
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    I would probably have gone for something like this E38, in a good colour, and suiting it's style 32's to a T. Has twin exhaust so maybe it's a 750?
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    Steve P

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Did my rocker cover gasket, all went well. The old one must have been the original from new, it was like hard plastic and the bits around the spark plugs just shattered. No wonder it was leaking. Also discovered a little food store in the inlet manifold.... something must have been living here at some point
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    If the E39 hadn't been invented

    I've got an E34 too, it's a... never mind
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    Also check out their zinc primer called Electrox. I've done spot repairs with that on a few cars and have found it very effective.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I'm going to sneak mine onto your drive one day and you can spruce mine up :)
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Nothing, but i did take a brave pill and open up my Marantanz CD-63 to replace the laser cartridge to (hopefully) cure an intermittent skip. £10-89 well spent with any luck. By accident i also fixed the issue with the tray mechanism which occasionally wouldn't close by retrieving a CD that had some how escaped the tray and found its way into the back of the unit!
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    Steve P

    530i rocker cover gasket

    Cheers I'll crack on with it tonight then
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    If the E39 hadn't been invented

    Jesus Dan...I knew you had an e38 in the past...I didnt know it was that bloody good. Stunning to say the least!!!
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    If the E39 hadn't been invented

    Yup... I'd have stuck with an E38 too I think Kinda regret not going back down this route... I do still look out for decent examples, but they're far and few between now
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Gave it its weekly rinse and non-contact wash (ie coated in citrus pre-wash, rinsed, snow foamed and then rinsed). All glass towel dried and tyres treated with Chemical Guys tyre gel That's about all I do over the winter months, try not to hand wash it as don't want to scratch the paintwork ideally and the weekly wash, like this, keeps it looking fresh
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    Number plate bulb not working

    This is usually down to the wiring loom that runs from the body of the car into the boot. The wires fatigue and break over time. Sent from my BBF100-1 using Tapatalk
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    Brake Lines. (ABS)

    Hi Mick, Thanks, I had initially thought it Pipe 3 as it states 2235mm and looking at the setout it needs that length to wrap around the bulkhead and across to nearside arch well. Ive asked BMW for a price and confirmation of that. Cheers
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    At 78k miles, I would suggest just draining the oil out of the sump, then undoing the transmission cooler pipe (easy) and pumping out all the oil while pumping more back in (garden 5l sprayer with hose on the end will do it). Keep pumping new stuff in until what comes out is clear. Then use the top up procedure. I have done loads now and feels like a new gearbox. I have taken apart a lot of filters too, even at 170k miles on the original filter it has been pretty clean, they are very impressive. Or maybe not, depends how you look at it. I have found much better results doing this than swapping filter/sump and just 4-5 litres of oil. Also, cars that are giving transmission errors from 2-3 or 4-5th etc. which always points to solenoids have been fine after doing the above. I buy the ATF AG55 from eBay and it works out around £60 or so to do a full flush. Of course, if you still have issues, you can drop the oil out and do solenoids etc. if needed.
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    Spent the day at the NEC and took the boys and wife for the first time, brilliant day out topped off with a 10 mile spin in a 680 BHP GTR, bugger me what a tool !!! Any way the best BMW at the show was this E28 528i despite all the others on the BMW club stand and in the auctions The car I would most want to take home, I don't remember when last seen one on the road. BMW's at the club stand, a likely pair This is what £37K looks like wow! And this is what happens when you take the wife She absolutely fell in love with this little Fiat 600 Multipla and now wants one, yeh! sure