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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Collected the car from the welding shop today. All jacking points now repaired, a few pics of their handy work........ Not a cheap job, but the car is now structurally sound
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Was a pleasure to meet you today and had a very comfortable 300 mile drive back. Car is excellent and has obviously been well looked after. Sadly now time for me to part with my admittedly very tired E39 workhorse.. it was only ever meant to be a cheapo run around and ended up becoming the gateway drug to BMW ownership for two and a half years as I couldn’t believe just how good it was. I will do my best to take good care of your old motor! Anyway i I look forward to participating now in the E60/E61 forum now I am an owner! Cheers.
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    Amazingly enough this has just happened to me. The float snapped in half and dropped into the bottom of the expansion tank. Mine happened on its own so I doubt it was the mechanics fault.
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    Oh dear, if it was me it would definitely bother me! Anyway, thinking about it realistically, I think you would really have to make an effort to break the float/ indicator-stick. For the work done to your car, did they only drain the coolant of was the expansion tank actually removed? I it hasn’t been removed, I can only think the stick/float got stuck somehow and the fluid in the tank at the moment is preventing you from getting a good grip on the stick. I think the way you are judging the coolant level at the moment should do the job and you can drive the car. In any case there should also be the low coolant level warning in place would it drop significantly. Perhaps before buying a new expansion tank, it could be an idea to drain the expansion tank, take it out and try to see if you can turn it upside down and hopefully get a grip on the level indicator-stick and get it back in place.... Sebby
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    E39 Halogen and Xenon Reflectors

    Update. When I opened the sealed yellow Hella box for the second headlight, this also has the ballast fitted - but only the second headlight. So both came with xenon bulbs and one with a ballast - not clipped in properly though. Now I don't know whether there has been a mistake or not but at least I have one spare ballast. All fitted to the car. See pictures. Before and after. I made a poor job of fitting some cheap ebay vinyl film on them but it will protect them until I have a better solution. Added a couple of the new DEPO tailgate lights I fitted to replace the cloudy originals. They are excellent at £65 each, I'm happy with them. A few issues that others might be able to comment on or advise: I didn't find it as easy to fit as I had hoped. I think the mistake I made was removing the existing lower brackets and replacing with the ones that came on the lights. They have oversize holes and provide lateral adjustment that I lost and I'm not 100% happy with how the drivers side aligns in the wing. I might try and fix later. Plastic gets brittle with age and I broke the wing-side tab on the passenger side lower headlamp trim. It's OK for now but I'll replace later. Not sure whether to get a second hand one in the correct colour from ebay or buy a new one and paint (would have to be spray cans Two different tabs broke on the connectors. The high beam one it's a blue part that's easy to replace - which I did from one of the spares from the second hand lights (the ones I destroyed last week). More difficult is the grey low beam connector - now connects to a ballast. I've included a picture of one from the internet where the tab that broke off can be seen. I have a spare with a length of wire connected and I could cut, solder and heatshrink a wire repair that I would be confident would work but I'm holding off as these connectors can be bought cheaply (61138364498) . Does anyone know how to fit them?
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    Just sold my E61. Happy it's going to a good home, chap from on here. Been a great car, owned for just under 5 years so plenty of memories with it. Time to move on though as my requirements have changed. Big thanks to everyone on here for the help and advice over the years. Hope that I've managed to help a few others out too. Stay safe and happy motoring.
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    The 82 525i project #swampthing

    Haven’t posted in a while so here are some updates... not it such a swamp thing anymore!!
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    Oh joy another thing

    What like a chihuaha
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    Interior trim - what colour?

    @d_a_n1979 It is the genuine piano black interior trim. It has a slight metallic flake in it, which pops nicely when the sun comes out.
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    525d MAP Sensor Brand

    Not sure but just as a cautionary tale, I would advise getting a genuine one from BMW if possible. I fitted an aftermarket one (by FAE I think) and ran into an issue where under full throttle and maximum boost the engine would abruptly cut power as if I had lifted my foot quickly off the throttle. Very unnerving. Replacing the MAP sensor with a genuine BMW one the issue has never reoccurred.
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    Running Issues 528i

    Thanks guys, was defo holding onto it and was going to get it refurbed (or use it to lower the price of new, which I think I'll do in the next few months) - I did previously take it apart and delicately tried to alter the track (and moved the cog two to three spaces to lean out the mixture and it helped a wee bit). The replacement AFM has totally transformed the car - its up on power all through the range and idles as steady as a rock now.......I'm bloody over the moon as it was the ECU next and then god knows where (needle in haystack, I feared). I'd honestly forgotten how smooth an M30 could be when running really well. Its taken 9 months and approx $15k (GBP7-8000) but its now there (whispered, in case the fecker hears me!). Really want an Eta too now (My first E28 was an '85 Saturn Blau 525e in perfect condition and still my favourite E28)
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    The mapping they use in my NBT system is the same they use in a 2019 5 series though. The graphics have got a bit crisper, but the maps, RTTI and route algorithms are the same. It works far better in Europe, just don't think they have got the UK right at all. Keeping you on motorways no matter what if you choose fastest route, thinking a 60mph a road will be 60mph when you will average 40 at best if you chose alternative etc. etc. Garmin was the same, always worked well in Europe but terrible in the UK compared to TomTom. I do Norwich to Cavendish Square all the time, I know how to get from the bottom of the M11 to Oxford Street really well, taking all the backroads, whether I come in through Walthamstow, Wanstead, Edmonton etc. and either through Hackney, Shoreditch, Islington, Highbury or Bethnal Green etc. etc. I can do my house to car park in around 2 hours to 2h15mins depending on traffic, and Waze will pretty much take me down the same backroads I would take to get across London avoiding other road users. However, if I were to follow the BMW nav it would add 45mins to an hour every time. It simply struggles to move you away from main roads, that every other nav system puts so many users on too.
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    So both complete track rods, no point just doing the inner or one, easy job but you will need a 38mm crow foot wrench to tighten the inner joint with a torque wrench. Droplinks are easy, Rear arms only come as arms and tbh you should only do the full arm imo. Rear top mount is a reasonable job, you just need someone to stand on the hub so you can wiggle the strut out Brake flexi is a easy one but the exhaust flexi is a cut and weld job :
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    e39 touring to coil springs

    I got the quote as you said mate, it was £87 i think it was, fitted the sensor today, and started the car up, got error on dash. So i got inpa out, and cleared the faults, now its working 100% fine, i cant believe it. thanks for the advice, the chinese sensors just didnt work.
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    That's the fifth rhd E34 M5 Touring that I know of, and one of two I haven't been close to buying... The Avus Blue lhd to rhd conversion carried out by Munich Legends - on ebay donkeys years ago, just outbid... The purple lhd to rhd conversion owned by a forum member that I nearly bought soon after it was converted... The blue 525iT that had 3.6 running gear dropped into it - I drove to Glasgow to test it but it wasn't well and I walked away... A grey 525iT to 3.6 M6 conversion that was advertised over a dozen years ago but disappeared as quickly as it appeared... This car of David's which a friend, Andy H, drove for a few days and was highly recommended but the driveway was full and pennies were short. if you ever make a 4.2 rhd M5 Touring David, call me first and I'll swap in my Alpina 4.6 for it!